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Each of these tutorials has its instructions and example code in one file that you edit, learn, and run entirely from your browser.

PHP scrapers

How to Write a Screen Scraper: 1

Start here: check the ScraperWiki interface is working, then learn how to download a web page.

Parse from HTML

Slightly more advanced: scrape data from raw HTML, and save it to the ScraperWiki datastore.

PHP views

Bar chart from key
Produces a simple bar chart counting the number of data entries per value on a given key. Links at the bottom allow you to change the key that is graphed. Customize this to graph averages and sums for particular values on which this makes sense.
General javascript map
Pins and popup bubbles from a set of datapoints collected by a scraper. Instructions on how to change the popup text and use dynamic icons for the pins.
PHP png header test