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Bikestation, a division of Mobis Transportation Alternative, plans, designs, and operates bike-transit centers, enabling bicycling and other alternatives to be an integral part of the transportation system. Their facilities offer secure bicycle parking and related services to make cyclists' lives easier. Park your bike at one of our facilities and you can be assured that your vehicle is secure and covered. The B Corporation certification helps us by getting the word out that we’re a great company with whom to do business – by acting on our behalf in situations where more voices can make a stronger impact, and by bringing us together with other B Corps who collectively are made up of some of the smartest people to ever get together in one room. Bicycling is the most efficient form of transportation ever created. It is good for our health, good for our environment, and good for our budget. It is also fun, and helps create more vibrant and safe communities. Connecting bicyclists with transit is a natural marriage. By bringing bicycles into the mix, we can increase the area that a single transit station can draw from to an average of 2-3 miles. Bikestation 41.6 41.1 28.3 14.7 7.3 Long Beach, CA 133.0 bikestation Bikestation is reinventing the transportation system by making bicycling and other alternatives an integral part of the transportation mix.• Their primary purpose is to provide secure, indoor bike parking, which, depending on location, a bicyclist can access for free during attended hours or for a low membership fee any hours they need to. They can service your bike while it’s parked with us, so you can rest assured that your bike will be running as smooth as possible.• Their customers use the most efficient engine that they can access – the human body. While you save gas and money by riding to work, you improve your fitness and add some exercise to your day. It’s no longer a question of miles per gallon but rather calories per minute. None None
35.0 26.2 17.0 9.0 6.1 Oakland, CA 93.3 index.cfm/fuseaction/company.detail/ID/9378B138-3535-488E-9ED9-3AC0842767E1 None None
iContact is a provider of email marketing software that helps small and medium-sized businesses and non-profits to easily create, publish and track email newsletters and surveys. Their goal is to help their customers communicate more effectively so that they can better serve their customers and communities. We believe in measurement and transparency, and B Corp status is a tangible and clear expression of our commitment to social and environmental responsibility. We see B Corp certification as a benchmark for evaluating our performance and a guide for ways we can do better. We want to support the development of this new ecosystem of socially-motivated businesses that we hope will encourage existing businesses to improve their TBL performance and entrepreneurs to launch new businesses with a TBL vision in mind! iContact believes that the purpose of business is to solve human problems. Although iContact is a Software as a Service (SaaS) firm, their vision is quite human: “Build a Great Global Company Based in North Carolina for their Customers, Employees and Community”. Delivering a quality product to their customers, taking care of their employees and giving back to their community are inseparable from their financial goals. 1.5 39.4 22.8 12.6 12.7 Morrisville, NC 89.0 icontact We envision a world where all businesses focus on the triple-bottom line and where all non-profits adopt technology and management practices that help them magnify their impact. By setting an example with our own performance and by supporting non-profits to improve their performance, iContact aims to be an industry leader in promoting blended-value business models. Our social and environmental mission is encapsulated in our value of “Making a Positive Wake”, which drives us to give back to our community, build up our people, and minimize our impact on the environment. To be successful and sustainable, we believe a company must be willing to institutionalize commitments based on its values. • Community impact: iContact’s 4-1s program sets goals for the company to give back to and build up its community. 1. Provide 1% of product for free to non-profits in North Carolina 2. Set aside 1% of employee time for volunteering: employees get 2.5 paid days off per year to volunteer in the community 3. Donate 1% of payroll to charity 4. Set up a foundation with 1% of iContact equity • Employees: we are proud of our work culture which is stimulating, quirky and fun. Our team members are engaged in making the company better for our customers, and are intimately involved in fostering the company’s TBL. For example, an employee “Changemakers” group develops pro bono workshops for non-profits and brainstorms ways that iContact can improve its operations. • Environmental impact: : iContact is committed to a “measure, reduce, offset, report” philosophy for all of the materials and energy we consume. We set annual goals in the areas of energy use, travel, waste and procurement, monitor and measure our progress against those goals, and report our performance to employees, our Board and the general public. None None
2.1 28.4 36.1 9.1 10.3 Seattle, WA 86.0 redskybluewater None None
50.0 25.8 37.6 8.7 9.9 St. Louis, MO 132.0 spirittechnologies None None
Stop Studios is an award-winning communication design firm located in Durham, NC specializing in corporate identity, print, interactive and e-learning design. Since their founding in 2005, they have consistently been ranked as a top design firm by the Triangle Business Journal and the firm has received numerous awards including American Graphic Design Awards, Addy Awards from the American Advertising Federation, Davey Awards from the International Academy of Visual Arts and has also been featured in publications including GDUSA. They're a passionate team that believes great design is integral to solving complex business and social challenges. Stop Studios became a B Corp to join and support a community that will change the world's perception of what it means to be "for-profit." Stop Studios 17.1 33.6 41.0 9.3 9.7 Durham 110.7 stopstudios Their mission is to prove that good design is also good business. They believe that design is not just about "making pretty things", rather that design is critical to solving complex business and social issues. They know that great design will work to: improve the bottom line, improve people's lives, change how we think. None None
3Sisters Sustainable Investments, LLC is a top performing investment management company and incubator that synthesizes old school professional deep value management style with pragmatic hedging and positive sustainable investments in all asset classes. Each investment strategy can be used singly to fill out existing client portfolios or the strategies may be combined into one healthy ecosystem. We became a B Corp because we wanted to be a strong voice and supporter in the movement for sustainability. 3Sisters has developed the building blocks for a strategic ecosystem of sustainable investments that work synergistically to sustain people and the planet and for healthy profits. • Strategic - Each investment opportunity can be weighted strategically by advisors to provide appropriate growth and financial security. • Ecosystem - There is a diverse assortment of synergistic investments both traditional and alternative. • Sustainable - The research process focuses on global and local initiatives with products and services that provide positive impact. 3Sisters Sustainable Investments LLC 56.1 32.5 23.2 9.3 6.9 Philadelphia, PA 128.0 3sisters As sustainable investment managers, 3Sisters hopes to make sustainable or SRI investing the new normal from the niche that it is right now. They would like to help investors understand their ability to effect positive change through investing in what is truly valuable: environmental sustainability and growth in our local and global communities. Their sustainable investment strategies work synergistically to sustain people, planet and the profits required for healthy human development. It is an approach that can be replicated, and thus has the potential to dramatically effect the environment and society. For better or worse, the supremecy of money and the ease of wealth creation through markets puts capital markets in the position of maximum leverage for change. By showing that sophisticated risk management works just as well with sustainable investments as it does with unsustainable ones, trillions of euros, dollars, yen or any other currency can begin to truly bring value to those initiatives to move the world further in terms of environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfilment. None None
A.F. Daniel Technology is a small IT and telecommunications company located in West Chester, PA. It is the most highly reviewed and rated Computer, Network, and Telephone PBX System service company in the area, servicing small and medium size businesses. The company offers both sales and support, assists with office relocation and remote assistance, and is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. We became a B Corporation because we strive to help build better businesses by making them stronger through technology support services. Our services also contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of our own company, in addition to those of our customers. We are proud to service the companies in our local community. The A.F. Daniel Technology Group philosophy is focused on customer satisfaction and the company's well-being. It strives to offer personalized service, seasoned professionals, and fast response. A.F. Daniel Technology  0.0 21.0 52.1 4.0 8.7 West Chester, PA 85.8 AFDaniel M A.F. Daniel Technology Group is dedicated to build up its customers' companies. By transitioning companies to go paperless and reducing fuel consumption by allowing employees to work effectively from home, A.F. Daniel reduces companies' carbon footprint. • A.F. Daniel takes full responsibility to leave no trace at its customers' companies. It removes its customers' old equipment for recycling in an effort to not contribute additional waste for clients. • If you live in the community, A.F. Daniel hosts periodic free community recycling events open to the public. None None
ab.editing is a world-class writing, editing, and proofreading service. They offer special expertise in sustainability, green products and practices, and environmental issues. The damage caused when corporations seek profit for shareholders without considering the environmental and social costs of their actions has become increasingly evident. It is time for governments to recognize and reward businesses that assist them in the work of benefiting their citizens and protecting the environment. ab.editing is proud to support increased public awareness and acceptance of the B Corporation model. ab.editing 34.7 0.0 39.4 3.0 9.0 Doylestown, PA 86.1 abediting ab.editing is proud to be a truly environmental editing company—in prose and in practice. They are committed to protecting the environment by pursuing sustainable business practices, and actively seek clients with similar values. ab.editing also works to minimize their use of fuel, electricity, water, paper, and other materials, thereby keeping their overhead—and rates—as low as possible. None None
Abacus Wealth Partners is a national financial management firm that is committed to bringing self and global awareness as well as sustainability to investment management. They seek to achieve high investment returns, which in turn provide capital to fund philanthropic projects, as well as investments in sustainable companies without sacrificing return. We wish to change the way spending, investing and giving are viewed in the financial and larger community, and to promote the standards which being a B Corporation represents. We want to make it easy for our customers to support this incredible movement and continue the drive to create positive social impact in our communities. Abacus uses comprehensive financial analysis and time-tested financial strategies to create individually- tailored plans helping clients maximize their financial wealth and achieve their most important personal goals. Because they are fee-only™ and independent of any major financial services company, advice from Abacus is completely objective and their choices of planning strategies and financial instruments are unlimited. Abacus Wealth Partners 18.4 33.8 16.9 9.5 9.6 Philadelphia, PA 88.2 abacuswealthpartners Abacus seeks to change the world, one portfolio at a time.• All of their investment portfolios align personal financial goals with socially responsible investments. They believe that investing in companies making a positive impact in their community increases their success and produces a high rate of return for their clients.• They donate a minimum of 5% of their profits to charity. In addition to their socially responsible investments, they actively support their local organizations committed to making a difference in the community around them.• Their profit-sharing compensation structures ensure that all members of the firm are financially committed to their clients' and the firms' success and are being good stewards of their own financial resources. They are focused on annual profitability to ensure the firm's longevity. None None
Ad Spice Promotional Marketing is a full-service screen-printing, embroidery and promotional products firm. They specialize in helping clients engage their target markets using well-designed, high-quality promotional products made with respect for people and the planet. Their mission goes beyond making a profit for owners and stakeholders to making a positive impact on their community and a lower and more beneficial impact on the planet. They print apparel in-house, using water-based, earth-friendlier inks. They source locally whenever possible and they source the BEST products that match their values and their clients' expectations- which means they look beyond their region for products as needed, to source certified fair labor, certified organic, recycled and re-purposed promotional products. We became a B Corporation to establish ourselves as leaders in our industry, with hope that our suppliers, clients and competitors will take notice.  Certification as a B Corp is one milestone that helps us see where we are and where we want to go. Ad Spice 1.7 26.4 42.6 8.0 21.5 Durham, NC 100.2 adspice Ad Spice’s mission is to help their clients effectively promote and add value to their brands. They believe that by educating their clients and offering useful, eco-friendly and fair labor options, they can do their part to help steer the direction of their industry as a whole towards a place where these types of lower-impact products are seen to have both real and perceived value. As they’re doing all of this, they’re also mindful of their role as an employer and member of a thriving, growing community. • They want to define the terms: sustainable, green, eco-friendly, fair labor -- and understand their use in marketing. They think it's their responsibility to know what these terms mean and when it's fair to use them. These powerful words can have real meaning about who we are socially, environmentally, economically and more. Using them responsibly adds real value to your brand. • They seek to build relationships which are sustainable in every aspect of their business. In contrast to conventional business models which seek profit at the expense of others, Ad Spice is committed to growing their business as they engage positively with their manufacturers, environment and community. • They sponsor and support many local events and encourage their employees to foster relationships with local non-profits and purpose-driven organizations. Their employees are provided paid time off to work with an organization of their choice. They provide these organizations with promotional marketing expertise and at-cost or in-kind custom promotional products. • They have a Seed-to-Shirt learning garden in their front yard! By removing the nutrient depleting, water-thirsty grass and shrubs and developing a sustainable crop of heirloom cotton, they seek to bring beauty to their neighborhood and a wealth of information about the printed apparel industry to their clients and passersby. None None
Adam Shay CPA, PLLC is a triple bottom line public accounting firm with personality that emphasizes a proactive approach to its clients. They believe that accountants don't have to be boring nor do they need to care only about numbers. The community and environment matter and the numbers will follow! The whole purpose of the firm is to serve others- whether it be their customers, community, or environment. Besides being a general public accounting firm (tax planning, tax preparation, and consulting) the firm focuses on green tax credits and working with creative companies. We became a B Corporation because we believe that it is important for us to lead by example. While we have always tried to do the right thing from the start, we believe that is important for an external group to hold us accountable and to continue to improve the impact of our operations. Adam Shay CPA, PLLC 5.1 0.0 53.9 9.0 12.1 Wilmington, NC 80.1 adamshaycpa Adam Shay CPA, PLLC seeks to be a different type of CPA firm by: -Maintaining a commitment to the environment. This is met by embracing new technologies, a paper minimal environment, and donating 1% of sales to local environmental non-profits as part of the 1% For the Planet Program. -Encouraging people and businesses to take advantage of green tax credits. This will save them on taxes, operating costs, and help the developing green technology and building fields to continue to become stronger. -To make their local community a better place by creating jobs and encouraging job growth and economic development in sustainable industries and business models. While industrial companies have had a strong historical presence in the area, sustainable businesses are going to lead it to a better future. -Making a healthy profit for the firm owners is important, but that is not a long-term, self-sustaining drive for an organization. There has to be a bigger purpose. It is important to treat employees fairly, support local vendors, and donate to charitable organizations. -Using their role as a trusted advisor and business leader to encourage other business owners in the community to give back and to work together to make the community a better place. None None
Adbongo, Inc. is a for-benefit incubator focused on growing socially- and environmentally-focused enterprises. Promoting the goal of zero waste among clients and the community is central to Adbongo's mission. Adbongo stands apart from other business development firms by using permaculture principles to nurture optimum growth conditions for clients. We became a B corporation because it is the only model that makes sense for our business. Our purpose matches the non-profit model while our structure lines up with the for-profit route. We felt relieved when we learned we could become a B corporation, a "for-benefit enterprise." Adbongo, Inc. was founded in 2006 as an advertising agency that beat to a different drum. In response to unfilled needs presented by clients, Adbongo evolved broader business development capabilities. Adbongo, Inc. None None 68.6 None 7.5 Dallas, TX 95.5 adbongo Through their organic business development services, they accelerate ventures that are creating clean jobs through zero waste. 0.0 19.4
Adopt-A-Watt® Inc. is the founding company for the National Adopt-A-Watt® Program (NAAWP). Modeled after the successful Adopt-A-Highway program, NAAWP provides a business-based, funding methodology to facilitate America's transition to clean energy, energy efficiency and alternative fuels. Supported by Clean Cities Coalitions and endorsed by many alternative fuel organizations, agreements and project discussions have been generated with hundreds of public agencies for rest areas, travel plazas, bridges, tunnels, airports, sports/entertainment complexes, schools, etc. We became a B Corp because along with our core mission of reducing fossil fuel usage, we are determined to always consider the impact our decisions have on employees, suppliers, community, consumers, and environment. B Corp Certification provides third party verification for doing so. At no cost, public agencies (Hosts) receive Sponsor-able Photo-Voltaic Displays (SPVD) that will provide clean energy, reduce electrical costs, and produce revenues as well as demonstrate to residents that they are embracing clean energy and alternative fuels. Sponsor-able platforms include solar PV arrays, solar PV lights and energy efficient lighting systems. Funds raised in excess of costs for SPVDs are utilized for any useful purpose to further help the Host reduce fossil fuel consumption. Funds are raised via donations given to the Hosts from sponsoring companies. The sponsors of the NAAWP receive community recognition for their support in the form of an acknowledgement sign attached to the SPVD, as well as associated media coverage, Letters of Commendation, etc. Adopt-A-Watt 55.0 0.0 24.8 13.0 6.0 Royal Oak, MI 48067, MI 98.8 adoptawatt AAW is passionate about mitigating the disastrous effects that burning fossil fuels are having on our society and planet. The NAAWP helps to reduce fossil fuel consumption by: Creating a Chain-Reaction of Support…As was pointed out by Scientific American Magazine, “The greatest obstacle to implementing a renewable U.S. energy system is not technology or money… it is the lack of public awareness”. The NAAWP has the inherent need to be at high-profile locations and because of this helps to educate and inform the public and encourage their participation in the clean energy movement. Facilitating Public Agencies Transition to 21st Century Energy…Most public agencies recognize the need to embrace clean energy, alternative fuel and efficiency programs, but because of strained budgets are often unable to do so. The NAAWP provides a completely managed, third party verified, no-cost means of fulfilling their ‘green’ initiatives. Providing a new Marketing Platform That ‘Gives-Back’…In addition to offering individuals, foundations and non-profits an impacting and visible means of displaying philanthropy; sponsorship presents an exciting, new, alternative media platform for corporations to benefit the communities they serve while demonstrating 21st century Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and generating favorable, 365 day per year, brand awareness. Reducing Wasteful Print Media Marketing …The NAAWP encourages sponsors to re-direct 10% of their print media advertising to this community benefiting program. The reallocation of marketing spend is at no additional cost to advertising budgets and still generates critical brand awareness, but also saves trees, reduces fossil fuel used to transport and deliver print stock and reduces significant amounts of wasteful print media that would otherwise clog local landfills. The measure of their success will be determined by the amount of clean energy and alternative fuel projects funded, and to the extent AAW can help educate the public to recognize the advantages of both. None None
Agora Partnerships is dedicated to providing talented entrepreneurs in emerging markets with the tools, networks, and financing necessary to launch successful, socially responsible businesses.  Their mission is to identify the leadership talent of the developing world and unleash it. We believe B Lab’s insights can be applied to businesses in developing countries – helping them understand how to be better corporate citizens and giving them a way to alert customers and investors that they practice what they preach. Microfinance has changed the lives of millions across the globe through the powerful insight that the poor are credit-worthy. Agora believes it is time to extend this principle to developing world entrepreneurs, including those originally financed through micro-finance loans, who seek to launch or grow small and medium sized enterprises. These entrepreneurs hold the key to increasing exports and productivity, creating jobs and role models, and helping to build a culture of social responsibility and entrepreneurship. Agora 47.6 23.2 17.1 12.1 5.2 Washington, DC 105.2 agorapartnerships Agora Partnerships seeks to help grassroots, socially responsible small businesses in the developing world create jobs and fight poverty and inequality. • Business, no matter how big or small, must take into account the needs of shareholders, employees, customers, and the environment. Agora is committed to helping small business entrepreneurs become leaders and role models in their community for the way they run their business.  They recognize that the most powerful force for attacking poverty is people and their will to create value where none exists or can even be imagined. Building trust and investing in relationships with change agents helps them live up to their potential to make a difference in their communities. • There are many investors, consultants, technicians, students and professionals who want to help socially responsible developing world entrepreneurs overcome the odds but don't know how. Agora creates mechanisms to allow these people to engage in socially responsible investing.  By connecting developing-world entrepreneurs with a variety of willing investors, Agora fills the gap between microfinance and larger-scale investments and lending. • Businesses working with Agora have increased the number of full-time jobs they contribute to their communities by 17%.  83% of startups coming out of Agora’s process were still functioning one year after launch.  On average, Agora supported businesses have increased their profits by 57%. None None
Alima Pure™ makes mineral makeup using only the purest cosmetic-grade mineral pigments. Mineral makeup is composed of finely powdered, lab-purified mineral pigments, and nothing more. There are no additives, fillers or fragrances that can irritate your skin or clog your pores. In fact, the pigments they use are actually beneficial to your skin, offering sun protection and anti-inflammatory properties. So you look your best and your skin can breathe. The B Corporation principle "That all business ought to be conducted as if people and place mattered" is entirely aligned with the founding philosophy of Alima Pure and we couldn't have said it better ourselves. We're humbled to stand in the company of other B Corporations as a testament that it's possible to be successful while maintaining environmental and social commitments. Alima Pure handcrafts their mineral makeup using only the purest ingredients available, so their products wear beautifully and comfortably - pure, simple and without compromise. With a comprehensive line of more than 250 products, Alima Pure cosmetics are perfect for women of all skin types and ethnicities. Their goal is to create gorgeous, safe cosmetics so they can help women around the world look and feel beautiful, naturally. Alima Pure 15.0 25.6 19.6 7.9 33.1 Portland, OR 101.2 alimapure At Alima Pure, they think beauty is more than skin-deep, which is why their cosmetics are all-natural. So, you can look and feel beautiful with makeup that is gentle on your skin and easy on the planet. • They started out making mineral makeup because they care so deeply about women’s health and the planet. This is why earning the highly prestigious BDIH “Certified Natural Cosmetics” seal of approval is so important. They are only the second American cosmetics company to earn certification. To be BDIH-certified goes beyond merely producing all-natural cosmetics; it means that their manufacturing process is socially and environmentally responsible. • In an effort to reduce waste, they reward their customers for returning their used jars to them. They can recycle (but not reuse) them. Customers who send them their empty Alima Pure cosmetics jars receive a free eyeshadow of their choice in return. • At Alima Pure™, they never test their products on animals, and neither do their suppliers. The truth is, there’s no need, because they use pure cosmetic-grade mineral pigments that are safe and gentle. • Giving back is as important to their view of business as making all-natural mineral makeup. Alima Pure is a proud member of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. They also support Rachel’s Friends, an organization dedicated to reducing exposure to environmental carcinogens, the Global Fund for Women, an organization that works in partnership with women’s rights organizations in 166 countries, and they donate a portion of their profits to ‘green’ organizations through 1% for the Planet. None None
ALTER ECO works directly with dozens of farmer cooperatives in the Global South to bring Fair Trade, Organic and Carbon Neutral foods to the market. They now offer one of largest ranges of products in Europe and North America including chocolate, quinoa, rice, sugar, tea, coffee, hearts of palm, and olive oil. We believe that a new economy is being built and driven by a new kind of leadership. The old system is un-adapted to this new economy. New structures and legal frameworks are needed to catalyze the efficiency and growth of these triple bottom line organizations, which require private capital to operate. By bringing these organizations together, B Corp provides a platform to pursue, advocate and implement these structural and regulatory changes within the new economy. ALTER ECO gets its name from two of its cornerstone principles — Economic Alternative, for a different and fair approach to trade, and Ecological Alternative, for a more environmentally sustainable approach to farming. ALTER ECO's premium quality is the marriage between traditional farming and finely-tuned gourmet craftsmanship –an unbeatable combination that transforms the finest Ghanaian cocoa into delectable chocolate in Switzerland, and takes full- bodied Ethiopian coffee and roasts it to perfection in San Francisco. Alter ECO None None 54.7 None 35.2 San Francisco, CA 128.9 alterecofairtrade Changing the World Never Tasted so Good! ALTER ECO provides small-scale farmers outlets for their crop and a brand to protect their interests in highly competitive marketplaces.• In exchange for their high-quality harvest, they pay farmers a fair price. This price covers the cost of production and enables producers to invest in their lives and future. In addition, ALTER ECO pays a Fair Trade Premium. Farmers democratically decide how best to invest the Premium in projects that help the whole community.• In addition to that, they follow their 5 basic trading principles that extend far beyond basic fair trade and into social and environmental sustainability for those communities. They help their farmer communities improve the environment they live in (see about theirr reforestation projects and Carbon Zero Certification). Their most recent project worked with Palestinian olive farmers to produce their new line of olive oils. This project was established to help bring economic stability for this cooperative amidst conflict and turmoil. 24.7 14.3
AlterECO™ creates unique and beautiful custom bamboo cabinets built to high standards of craftsmanship, utility and sustainability. Their personal design services enable them to tailor their simple yet sophisticated designs to your particular needs. Bamboo is their featured material due to its aesthetic appeal, its structural integrity and its environmental benefits, but their innovative palette includes a variety of ecologically responsible materials. AlterECO became a B Corporation because it provides a pathway to the accomplishment and sustenance of our mission. Since the company's articles of incorporation must integrate the practices reflected in the survey, AlterECO is, in essence, legally bound to the pursuit of its mission. Secondly, being a B corp means being part of a growing community of beneficial businesses, opening the way to endless opportunities to learn from and share with others. The interactions of such a vibrant community will yield profound benefit to the greater business community and all who are in any way touched by our work.  The beauty and character of the bamboo, wood and natural composite materials they use are enhanced by premium quality finishes that help contribute to a healthier indoor environment. Truly pioneers in modern bamboo cabinetry, ecological design has likewise been at the heart and soul of their work from day one. AlterECO is committed to providing exceptional value and enduring style that will make your kitchen or bath investment one you can be proud of and enjoy for a lifetime. AlterECO 24.8 0.0 52.5 12.0 13.0 Sausalito, CA 102.3 alterecocabinets The mission of AlterECO is to be a leader in the constant efforts toward a just, sustainable world-through excellence in their daily work in a vibrant, socially-responsible enterprise that is dedicated to creating & promoting meaningful products, built to high standards of craftsmanship, utility & sustainability. None None
Andy Smith Photography provides Fine Art Nature Photography of birds, wildlife, flowers, and scenery available as prints or framed or matted only and as note cards. His photography provides a small window into the vast array of the beauty of our universe, an opportunity to observe and consider, to contemplate and learn from the things and creatures that surround us, a moment of spiritual connection to one another and to that being observed. B Corporations are at the center of a movement for a fundamental change in business that is fully in keeping with the mission of Andy Smith Photography to help people live and work in a way that builds local communities that are in touch with their natural environment. All images are museum quality, printed with pigment based ink on matte surface fine art paper with an estimated fade-resistant life of 70-100 years. Images are matted with acid-free mat board and backed with acid-free foam board. Selected images are printed on canvas. Andy Smith Photography 56.0 None 33.2 8.0 11.4 Devon, PA 108.6 andysmithphotography Andy Smith Photography seeks to make and distribute photographic images portraying the art of nature for spaces where people can appreciate its beauty, understand their ecological connections, and act in ways to restore and protect our home, the earth. Major emphasis will be placed on producing images that help people connect with their local eco-region. None None
Better companies, better world. Since 2001, AngelPoints has helped leading companies in every industry around the globe to manage and measure their community involvement initiatives and to recognize and reward more than two million employee volunteers, philanthropists, and activists. Their online tools and services help business leaders inspire their employees to commit to greater sustainability and responsibility in order to improve their lives, their companies and the world. We became a B Corporation to continue to measure and improve the way we run our business. We endeavor to have our internal practices reflect the same commitment to the world that is evident in the technology solutions we provide. AngelPoints 35.4 29.6 9.0 6.8 3.8 Sausalito, CA 84.6 angelpoints AngelPoints believes that corporations are at a critical stage in their evolution. With increased transparency and the free flow of information disbursed online, the best and brightest business leaders have realized that their companies are under increased scrutiny. This dramatic change in business climate requires a dramatic change in business operations. AngelPoints seeks to facilitate this change in a fast, impactful, and transformative way. They provide technology and services so that Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability leaders can inspire their employees to commit to their company, their communities, and themselves. None None
Application Experts, LLC (App-X) is the leading provider of flexible web-based solutions for Alternative Asset Fund Managers and Institutional Investors. We became a B Corp because we believe that financial success is not the only measure of a business. Through our work assisting non-profit organizations to track their impact, we aspire to make those organizations more effective, thereby improving the lives of thousands of people around the world and, closer to home, providing an enjoyable and rewarding work environment for our employees. Since 2006, App-X has worked with a wide variety of organizations across different subsectors of the Alternative Asset Management space including institutional investors like educational endowments and family offices, funds of funds, and fund managers in the buyout space, in the real estate space, and in the VC space. App-X's clients are leaders in the Alternative Asset Community with over $30 billion in assets under management. Subsequently, App-X has developed a unique perspective on the Private Equity world from the viewpoint of both an LP and a GP. The result is a continually-evolving and feature-rich set of products that are flexible enough to handle several different investing scenarios. Application Experts 11.9 37.5 17.1 9.5 6.7 Broomfield, CO 82.7 applicationexperts Through their support of the social metric tracking platform "PULSE," App-X seeks to help non-profit organizations track and benchmark financial, operational, environmental, and social data to better demonstrate impact. App-X has seen firsthand that when organizations are able to quantify the social impact they make are more effective fundraisers, they are better equipped to quantify their success, and ultimately they make a more positive and lasting impact. None None
Aquamantra seeks to provide customers with great tasting water and inspire them to improve the quality of their lives through the power of positive thinking. Inspired by the 2004 film What the Bleep Do We Know and Dr. Masaru Emoto’s book Hidden Messages in Water, Aquamantra utilizes the theories of quantum mechanics, whereby positive thoughts are shown to influence the molecular structure of water, to make their water more refreshing for body, mind, and soul. Each bottle of Aquamantra premium Natural Spring Water features unique art work from local California artists and the mantra I am Loved, I am Grateful, I am Healthy, or I am Lucky to infuse the water with positive energies. The values advanced by B Lab and B Corporations are ones that are important to us and also to our stakeholders. By becoming a B Corporation, we are better able to broadcast our commitment to those values and hopefully set an example of social and environmental responsibility in our community. In February of 2007, Aquamantra won "The Best Tasting Bottled Water" in an International Bottled Water competion, out of 23 countries and over 50 other applicants. It is essential that our water be natural and taste good. The combination of the natural flavor and the energy delivered through the mantra, makes this water the best choice on the market and it is 100% natural; no chemicals, no sugar, no vitamins, no additives. Just water and thought, the two basic needs for survival. Aquamantra 27.8 None 38.4 25.9 7.3 Dana Point, CA 99.4 aquamantra Aquamantra wants to provide a brand that will not just hydrate, but will engage and inspire their clients to create the reality they choose to live in. • Their purpose is to inspire you to recite the mantras written on the bottles and affect change in the world around you; their unique bottle design was created to remind you to think, then drink. They'd like to think that if it takes you 10 sips to finish a bottle of water and you say I AM LOVED 10 times to yourself or out loud with a smile, this will affect your attitude, your mood, and the reaction of those around in your life. • Their bottles are ENSO BOTTLES™ made from 100% Biodegradable, 100% Compostable and 100% Recyclable PET 1 (FDA APPROVED). Contrary to what the 'rumors' are about plastic leaching into your water bottle they now have proof from ENSO™ that this is not the case. • Funds raised through the sale of Aquamantra water are donated to aid charities and foundations to assist with the management of international projects such as Nourish America, UNICEF, the Make a Wish Foundation, and Vitamin Angel Alliance. With every purchase of Aquamantra water you are giving back to the children who are our future and helping to make a difference in this planet we all share. None None
55.0 0.0 27.6 9.0 8.2 PA 99.8 architecturalglobalnetwork None None
Arezza, which means the network in a southern Italian dialect, is exactly that - a growing network of sustainability-focused community businesses, both in the U.S. and abroad. Arezza supports these businesses by featuring them in its Sustainable EcoTours program, an educational experience for discovering the rich historic heritage and the sustainable practices of a community. Arezza offers EcoTours in Washington DC, New York, Philadelphia, and various small towns in Southern Italy. Arezza develops sustainable communities in the United States and internationally. Being part of the B Corp family helps us promote our mission with a clearer and more precise message. We will use the standards set by B Corp to help individuals, businesses, nonprofits and local government entities with their sustainable development objectives. Arezza's knowledge of these areas along with their expertise in putting together personalized travel programs for individuals, families and small groups ensures a rewarding experience which includes a mix of history, tradition, technological innovation, sustainable development, visits to historic venues and green contemporary buildings as well as meetings with environmental leaders and experts. Additional services include: air or rail transport in/out of the region, hotel, farmhouse or vacation rental accommodations, local transport, sightseeing and shopping, suggestions for your lunches and dinners, and arrangements for visits to other cities and regions. Arezza 27.5 0.0 51.8 9.0 6.5 Silver Spring, MD 94.8 arezza Arezza seeks to foster sustainable economic development in communities by leveraging local entrepreneurial skills and resources. This mission is now more attainable then ever with the inclusion of the principles that define Arezza and the broader community of B Corps. None None
The Arnold Development Group is a purpose driven real estate investment and development firm that creates sustainable mixed-use projects. They build vibrant walkable neighborhoods that enable residents and visitors to live healthy, environmentally friendly lifestyles. Once completed, their projects are catalysts for economic growth and future development. They measure the success across a Triple Bottom Line that includes: people, planet, and profit. They are driven by a passion for positively impacting the communities they work in. We chose to become a B Corp because we wanted to be part a community of businesses that acts justly, with compassion and whose aim is to make the world a better place. The Arnold Development Group None None 91.6 None 11.6 Kansas City, MO 122.6 thearnolddevelopmentgroup Increase Social and Intellectual Capital:Intellectual capital is one of, if not the most, important assets a city possess. In the knowledge economy, it is the people in a city – their skills, capabilities and knowledge – that can make a critical difference to a city’s ability to compete successfully for investment. A key driver of a city’s attractiveness is the extent to which people feel connected to one another or the degree of social capital that exists. The vibrant, connected neighborhoods that ADG develops make cities attractive to skilled and entrepreneurial, and help generate intellectual and social capital. Strengthen Local Economies:Walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods reduce household transportation costs by 22%. All of Arnold Development Group's projects are located in walkable areas with access to transit lines. They estimate that nearly $5 million per year per neighborhood of 5,000 people could be kept in the community if residents could spend less on transportation.High performance green buildings consume less energy than conventional buildings, which makes their developments more affordable. Reduce Carbon Emissions:Arnold Development Group strives to develop buildings that do not use electricity produced from coal, but rather utilize lower carbon alternatives such as solar, hydro or natural gas powered combined heat and power systems. They aim for their projects to generate more renewable energy than they consume and sell the excess back to the grid. 0.0 19.4
Aroundsquare is a small company devoted to healthy development, inside and out--individual and society. from education and consulting, to creative toys, to arts and crafts, aroundsquare is involved in a variety of endeavours which leverage creativity and learning for the greater good. Their work focuses on children, with their flagship product, Goodwood Deconstruction Blocks--a system of beautiful, precisely crafted wooden blocks designed to invite real creative play. Aroundsquare aims to mainstream social justice and environmental sustainability into all of their work, and strives to ensure that they not only provide high quality, beneficial products and services, but also, that each step and each decision along the way creates complementary benefit to further these causes. We became a B Corporation because we identify ourselves as a social enterprise, not a business. Our triple bottom line model sets us apart from most of the business community, and we were eager to participate in a community that is about supporting and institutionalizing such well rounded, and mindfully grounded practices. We look forward to contributing as we can, and learning from the experiences of other B Corporations. Aroundsquare 26.1 0.0 34.3 12.0 16.2 Calgary, CAN 88.6 aroundsquare Aroundsquare imagine a world where all children are provided the opportunities to reach their potential, and where businesses and consumers alike are mindful of the importance of the backstories which shape the world around us. They see the importance of education, play, and exploration, in developing citizens with open, critical minds, able to create such a world. None None
Atayne makes high performing outdoor and athletic apparel for activities such as running, cycling, and cross-country skiing. However, they do things much differently than others in the industry. Not only does Atayne make products with exceptional performance, they make them in a way that is safe for people and the planet. They call it Performance with a Point of View. "I'm just writing a story that I want to read." -Jean M. Auel We became a B Corp because we didn't like the story that was being written by most of the business community. It was an easy decision to join the movement to write a new one. From a performance standpoint, their products are second to none. Atayne have been selected as the performance apparel provider by some great events and organizations such as: The Dempsey Challenge, Freedom’s Run, the Vermont 100, and the Army National Guard Running Team. However, Atayne is not just a company outfitting athletes with exceptional performance apparel. They were born to fulfill the needs of a growing segment of athletes and events that want to align with products and brands that share their environmental and social values. So not only do they deliver performance, they offer a healthy Point of View. Some of theur key differentiators include: • All Atayne products (not just a few) are made using 100% recycled or organic fabrics • All the materials Atayne uses are third party verified for human safety • All manufacturing is done, fiber to finish, in the USA Atayne 27.5 0.0 41.4 13.0 19.5 Brunswick, ME 101.4 atayne Atayne was launched in May 2007 to inspire positive environmental and social change through the power of active lifestyles. Their first step in this mission is athletic gear made from trash. Why trash? It's better for people, better for the planet, and better for performance. That's our point of view. • While their primary business is making athletic and outdoor gear from recycled materials, their passion and purpose is to inspire positive environmental and social change. Atayne organizes trash runs at races, consults with events on how to reduce their impact on the environment, and manufactures their products in North America. • Atayne is developing an innovative product take back program that rewards people for submitting fully used athletic gear to be reused or recycled. Instead of immediately recycling these into new material, which is the model of most takeback programs, Atayne will look to use the materials in their existing state to create new products. Remember the 3Rs – first you Reduce, then you Reuse, and finally you Recycle. None None
Audacious Inquiry is an innovative management and technology consulting company. The company works as a strategic partner to advance the interests of leading institutions through efficient application of information technology; asserting growing domain expertise in health information systems, analytical services, and web application development. Audacious inquiry (AI) actively pursues projects that involve solving social problems and providing public benefit. AI consultants partner with client organizations in healthcare, education and government to impact society positively through efficient application of information technology. We are proud of the recognition by the B Lab of AI for this important work; for our status as an employee-owned company; for the company's diversity; and for our commitment to the community through volunteerism and charitable contribution. For example, AI is currently working to reduce healthcare disparities and to improve care coordination via health information exchange technology, in close partnership with healthcare institutions and government agencies. The company is partnering to make education and government-sponsored research more accessible and efficiently delivered via Internet and mobile applications. Audacious inquiry utilizes web applications and personal health record technology to engage patients in their own care and to facilitate improved patient-physician communication. Audacious Inquiry 32.3 38.0 53.4 7.6 6.0 Catonsville, MD 137.3 audaciousinquiry Information systems and web application technology can be a powerful driver of improved efficiency and better communication; keys for growth and sustainability for the institutions that make our lives, and society as a whole, better on a daily basis. Audacious Inquiry will continue to leverage its domain expertise, technical capability, agility, and growing strength to help those organizations to meet their goals. None None
Aunt Bertha’s mission is to make human service program information more accessible to those in need in order to help more people reach self-sufficiency. Aunt Bertha picks up where Uncle Sam leaves off by making it easy to find food, health, housing and education programs based on need. By organizing the world’s human service program information, people can easily find out which programs they qualify for in a matter of seconds. Aunt Bertha also helps human service organizations administer programs better by offering easy-to-use web-based case management software. We became a B Corp because wanted to build an organization that was self-sustaining and would stay true to our original mission of making human service information more accessible to those in need in order to help more people reach self-sufficiency. Aunt Bertha 60.0 19.3 22.9 9.0 4.3 Austin, TX 115.5 auntbertha Aunt Bertha is all about trying to help people understand options that are out there for people with low income. In the United States there are 89,000 government organizations, over a million public charities and more than 300,000 congregations. Many of these organizations offer programs designed to help people with food, health, housing or education needs. But navigating through the information available can be intimidating – and all too often people give up and fall further into crisis. Aunt Bertha is building a better way to connect people looking for help and organizations that offer help. By building the world’s most comprehensive, crowd-sourced human service database Aunt Bertha believes that well organized, accessible program information can help people avoid preventable poverty. None None
Autonomie Project is a new Fair Trade fashion company offering stylish sweatshop-free & eco-friendly footwear, clothing and accessories. Launched in late 2007, the founders of Autonomie Project were inspired by the lack in the social marketplace of a truly wearable & affordable ethical clothing brand. Autonomie Project supplies high-quality garments at competitive prices to consumers who wish to make purchases with a social and environmental impact without having to sacrifice their own personal style, or break their wallet. Our company's mission and value system is directly in line with that of B Corporation. We fully support B Corp's goals and believe in unifying with other like-minded companies and organizations to revolutionize ‘business as usual'. Their products are relevant and fashionable for today’s market - always vegan, always eco, and always fairly traded so that you can wear your values and still look good! In addition to a feel-good and fun shopping experience, Autonomie aims to raise awareness about today’s most pressing global issues. They hope to inspire their consumers to take action and help them uplift the communities of workers around the world that produce their goods. Autonomie Project 27.5 0.0 90.1 12.0 15.5 Boston, MA 145.1 autonomieproject Autonomie's mission is to supply high-quality garments to consumers that seek to make purchases that align with their values without having to sacrifice their own personal style, all while making a positive social impact on our earth and raising awareness about today's most pressing global issues. • Autonomie seeks to ensure that garment workers around the world are paid a fair wage and have access to other benefits, such as affordable health care, that will help them sustain a positive and healthy lifestyle. Through their partnerships with small, independent cooperatives, Autonomie hopes to empower typically disadvantaged workers to become thriving participants in a reconfigured global marketplace where sweatshops are a thing of the past. • Eco-friendly practices are employed whenever possible at their business's operational level as well as at the manufacturing level of all of their suppliers. Autonomie uses organic cotton, all natural FSC rubber, and other eco-friendly & locally-sourced materials whenever possible to lessen their environmental impact. They never use animal products and encourage cruelty-free purchases and practices. None None
The AVANT Group, LLC is a full service staffing company that matches the right candidate, with the right employer, at the right time. AVANT maintains a diverse pool of high quality candidates who want to empower themselves to be on a long term career path. Their pool of prospective employees include but is certainly not limited to: Administrative support in many areas including; legal, accounting, sales, medical, real estate, insurance, etc. General and Skilled laborers including; metal fabrication, warehouse support, carpentry, construction, landscaping, machinist, etc. Management and industry specific positions; realtors, sales personnel, accountants, brokers, etc We became a B Corp because as a staffing company, it's easy to have a positive impact on the local community. Becoming a B Corporation, allows us to make our mission public and intentional. AVANT offers many staffing options that can be customized for each client; 1. Direct Hire - Bring the employee immediately onto the employers payroll, 2. Temporary - Employee works for the employer for specific period of time while receiving benefits from and payroll from AVANT 3. Temporary-to-permanent - Employee works for a period of time and the employer may choose to add them as a full-time or part-time employee. Avant Group 3.5 22.3 46.4 8.3 10.5 Durham, NC 91.0 avantgroup While maintaining high standards of service to our employees and clients, AVANT has a vision to form alliances with other sustainable businesses, vendors, and clients to strengthen the local community. AVANT will be providing increased resources to prospective employees that help them achieve their long term career goals and be part of a healthy growing community. None None
AXIS Performance Advisors is a sustainability consulting firm offering products and services to help organizations implement sustainable practices—in their internal operations, in the design of their products and services, and in managing relationships with external stakeholders. The owners, Darcy Hitchcock and Marsha Willard, are the authors of the award-winning book, The Business Guide to Sustainability, which translates the abstract concepts of sustainability into plain language for organizational managers. They now spend much of their time teaching and supporting others to work in the sustainability field. We became a B Corporation to be a model for our clients. AXIS provides practical tools for sustainable business, including their SCORE™ sustainability assessment, their SPaRK™ (Sustainability Planning and Reporting Kit) electronic files to support sustainability planning and reporting. They also provide training and facilitation tools (e.g., a process and system for uncovering the strategic business reasons to pursue sustainability.) Marsha and Darcy also co-founded the International Society of Sustainability Professionals to raise the field to the next level of performance and competence. AXIS Performance Advisors None None 51.9 None 27.7 Portland, OR 96.3 axis As interest in sustainability started to explode, AXIS decided they could do more good in the world by teaching others how to use their methods (rather than hoarding them and just working with their own clients). That way others can profit from AXIS's tools, and sustainable practices can spread even faster. • In 1995, AXIS hosted a think tank on the just emerging buzzword: sustainability. During that think tank, it became clear that they had left out a key stakeholder: the environment. Improved organizational performance often came at the expense of natural systems. This epiphany led to their refocusing their business on sustainability, where the economy, community and environment are not traded off against one another, but instead are jointly optimized. It wasn’t easy; sometimes it felt like they were creating a business out of wishful thinking. But how times have changed! Marsha and Darcy now teach Foundations of Sustainable Business for the prestigious Bainbridge Graduate Institute’s MBA and certificate programs. They consult, coach, teach and write, all in service of creating a more sustainable and just world. 0.0 16.7
Azavea is a small, award-winning geospatial analysis (GIS) software development firm specializing in the creation of highly crafted and easy-to-use web and mobile solutions, as well as geospatial analysis services to enhance decision-making processes. They like to call themselves a boutique systems design and software development firm. What do they mean by “boutique”? Azavea doesn’t just write software. Azavea’s culture is based on several features – growth and diversification, intellectually challenging work that has social value, teams made up of smart people, and attention to a high quality experience for their clients and the audience that uses their applications. Their goal is to combine their experience solving tough geospatial problems, commitment to tailored service, and a genuine desire to “do well by doing good” in order to help their clients create more dynamic, vibrant, and sustainable communities. It is their hope that in the process, they can help their clients make positive and long-lasting impacts on the communities they serve. Azavea has experience working on projects spanning a wide array of domains: natural resource planning, neighborhood revitalization, economic development, crime analysis, real estate property analysis, redistricting, political advocacy, and cultural resources to name a few. While terms such as 'Corporate Social Responsibility', 'conscious capitalism' and 'sustainable development' are increasingly being used, it all boils down to the choices we make as businesses and the values we not only claim to believe in, but that we actually apply in our day-to-day operations. The B Corporation status emphasizes the triple bottom line of social responsibility, sustainability and profitability (people, planet, profit). At Azavea, many of our business decisions stem from these three principles, so becoming a B Corporation was a no brainer. By legally becoming a B Corporation we are better positioned to demonstrate that commitment and set an example in our industry and our community. Azavea 9.7 38.4 18.4 12.2 6.8 Philadelphia, PA 85.5 azavea Azavea sees technology as a means to an end; not as an ideology. Pushing the envelope of what current technology platforms can do is what sets them apart, but at the core of their choices are their clients’ needs and budgets, and the positive impacts their projects will have on the communities they serve. Azavea can work with both commercial software and open source platforms as well as hybrids of the two, depending on the particular needs of the client. Ultimately, they want to produce elegant, technically beautiful, user-friendly solutions that are also affordable. Investing in relationships with their clients, their employees, and the communities around them is one of their core values: • Azavea believes in being generous with their time, knowledge, and expertise. They want to be helpful to the communities they serve (locally and globally) as much as they are to their paying clients. Whether it is to answer a quick question by email or responding by phone for an hour, they believe being helpful is one of the highest qualities they can demonstrate. • Investing in a stimulating, intellectually challenging and open environment for their employees is an explicit part of Azavea’s mission. From the office layout and monthly Brown Bag Lunches to their benefit package that includes training and continuing education expense reimbursements, they try to create a place where smart people can collaborate more effectively and feel intellectually stimulated. • Lastly, their investment in relationships extends to their commitment to redistributing 2% of their annual profits to charitable organizations selected by our staff through their “Time to Give Back” program, while their pro bono and 10% personal research programs have enabled their employees to work on projects that have a strong potential to help either a group of people or a whole community, but for which an organization might not otherwise have sufficient funds to afford Azavea's services. None None
Founded in Portland, Oregon in April of 2009, B-Line specializes in sustainable delivery services to the urban core. Utilizing a fleet of commercial grade "trike trucks" with a 600-pound cargo carrying capacity, B-Line partners with businesses large and small to handle their downtown and close-in delivery needs and solve the challenges conventional trucks and vans face in the "last mile" of a distribution network. B-Line’s mission is to make our communities more livable. We became a founding B corporation because we believe that business can be a catalyst for positive change and has a responsibility to the common good. As a certified B corporation, we are held accountable not only to meeting our financial bottom line and growing a profitable business, but to fulfilling this mission and our commitment to sustainability and community. B-Line 27.5 0.0 43.6 12.0 9.5 Portland, OR 92.6 blineurbandelivery B-line's services model the kind of change necessary to create sustainable distribution networks and supply chains, and illustrate the kind of paradigm shift essential to meeting the climate action goals our planet demands. • As a transportation company, B-Line’s vision is to redefine how goods and services are transported in our increasingly urban environment by simply providing the right tool for the job. • As an advertising and promotions company, B-Line seeks to combine flexibility with ingenuity. • As a stakeholder in our community, B-Line is passionate about creating a company that is part of a solution and a partner in living. We seek to enrich the fabric of our cities by reducing congestion and CO2 emissions, developing local, green-collar jobs, and partnering with local manufacturers and small businesses. • In our first year on the road, B-Line has made over 3000 deliveries, including 200,000 pounds of organic produce, and covered 6000 miles by pedal power that would have otherwise been traveled by fossil-fuel burning vehicles, effectively reducing carbon emissions by over 17,000 lbs. None None
Badger is a family run, family friendly business located on the banks of the Ashuelot River in rural Gilsum, New Hampshire, USA. The business was started back in 1995, in the kitchen of a carpenter who was in desperate need of relief for his rough, dry, cracked hands – the result of working daily in the unforgiving New Hampshire winter chill. Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Beeswax, Castor Oil, Aloe Vera and Essential Oil of Sweet Birch, a traditional New England herbal remedy, the original Healing Balm was born. We became a B Corp because we wanted to codify our commitment to sustainability in a way that is transparent and clear. The result was astounding: a simple, all-natural, soothing and healing balm that really worked! And a company was born. Now a team of about 40 friendly badgers formulates, manufactures, and ships almost all of the products from their facility, known as The Badger Mines. Badger works hard to create a healthy business with ethical and charitable principles. Call and ask any employee. You’ll hear about the free organic lunches, green initiatives in every department and their charitable giving practices—not to mention the lunchtime full-contact badminton games! Badger 15.0 29.2 21.5 6.8 20.5 Gilsum, NH 93.0 badger Their mission is to create fabulously pure and effective products of the highest natural quality, based on simplicity and thoughtful preparation, with the intention to soothe and heal. All the while running a business that is fun, fair and profitable; where money is fuel, not a goal; and where their vision for a healthier world finds expression through the way they work and through the way they treat each other and the people they serve. Their Core Principles: 1. Individual responsibility in a team concept 2. Personal and caring approach in communications 3. Supporting organic, sustainable agriculture through their purchasing practices 4. A business environment that is respectful and supportive of all employees, and of the people they serve 5. Personal and social healing through their charitable giving 6. Environmental responsibility 7. Honesty and integrity in their business practices 8. Fun is good 9. Generosity None None
In partnership with the world’s leading marine conservation organizations, Bamboo Sushi is proud to be the first certified, sustainable sushi restaurant in the world. We fundamentally believe that accountability and transparency are paramount to great business practices and financial success. B Corp certification allows for us to build upon our already rigorous operations and food certifications, so that we can incorporate a legal framework certification that follows suit. By becoming B Corp certified we now have certifications from independent third party auditng organizations for all aspects of our operations: environmental, social, and legal. Bamboo Sushi 20.6 27.1 16.4 12.8 13.8 Portland, OR 90.7 bamboosushi Born out of a desire to change the existing business paradigm that says altruism and profitability are mutually exclusive, Bamboo Sushi represents an innovative business that aims to do good for its customers, its community, and the environment, while still earning a profit. Ultimately, Bamboo Sushi employs business practices that serve to achieve greater social equity and support the local economy, while ensuring the highest standard of environmental sustainability possible. None None
BarberGale provides sustainable brand development and graphic design solutions for companies that market environmentally-positive products, services and corporate values. So what exactly is a sustainable brand? It is a brand that seeks triple bottom line returns by focusing on social, environmental and economic prosperity. It is a brand fueled with integrity, and that resonates with authenticity. It is a brand that can become a bonfire, easily attracting relationships and customer/advocates who in turn gather kindling (new customers/advocates), so to speak, to fuel the brand's bonfire of awareness. The power of a sustainable brand lies in its promise: to enlighten, engage, and enrich the brand experience for shareholders and stakeholders alike. BarberGale 34.4 17.4 30.4 8.2 10.9 Pottstown, PA 101.3 barbergale BarberGale seeks the opportunity to team with like-minded organizations to responsibly build the power of their brands toward a more just, equitable and sustainable world. As brand designers, being a certified B Corporation allows BarberGale to build relationships with those very organizations which share their values and goals. And it supports their intentions to live well and smarter, and work well and smarter, so that they all become designers of a very different kind of world for the generations to come. With this bigger picture in mind, they apply their passion and experience to craft brands that are relevant, with messages that truly resonate, supported by images and graphics that solve problems. They consider the life-cycle of the materials they specify, and patronize those who also consider each domain of the triple bottom line in their business models. None None
BayPoint Benefits specializes in structuring, implementing, and administering turnkey-benefit programs for companies in the U.S. and abroad. They tailor their innovative benefit and human resource solutions specifically for each client. Whether the client is an aggressively growing, high-tech start-up or a multinational manufacturing company, they create custom benefit programs to match specific client needs and growth projections. Their services include strategic employee benefit consulting, risk management, human resources consulting/support, and benefit administration. BayPoint became a member of the B Corporation community because we saw that the business philosophy that we have is shared by other B Corporations. At BayPoint, they understand that as companies grow, the diversification of employee needs becomes overwhelming – a substantial management challenge. Therefore, it’s important to begin with a creative road map that will anticipate these needs and establish solutions before problems or challenges arise. BayPoint believes there is no “one size fits all” solution for any of their clients. Personalized attention and support, and, above all, the ability of each and every client to derive something unique from their experience with BayPoint are the foundations for their client relationship model. BayPoint Benefits 38.5 40.4 25.8 16.8 15.9 San Francisco, CA 137.4 baypointbenefits Baypoint's mission is to re-invent the insurance and benefits business through leading by example and making a business case for sustainable business practices. • BayPoint prides itself on subscribing to sustainable business practices, striving to solve, rather than cause both environmental and social problems. They have adopted principles, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life for employees, communities, and the environment including treating employees as equals, utilizing a supply chain of green-certified and local businesses, and sharing BayPoint's good fortune by contributing to the community in a meaningful way. • BayPoint Benefits is a Triple Green Certified Business, earning Green America’s Green Business Seal of Approval, the San Francisco Green Business Certification, and the Bay Area Green Business Certification. None None
An award-winning branding and marketing firm recently featured in the book, Robin Hood Marketing: Stealing Corporate Savvy to Sell Just Causes, BBMG harnesses the power of branding to help socially responsible clients stand out, build relationships, win loyalty and inspire action. B Corporation sits at the crossroads of social purpose and financial promise. It is timely, relevant, and poised to change the way the world does business, and what business can do for the world. BBMG is a team of veteran marketers dedicated to big ideas, fresh insights, and measurable results. They live for connecting conscious consumers to forward-thinking brands in uncompromising and unexpected ways. They know what it means to capture a brand’s essence. BBMG 17.5 39.5 15.1 10.3 10.6 New York, NY 93.0 bbmg At BBMG, they believe that when they align their values with thier actions, great things can happen. That's why their approach to branding revolves around a simple, powerful idea: Who you are is what you do. Their mission is to help clients create authentic moments that shape attitudes, change behaviors, and improve the world while improving the bottom line.• They specialize in designing empowering experiences that help their clients stand out, build relationships, win loyalty and inspire action. And they are at the forefront of integrating branding with sustainability and social purpose to help organizations embrace innovation and drive culture change. In everything they do, they’re committed to promoting a sustainable society, doing good and living well, and turning their imaginations into action.• Their annual BBMG Conscious Consumer Report combines field observations with a national survey of 2,000 U.S. consumers to examine the social issues, product attributes and corporate practices that are shaping consumer attitudes and behaviors. BBMG uses the insights to refine existing branding programs and develop new ones that grow the bottom line while doing good.• At BBMG, we are pioneering a new methodology for creating, launching and maintaining innovative brands today. In their view, successful brands deliver on what they call the Triple Value Proposition™, seamlessly integrating practical, social/environmental and tribal benefits. Their approach provides a clear framework and actionable roadmap for authentically communicating your brand story and building mutual, honest and transparent relationships with your key audiences. None None
Beartooth Capital is a leading impact investment fund manager whose mission is to generate strong investment returns, real conservation results and community benefits. They partner with leading conservation and community groups to search the inefficient ranch market in the western United States for important but undervalued ranches with substantial potential for value creation and conservation benefits. Conservation and community benefits are at the core of our investment model. Joining the B Corp community helps us document the impact of our work and guides us to find ways to have an even greater impact. Beartooth Capital’s Fund I currently manages approximately 19,000 acres in five western states. They have protected more than 11,000 acres, restored more than 35 miles of creek and river and with their partners, created three new parks providing public access to recreation areas. Their work has had other important impacts as well. They have rehabilitated thousands of acres of pasture and hundreds of acres of productive farmland. They have modified management of water rights to keep large amounts of water in-stream, improving fisheries and spawning areas for important species such as steelhead and wild Chinook salmon in communities where recreation and tourism play a large part in the local economy. Beartooth Capital 35.0 43.2 31.2 13.0 13.2 Bozeman, MT 135.6 beartoothcapital Beartooth Capital is at the forefront of creating a conservation finance marketplace – offering a means for investors to align their investments with risk-appropriate investment opportunities in conservation. Their demonstrated commitment to restoration, conservation and community collaboration enables them to better implement their strategy to create value, mitigate risk and provides them with a competitive advantage. None None
branding from the heart: Armed with over a decade of experience and a fresh, new innovative version of branding, bedrock’s bcause was birthed. bcause focuses on repositioning and repurposing an organization’s brand through a collaborative process that defines, designs and delivers to the heart of the customer experience. We are a B Corp bcause of our own commitment to “become the change we seek” as a for-profit enterprise. More than ever today, organizations need the tools to sustain themselves and communicate the positive impact they are making in this world through a strong, clear brand and customer experience. bedrock: bcause 26.0 31.8 42.0 5.7 2.2 Honolulu, HI 107.7 bedrock The reality for most organizations today is that their greatest need is funding. Without funds, no matter how much of a positive impact they have in this world, they cannot sustain themselves and will eventually become extinct. bcause is committed to transforming cause-driven organizations into thriving, sustainable enterprises, helping them to reach their full, profitable potential. By building on their foundation through brand experience and transformation strategies, organizational development, capacity building and the creation of social enterprises, bcause is able to partner with enterprises to develop a sustainable model. bcause uses the consortium model of doing business, gathering a team of talented, minority business owners together to integrate sustainable business and brand solutions to benefit the communities and the world. None None
Benevity is a software company whose platform and products enable companies to build social responsibility and giving back into their businesses to attract, retain and engage customers, employees and partners. Benevity helps companies tap into people's passions to inspire deeper engagement from customers and employees. Using Benevity's software, companies can build more engaging, strategic and choice-driven cause marketing, community investment, workplace giving and other charitable programs that deliver greater ROI. They are a for-profit social enterprise; a hybrid corporation that has a for-profit model but also pursues a strong social mission as part of its overall mandate and vision. We became a B Corp because we are passionate about the social enterprise model that sees companies pursuing both profit and social action as part of their culture and strategy, not as trade-offs but as an increasingly important component of their license to do business. The Benevity platform is a customizable giving engine companies can use to build choice-driven charitable giving and matching programs into their businesses, using their own brands and systems. The Benevity platform also powers Benevity’s web-based products, including Spark! workplace giving (see and The Givatron, the first charity-of-choice giving application for Android-based mobile devices. To find out more or to request a demo, visit or view our short video at The Benevity platform has unique capabilities including: • charitable donation processing, including branded tax receipts (can facilitate donations of any amount to any registered charity in the US and Canada) • personal foundations (so end users can build a portfolio of charities that matter to them) • cause portfolios (so companies can build branded collections of charities by focus area, geographic region or other criteria, such as the Company X Health Fund, comprised of 3 health charities or the Company Y Bay Area Fund, comprised of 5 Bay area charities) • real-time matching (so companies can use corporate funds or engage partners to fund real-time matching offers to incent participation) • charitable gift card functionality (to create charitable gift cards of any amount where the recipient goes to a company-branded redemption site to make a charitable donation to his or her charity of choice) • ease of integration (the platform is consumed via API (application programming interface), making utilization fast, simple and cost effective) Benevity 30.0 36.6 17.2 12.3 5.8 Calgary, CAN 101.9 benevity Benevity hopes to use their technology through multiple integrations to make giving to the charity of one’s choice as convenient and prevalent as leaving a tip at a restaurant. Benevity envisions a reshaping of the notion and execution of personal and corporate philanthropy that sees it embedded into a variety of everyday consumptive and commercial activities. In such a landscape, people from all demographics – regardless of their means – can give money, time, goods, etc. to the social causes of their choice, while corporations better utilize their resources and influence to do the same in a virtuous circle. Benevity's mission is to help companies increase the efficacy and impact of their investments in corporate philanthropy, community investment and cause marketing. Benevity wants to help businesses use their (increasing) investments to better engage their customers, employees and partners in strategic, focused, choice driven philanthropy in a manner that increases the likelihood of an emotive connection with the individuals and also positively impacts metrics that matter to the companies operationally and strategically. If they succeed in this, these investments will increase and be more sustainable over time. None None
BeOn Holdings is an umbrella brand for the highest quality companies within the organic foods, health & beauty products, and functional foods industries. BeOn develops brands that are recognized for their unmatched levels of purity, nutrition, and ecological & social integrity. BeOn Holdings' first acquisition was Essential Living Foods, an importer of high quality, organic superfoods (foods very high in nutritional value and usually also high in anti-oxidants). BeOn Holdings became a Founding B Corporation because we want to a) help "announce" our corporate values with third party validation, and b) support the widespread adoption of the B Corp standards and mission by many, many other organizations. BeOn and ELF will consistently provide the highest levels of quality, purity, integrity and sustainability in its products, business and relationships. Their core principles are: conscious consumerism, direct relationships with their farmers and suppliers, respect for and protection of the environment, and respect for the communities where they do business. BeOn Holdings 13.7 31.5 14.1 16.6 13.3 Santa Monica, CA 89.2 beonholdings BeOn Holdings' mission is to transform human health and lifestyle positively by providing the highest quality food, nutrition, health and beauty products to the retail supply chain as well as direct to consumers.• Conscious Consumerism: Empowering consumers to create a better world by gathering the most ecologically friendly and socially responsible products in one convenient place.• Equitable Trade: Fair Trade and beyond: every product they carry empowers organic farming communities by re-investing profits in sustainable community development.• Source Verified: They believe everyone should know where their food comes from and how it’s made…everyone should know about the impact their products have on the world. To this end, BeOn Holdings traces every product back to its source, and carefully verifies the purity, equality and environmental integrity of the entire process.• Unrivaled Quality and Purity: Through Source Verified, they ensure the freshest, most nutrient-rich superfoods on the planet - food you can trust for nourishment, healing, and elevation! None None
Berger & Föhr is a two-man design studio based in Boulder, Colorado. The studio is owned and operated by Todd Berger and Lucian Föhr. Berger & Föhr practice cohesive visual communication characterized by modernism, minimalism, objectivity and the desire to create lasting, sustainable work. Berger & Föhr is a values and principles-driven design studio. Becoming a B Corp enables us to embed our philosophy into the legal and ethical framework of our company and aligns us with other like-minded individuals concerned with using their businesses to bring about forward social and environmental change. B Corp represents a transformative shift in how we conduct and view business and we consider ourselves part of that shift. Specializing in identity, branding, and website design the studio holds experience in many areas of contemporary graphic design, specifically symbol and identity systems, print communications and collateral, website and mobile applications, and exhibition graphics and signage design. The studio exists to support entities and individuals in the possession of socially equitable information, ideas and assets. Berger & Föhr is committed to the triple bottom line - people, planet and profit - and runs its studio accordingly. Berger & Föhr 32.4 0.0 47.9 9.0 11.0 Boulder, CO 100.3 bergerandfohr Berger & Föhr wishes to be part of a world where business is used to create a bright and balanced future - where people and planet are put before profit. They believe the path to prompting such a transformation is through leading by example and they are using their business to do so. As a studio, Berger & Föhr strives to create lasting, aspirational experiences, rich with the capacity to deliver beautiful, forward-thinking communications. They desire to use their business to influence others to consider their principles and practices and to make mindful changes within their lives and organizations. They are dedicated to perpetually refining their craft and putting their ideas to work to meet the social and environmental demands of their rapidly changing world. None None
The Berkeley Patients Group (BPG) is a medical cannabis (marijuana) collective organized to serve patients in the Greater Berkeley area. They provide safe and affordable access to a wide variety of medication, including dried herbs, edibles, extracts, and concentrates. In addition to providing safe and affordable access to medical cannabis, the BPG also provides members with other free services and activities including therapeutic massage, acupuncture clinic, legal assistance, and entertainment and social activities. The values advanced by B Lab and B Corporations are ones that are important to us and also to our stakeholders. By becoming a B Corporation, we are better able to broadcast our commitment to those values and hopefully set an example of social and environmental responsibility in our community. BPG is one of California's largest and most respected medical cannabis collectives. The BPG is committed both to providing safe access -- and to protecting it. They strive to operate a dispensary that is a model of compassion and legal integrity. The BPG has provided safe access, fair prices, and a 2,500 square foot community center to thousands of Northern California patients since 2000. Their management team has over 50 years of collective experience in medical cannabis provision, grass roots activism, public education, and cannabis law reform efforts. Berkeley Patients Group 39.0 29.7 38.5 14.5 10.4 berkeley , CA 132.1 berkeleypatientsgroup The mission of the Berkeley Patients Group is to provide the purest, most effective and affordable medical cannabis along with integrated holistic health services. They create and maintain the standards of excellence for medical cannabis in all that they do. They foster a compassionate community that advances understanding and inspires action. • They are major donors to several nonprofit groups and local service organizations, including the Center for the Education of Infant Deaf, Marijuana Policy Project, Americans for Safe Access, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Flex your Rights, and more. None None
None None 40.7 None 24.9 San Francisco, CA 106.9 berrettkoehler 29.6 11.7
Better The World helps organizations develop engaging fundraising and corporate social responsibility programs. Their team combines technology, social innovation, and business school rigor to deliver programs that build awareness, increase participation and maximize social impact. We became a B Corp to make a public declaration and legally embedded our commitment to social responsibility in our governance and operations and secure the trust of our customers, users, stakeholders and business partners. Better the World provides a full range of services (Research, Strategy and Program Design, Campaign Planning, Web Design and Development) and technology platforms (CSR Platforms and Social Fundraising Platforms) to help their clients launch high impact programs that will engage all of their stakeholders. Better The World is proud to be the first internationally certified B Corporation and shares B Corp vision of using the power of business to solve social problems. Better The World 45.0 42.2 43.3 11.3 7.4 Toronto, ON, CAN 149.2 bettertheworld The change they seek is an environment where doing good and making money becomes the normal way to do business. They believe that innovation & technology provides an ideal platform for companies, non-profits, and individuals to work together to drive significant social change. They help organizations raise awareness and maximize their impact on issues ranging from global literacy to community development. As a company, they are committed to their mission to use technology for positive social change. They're also committed to using local, socially beneficial and environmentally sustainable suppliers in their operations. Whenever possible, they try to give back - their team is encouraged to volunteer with organizations that are in need of their skills. None None
Better World Books is a unique Social Enterprise - a triple bottom line business where creating a nursing library in Somaliland, supporting employees with profit sharing and equity ownership opportunities, and shipping book orders climate neutral are not just a by-product of doing business – they are the business. They’re not a company with an add-on “cause” component. Social and environmental responsibility is at their core. You could say it's in their DNA.We became a Founding B Corporation because, simply put, we believe that we are a different type of business. Our triple bottom line business model separates us from our competitors. While they are set up to provide wealth for their shareholders, we are set up to benefit our literacy partners, our employees and our environment.Better World Books understands the importance of running a profitable enterprise. While most businesses answer only to their shareholders, they answer equally to all of their key stakeholders.  By accounting for and supporting their long-term viability, profit takes on a much broader and richer meaning. Better World Books None None 55.1 None 22.9 Alpharetta, GA 126.5 betterworldbooks Better World Books is a global bookstore that harnesses the power of capitalism to bring literacy and opportunity to people around the world.• Better World Books capitalizes on the value of the book to fund and support literacy initiatives locally, nationally, and globally. They recognize the importance of literacy in alleviating poverty and empowering individuals to improve their everyday lives.  A bookstore ought to generate funding for these programs and they do it with every book they sell. They currently support 85 partners who devote themselves to promoting literacy.• If you’re concerned about your eco-footprint, know that Better World Books is determined to minimize its environmental impact.  On the advice of a Carnegie Mellon engineer, Better World Books implemented an e-commerce first: the Carbon Neutral Shopping Cart. They collect a few cents from every customer at checkout, which goes directly to, the leading non-profit provider of carbon offsets. This small change is enough to offset both their shipping and the shipping of their literacy partners. 31.1 17.4
Started in 2003, BetterWorld Telecom is the leading business to business telecom carrier focused on serving businesses and organizations that have social and sustainable missions. They provide customized solutions including: internet, voice, virtual pbx and unified communications. Betterworld has over 1,000 customers in 35 states, serving more than 50,000 employees on a daily basis. Customers save an average of 23% off other major providers and their service is backed up with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction for each month of service. We believe in business as the lever of change in society - - to achieve this and create critical mass, we must bond together to create a new economy with a new set of rules. The B Corporation designation and group is just such a vehicle that will help this dynamic come to fruition. BetterWorld Telecom donates 3% of their revenues and has given literally thousands of hours of their time towards organizations that support children, education, the environment and fair trade. BetterWorld Telecom None None 28.1 None 14.9 Reston, VA 82.7 betterworldtelecom BetterWorld Telecom seeks to be an example to other businesses. If they can make a social and sustainable business model work in telecommunications, it can be done in any business. BetterWorld is a democratically run company and employees volunteer at least one-half day each month to non-profit causes in their communities. They are also a donation partner with TechSoup Global, providing donated products and discounted services to nonprofits. BetterWorld is committed to a level of accountability and service unusual in the telecoms industry. They do this through five customer promises: a satisfaction guarantee, exceptional personalized service, fast live help, consistent follow up, and management accountability. 24.0 15.7 is a social entrepreneurial high-purpose company with the goal of unifying socially responsible and environmentally aware producers and consumers in a marketplace which promotes conscientious trade. They are part of a grassroots effort embracing current technology and basic economic principles to encourage and facilitate symbiotic relationships between environmentally and socially aware producers and consumers through the supply and consumption of responsible products and services. The organization was initiated out of a growing concern over misleading marketing tactics used to sell so-called green products. This practice is often called "Greenwashing". Through our membership as a B Corporation, will continue to further the shared social and environmental values commonly held between B Corporation members and stakeholders. One of their main objectives is to eliminate their clients concern over misleading marketing tactics by only offering goods and services which are environmentally and/or socially responsible. This process supports the trusting relationships they have with their clients and stakeholders. Better World Buys 24.0 None 41.3 16.0 7.4 Pottstown, PA 88.7 betterworldbuys • Their mission is to create a profitable business focused on social and environmental consciousness which positively contributes to the well being of our stakeholders. • Their vision is to be the most recognized and respected source of trustworthy, environmentally and socially responsible products and services on the planet. They will accomplish this through their creation of a marketplace connecting producers and suppliers with values and goals that align with the environmental and social aspirations of the stakeholders they serve. None None
Beyond the Bottom Line is a team of CFOs, controllers, accountants and executive search professionals who work specifically with the nonprofit and social venture communities. Their goal is to help organizations and companies take control of their finances so they can achieve their missions faster, better and with greater financial mastery than ever before. Whether through interim CFO services, outsourced accounting, executive search, assessments or any of Beyond the Bottom Line's other services, Beyond the Bottom Line will function as a committed partner from day one. At Beyond the Bottom Line, we believe that organizations shouldn’t have to choose between the bottom line and a better world. They are not mutually exclusive. Making money and doing well should be the norm, not the exception. Beyond the Bottom Line 18.3 26.0 30.2 8.8 3.7 Arlington, VA 87.0 beyondthebottomline Beyond the Bottom Line's team members can choose to work in any sector they want — and they have. Each one of them has a passion to build a better world — choosing to apply their talents to what they care about most: nonprofits and social enterprises. That's why an interim CFO, outsourced accountant or executive search professional from Beyond the Bottom Line would like nothing more than to help your organization uncover new opportunities, overcome financial hurdles, build financial processes and create financial roadmaps that keep you operating at peak efficiency. None None
The Big Bad Woof is a new breed of good business. A unique retail pet supply store franchise & retail store that not only focuses on providing organic, holistic, premium and raw diets for companion animals, but also has a strong commitment to the community, preferring to do business with local, small, and minority-owned manufacturers and companies. They recognize that the pet industry is often overlooked as an advocate for equitable, local, whole foods. As a multi-billion dollar industry it indeed has the power to change the food system for not only pets, but most importantly people. The Big Bad Woof’s triple bottom line approach is visible through their relationships with local farmers, whether through the sale of raw and holistic foods sourced from local farms and then manufactured to be sold at their retail stores, or by purchasing food products that like chicken necks, lamb hearts, and marrow bones that might end up being composted, and are perfect for supplemental feeding with some companion animals. Their partnerships with animal rescue organizations like Washington Animal Rescue League (WARL), the Washington Humane Society, Greyhound Rescue, and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), among others help find homes for unwanted pets and fight for animal welfare. Through monthly Woof Clinics they help educate pet guardians in the community on their pet’s health, training, nutrition, and alternative healthcare options. The Big Bad Woof Hyattsville is the 1st Benefit Corporation in Maryland and the United States • The Big Bad Woof is dedicated to sustainable business practices; seeking out and carrying eco-friendly pet supplies and Fair Trade items. We make sure a toy is something that’s going to be fun, interactive, and playful, while also paying attention to quality and whether it fits our mission of socially responsibly business practices. We ask questions on how a product is it made, how is it packaged, and how far does it have to travel to get to our stores? • The Big Bad Woof recognizes the limitations of our current food system in delivering whole foods that not only benefit our well-being, but also the well-being of the environment. Agricultural practices that support humane treatment of animals, enrich soils, improve water quality and wildlife habitat are possible and the Big Bad Woof is making choices to see that happen. • The Big Bad Woof understands that a community is stronger when supported. They choose to strengthen communities through partnerships with other local businesses and educational workshops. They also offer internal, no interest store accounts for returning customers who have forgotten their wallet, or cannot financially pay at that moment. • The Big Bad Woof personally visits local farms which supply their stores, to ensure the integrity of the food supply coming from the local area and to also vet how well the animals are cared for farm to farm. Many of the farms carry a Certified Humane? or an Organic designation. Supporting local farms is a major component of The Big Bad Woof’s philosophy, and is to helping build small micro-economies within our communities. The Big Bad Woof 4.4 32.4 37.8 8.9 10.7 Washington, DC 94.2 bigbadwoof “We feel strongly that doing good helps increase bottom line profits….There should be a standard in being able to say that you can run a business well, give back to the community and make a profit.” Strive to supply our customers with the best and most innovative products, in both pet supplies and raw and holistic foods which are sustainably sourced and minimally processed to help support our Planet. Support local economies so that all in the community benefit from good food and humane care standards. Become a resource in every community where our stores are located to help customers get access to organizations and individuals which rescue animals, and provide knowledge for well care in all things related to nutrition, training, and integrative care. None None
The Big Blue Bike is an ethical and eco fashion brand that delivers style-focused and quality clothing produced with the goal of positively impacting on disadvantaged communities and the environment. A true social venture, the company's engagement with disadvantaged communities is at the very core of its operations. Every company decision is made in relation to the community it is impacting on. The Big Blue Bike was created to deliver positive social and environmental impact amongst its target communities. We believe that businesses can be a powerful tool for social and environmental change. Joining the B Corp community puts us in a position to set a precedent for the next generation of businesses. The Big Blue Bike None None 64.4 None 34.2 TX 107.1 bigbluebike The project is focused on empowering individuals amongst poor communities identified as belonging to the bottom 20% of income groups in Lima – a segment effectively excluded from the country’s growing economy and which is also prone to a range of social problems such as domestic violence. The material produced with is strategically sourced from rural herding communities, empowering them by increasing their participation in the supply chain while encouraging the rejuvenation of colored alpacas in Peru which are facing severe shortages. Market demand for only white alpaca fiber, due to easier application of chemical dyes on them, has led to a worrying decline in the colored alpaca population. The Big Blue Bike aims to replenish their numbers by creating market demand for colored alpaca fiber, subsequently encouraging herders to breed more of the colored animals. 0.0 8.5
55.0 0.0 62.9 12.0 14.6 Baltimore, MD 144.5 bigcityfarms None None
Big Room Inc. thinks standards like B Corp are vital in helping people make better choices. They promote voluntary sustainability standards and certification systems at, through their advisory work, and through their proposal for the .ECO top-level domain. We are proud to be at the vanguard of companies dedicated to solving social and environmental problems. As a B Corporation, Big Room is now legally required to meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. As a prospective operator of the .ECO top level domain - as in - it's crucial that they exemplify best-practice in all areas. They look forward to working with the B Corp community to stay at the forefront of the green economy. Big Room 55.0 0.0 15.5 12.0 9.8 Vancouver, BC, CAN 92.3 bigroom Big Room's goal is to make it easier for people to make better and greener choices. They do that in two ways. First, they maintain the only global source for information on ecolabels and green product standards, and advise companies, purchasers and governmental agencies on green purchasing using standards. Second, they are building a global movement around the standards for a .ECO - as in - domain name ending. They are applying to be the creators of .ECO because they care deeply about creating and maintaining an online space for the sustainability community to share their important work, and to ensure integrity through transparency and accessibility of information. See for more information. None None
Big Vision Media Group (BVMG) is a branding and marketing company that inspires culture, cultivates relationships, and creates solutions to make life better and more fun. BVMG cares for their clients by helping them to present a consistent and memorable brand experience, grow relationships and target messaging through online marketing and social media We became a B Corp because we fervently want to change the world. With our expertise in marketing and communication, we want to work with companies and organizations who are actively engaged in making the world a better place. Our B Corp certification not only tells the world what we believe but also provides opportunities to challenge other businesses to operate in a new way. Big Vision Media Group 32.6 0.0 33.9 12.0 9.6 Kansas City, MO 88.1 bigvisionmediagroup BVMG believes it's essential to change the way we think about business and social responsibility. Whether it's a local or global community, we have an inherent responsibility to help humanity and improve our environment. By helping new and existing companies and organizations to better communicate their products, services, or cause, we know we will make a positive impact. None None
None None 41.3 None 26.5 Missoula, MT 105.6 biomimicrygroup 24.4 13.4
BIS Global is the innovative web consulting & services company that powers CharityEngine: the leading portfolio of on-demand fundraising and communications software for non-profit organizations that are committed to maximizing operational efficiency and revenue. Founded in 1999, BIS is proud to have grown to serve over 300 clients - almost entirely through word-of-mouth - based on the quality of their products and services, and their ability to consistently deliver innovative solutions for complex problems. BIS also takes pride in being the first Certified Benefit Corporation in North America to offer a suite of integrated software products tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges faced by the non-profit community. Through CharityEngine, their mission is to process over 1-Billion dollars for charitable organizations by 2015 by continuing to provide the most flexible, usable and effective portfolio of web-based tools on Earth. We committed to the process of becoming a B Corp because - in addition to agreeing with the tenants of the B Corp framework - we saw B Lab as a credible organization that was gaining national momentum and we because saw B Corp certification as a way for us to gain additional recognition for how we manage our company and the good work that we do. BIS Global - CharityEngine 3.8 31.1 35.7 7.0 8.2 Rockville, MD 85.8 bisglobal-charityengine We believe in the power of free market capitalism as a competitive system that benefits innovative companies like BIS who work harder to deliver the highest quality products, services and support - And we see the B-Corp framework as an important and complementary force within this system for encouraging companies to consider the broader set of factors that fosters long-term profitability over myopic profit. We are excited to join the rapidly growing community of like-minded companies that is B-Corp, and through our continued success, we look forward to inspiring other companies to join us in committing to a triple bottom-line that includes consideration for the environment, employees, and other organizational stakeholders. None None
17.5 18.3 34.2 7.0 13.6 Berkeley, CA 90.6 bisonbrew None None
Blue Tree Strategies is a triple bottom line business services and consulting firm located in Portland, Oregon. Blue Tree helps public and private sector clients achieve financial, social, and environmental outcomes through three service divisions: business planning, project finance, and program design. The Blue Tree team brings functional expertise in finance, accounting, tax equity finance, business strategy and sustainability, and industry experience in energy efficiency, renewable energy, real estate, agriculture and compostable products. We joined the B Corp community for this very reason…to unleash private sector discipline to better serve society’s needs and challenges. Being a B Corporation allows our business to formally embody and reflect how we as individuals think and behave, as if equitable prosperity is achievable for present and future generations. The company specializes in public-private partnerships that require innovation and collaboration to catalyze change in emerging industries. Blue Tree is probably best known for contributions to clean energy program design, particularly to the financial architecture of residential energy efficiency programs including Clean Energy Works Oregon. Blue Tree is in business to help business evolve. Blue Tree Strategies 35.0 18.9 48.0 5.0 8.0 Portland, OR 114.9 bluetreestrategies Their values are enacted through the industries and businesses that they support and through the integrity, analytical rigor, and triple bottom line results of the services that they provide to their clients. They combine expertise in commercial finance, accounting, tax equity instruments, public/utility incentives, stakeholder engagement and business strategy to create smart solutions tailored to their client's unique objectives and challenges. They believe that what gets measured gets managed and what gets managed gets done. The changes they seek are measured in jobs, in tons of avoided carbon emissions, in tons of recycled organic materials, and in dollars of clean energy investment. Project-by-project, program-by-program, company-by-company, they work to transform our economy in the direction of equity and ecology. None None
Blueprint Research & Design, Inc. helps grantmaking foundations, individual and family donors, and philanthropic networks to achieve their missions. Blueprint Research consults with these philanthropic agencies and provide them with a strategic plan, design and development of programs, evaluation of the organization and its leadership and visible impact, and an analysis of the philanthropic industry as a whole for benchmarking. We are a commercial consulting firm dedicated to improving the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors. Our work is premised on the understanding that all entities - market-based, nonprofit and public sector – can work to improve society. The B Corporation model - the Survey and hopefully the community of B Corporations - is proof that we don’t need to be bound by the rules that exist – we can change the rules to change the world. BLueprint Research sees foundations and other philanthropic vehicles as businesses that deserve the same consulting services as a major corporation. These philanthropic “companies” need advice on how to maximize their performance and efficiency, too: the only difference is that foundations and similar organizations measure their performance in terms of social impact and returns on investment. Blueprint Research and Design 47.5 34.5 22.4 10.9 7.9 San Francisco, CA 123.2 blueprintrd Blueprint believes that philanthropy is a critical part of our global society and that research and systems thinking help individual organizations best achieve their goals.• Blueprint has developed a wiki for philanthropic foundations interested in using Web 2.0 technology tools such as blogs, tags, and social networks to improve their grantmaking practices. For each tool, the site provides a brief description of how grantmakers could put it to use, links to actual tools, links to more in-depth information, and simple information about the time and money needed to implement it.• Blueprint designed and tested an outcomes measurement framework and evaluation tool kit for Social Venture Partners International, an association of community philanthropy circles. The tool kit, which was developed with three pilot sites, serves as a simple, standardized method for 21 affiliates to document impact in their local communities. This kit has successfully been used to capture the collective impact of SVPI in the communities it serves. None None
BluPlanet Recycling Inc. is a Calgary based multi-family residential and commercial recycling collection service provider. BluPlanet has proven to be the first choice in both quality and value of service for recycling collection companies in Calgary. Their co-mingled recycling services are a unique offering that allows them to work with their clients in achieving maximum waste diversion. We chose to become a B-Corp as it was an opportunity for us to really push ourselves to improve our social and environmental sustainability policies for the long-run. The high standards required to achieve this distinction will help us continue to strive for improvements in these areas. The B-Corp network will also provide new learning tools to help us develop as a sustainable company. BluPlanet Recycling Inc. None None 27.9 None 41.9 Calgary, Alberta, CAN 120.2 bluplanet At BluPlanet we are seeking to become an integral member of our community by providing an essential service which can benefit both our local environment and community. Our goal is to be none other than the very best recycling service provider in Canada in terms of our service standards and our corporate conduct. 36.4 14.0
The US Tile Co. was founded in July 1973 in Corona, CA (where it remains to this day), based on a belief in the timeless beauty of authentic clay roof tile. Inspired by centuries-old European architecture and the influence of Spanish Colonial buildings throughout the southwest, US Tile led the way in defining the roofscapes of the rapidly expanding region. From its rustic beginnings, relying on old-world equipment and techniques, US Tile set the pace. The standard would be authentic, sustainable clay. The palette would be kiln-fired earthen hues. The values advanced by B Lab and B Corporations are ones that are important to us and also to our stakeholders. By becoming a B Corporation, we are better able to broadcast our commitment to those values and hopefully set an example of social and environmental responsibility in our community. Today, the company is situated on 27.5 acres, with a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, housing more than 180,000 square feet under its roof, producing a broad range of clay tile meeting the needs of today's homebuilder. We have become the #1 seller of clay roof tile in the U.S. yet, nothing has really changed; the handcrafted look and authenticity of our work remains. U.S. Tile 23.2 23.8 5.1 14.6 25.2 Corona, CA 91.9 ustile Made from the earth, US Tile clay roofing products are all natural, 100% recyclable, with a recycled material content of up to 59%, minimizing the environmental footprint and maximizing LEED credits. Their raw materials are sourced locally, insuring minimal transportation footprints as well. In fact, in 2008 US Tile used over 48 million tons of recycled materials in our roofing products. That is equal to the energy used by 84,000 homes or the annual emissions from 108,000 cars. US Tile is also the only roofing tile in the world to earn the prestigious Cradle to Cradle certification for environmentally sustainable products. All of their domestically produced products are Cradle to Cradle certified, eliminating any question as to their products sustainability and their company's commitment to making the most environmentally friendly products on the market today. None None
Borden Communications + Design Inc., a highly passionate, hyper-focused, common-sense marketing communications firm, was founded in 1994 to help businesses and people live and work efficiently, effectively and consciously. We became a Founding Canadian B Corp because we believe that good people, doing good things should stick together to support each other. We hope that the B Corporation Community will be the ultimate catalyst for sustainable and ethical businesses to connect and collaborate with each other, bringing about constant positive change. At Borden Communications + Design they take a holistic approach to consciously marketing responsible brands and services. The business offers many Logical Services and is continuously evolving. They encourage everyone to be their own expert by offering new perspectives, and helping them find the clarity to uncover simple solutions to daily challenges. The team at Borden are not coaches, consultants, or concierges, but rather a strategic blend of all of these roles working to increase efficiencies, revenue, health and happiness. As a consultant to small businesses, corporations, non-profit organizations, school groups and individuals, the message is always clear: Every action and every dollar matters and has an impact – so we’d better take each step wisely. Together. Borden Communications + Design Inc. None None 51.3 None 12.8 Toronto, ON, CAN 101.7 bordencommunicationsanddesign The Borden Communications Team work by the African Proverb; ‘If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a room with a mosquito.’ They believe with conviction that everyone has the knowledge and power to make a difference. Borden Communications is not a company with a green or eco component, social and environmental responsibility is at their core. 22.9 14.7
Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Brenthaven is the trusted leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance cases for your mobile technology. All Brenthaven cases come with a 100% lifetime guarantee and feature superior protection systems that keep you connected to your digital lifestyle. For over 30 years, they've been making bags and cases that are crafted to last a lifetime. We became a B Corp we wanted to take part in a community where we can collaborate with and learn from other companies that are taking the necessary steps to build sustainable businesses. Brenthaven 1.5 28.1 21.1 5.8 24.0 Seattle, WA 80.5 brenthaven M Brenthaven's mission is to achieve Zero ImpactTM on our environment, without comprising the quality and integrity of our products. They do this in three ways... Brenthaven's mission is to achieve Zero ImpactTM on our environment, without comprising the quality and integrity of our products. They do this in three ways... • Create laptop cases that last a lifetime... and stand behind them. All Brenthaven cases are made of the finest, most durable materials and come with their legendary lifetime guarantee. Where possible, they use recycled materials in their products and packaging. • Reduce what they can... Brenthaven recently changed their packaging strategy and eliminated the use of over 100,000 boxes per year; they use recycled paper and soy-based inks to make all our marketing materials; they give employees financial incentives to walk, bike, carpool or take public transportation to work, and much, much more. • Offset what they cannot... Every year, through their investments in carbon credits and donations to green charities, they try to offset the majority of their carbon footprint. Brenthaven's ultimate goal is to become a 'carbon neutral' company. They call this Zero ImpactTM. None None
Brightworks helps their clients capture and create lasting value by aligning their efforts with basic principles of ecological, social and economic sustainability. They provide comprehensive sustainability planning and facilitation services, helping their clients increase asset value, reduce operating costs, manage risk and enhance their brand, while helping address pressing global ecological challenges. We became a B Corp to join a community of entrepreneurs who look beyond the bottom line, living the values they preach. With over 120 projects active or completed, their team has the diverse professional background, depth of experience and unwavering commitment to excellent client service to ensure your success. Quite simply, they make sustainability systematic and cost effective for clients and projects of all types. Brightworks 35.0 31.3 11.3 10.2 13.0 Portland, OR 100.8 brightworks They offer • Built Environment Sustainability Services  Brightworks is widely recognized as a premier provider of LEED services of all types, with over 70 projects certified to date; Providing full sustainability planning services for academic campuses, master plan and infrastructure scale projects worldwide The unique “Beyond LEED” True Sustainability programs for buildings and communities. • Organizational Sustainability Services Helping corporations, public agencies and universities integrate sustainability deeply into strategic and operational planning, using practical strategies to achieve visionary goals. • Sustainability Training Teaching public and private trainings on green building and sustainability that add value to your career and our planet. None None
Bristlecone Advisors is an independent investment advisory firm and multi-family office providing objective, authentic, and comprehensive wealth management services to families and individuals. Founded in 1999, their business model has always been, and always will be, wholly driven by working for the client. As such, their advice, the solutions they provide, and the work they do for you is completely personalized and unbiased. Advisory in nature, Bristlecone Advisors craft solutions with the ultimate goal of adding economic value for their clients. At the same time, they simplify the complexities that may accompany wealth by returning time and peace of mind to the client. The Bristlecone Advisors team is united in their unwavering commitment to their clients and their client's families. With client relationships at the heart of their organization, they place great emphasis on doing what’s right for the client in every single case. You are their partner; they work with you and for you. Bristlecone Advisors 11.7 34.7 22.8 6.8 5.1 Seattle, WA 81.1 bristleconeadvisors As conscientious business leaders, Bristlecone Advisors is committed to making positive social change through community involvement. Leveraging their collective networks, expertise and enthusiasm, they embrace their responsibility to strengthen the communities in which they live and work. Examples of community groups they have supported:• Social Venture Partners (SVP) • Amara • Wellspring Family Services • EarthCorps • UW Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation • Boys & Girls Club None None
Bullfrog Power is a Canadian business with a conscience. The organization’s mission is to provide Canadians with easy and practical 100% renewable energy solutions for their homes, businesses and transportation that empower them to create a sustainable world for future generations. A double-bottom line organization, Bullfrog Power donates 10% of its profits to organizations that support sustainability. In Bullfrog’s view, this is business as it should be—good for society as well as its shareholders. B Corporations are required to consider all stakeholders—employees, suppliers, customers, society, the environment and shareholders—when making decisions. Founded to use people’s energy decisions to clean the environment and committed to the principles of accountability and transparency, Bullfrog believes it makes sense to recognize these higher purposes by becoming a B Corp. We hope to use the opportunity to strengthen our policies and ultimately take our work for the environment and fellow Canadians to the next level. Bullfrog's green electricity comes exclusively from wind and hydro facilities that have been certified as low impact by Environment Canada under its EcoLogoM program—instead of from polluting sources like coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear. A clean, renewable alternative to fossil-fuel based natural gas, Bullfrog's green natural gas is produced in Canada from biogas facilities that have met strict environmental criteria as defined by ICF International. By choosing Bullfrog Power's green energy, homes and businesses can reduce their environmental impact, support the development of new renewable generation in Canada and help to create a cleaner world for today and tomorrow. Bullfrog Power 35.0 35.1 36.9 11.2 15.8 Toronto, CAN 134.0 bullfrogpower Bullfrog Power’s vision is a future powered by renewable energy. Bullfrog Power believes that consumers—through their purchasing decisions—have a unique power to change the world. Canadians who make the choice for green energy help transform the energy landscape by increasing the amount of renewable energy being injected onto the energy systems, and by sending a powerful message to industry and government about the importance of advancing green energy. Currently, thousands of Canadian homes and businesses are doing their part to address climate change and air pollution by switching to green energy with Bullfrog Power—but Bullfrog needs to grow in order to fully realize its vision. Powering a green energy movement needs more than energy. It needs leadership—looking ahead and believing in a sustainable future—to make that first leap and maintain momentum. Join Bullfrog Power today. Help lead the change. None None
An integral part of Bum Boosa® Bamboo Products' mission is to provide an alternative material (bamboo-derived) for disposable personal care products, specifically baby wipes which are most often made from polymer fibers from petroleum, and bathroom tissue which is commonly made from tree pulp. Tree pulp is the usual source of material for bathroom tissue, and synthetic polymers are the usual source of material for baby wipes. They maintain that by replacing those materials with bamboo fibers for these products, the result would aid in the reduction of deforestation and plastic upsurge in landfills. They are partnered with Trees for the Future and We became a B Corp because we wanted to be a part of a new generation of companies who believe that success is not only defined by profits, but by the high value placed on our communities, respect for the earth, and our willingness to invest some of our profit back into protecting the environment. Bum Boosa® Bamboo Products None None None None None Mashpee, MA 0.0 bumboosabamboproducts An integral part of Bum Boosa® Bamboo Products' mission is to provide an alternative material (bamboo-derived) for disposable personal care products, specifically baby wipes and bathroom tissue, which are commonly made from tree pulp or polymer fibers from petroleum. Reducing deforestation and also lessening the environmental impact arising from discarded plastic fibers in landfills is the driving force behind Bum Boosa® Bamboo Products. The company equally aspires to make safer baby wipes and other personal care products that disclose all ingredients. Bum Boosa® Bamboo Products wishes to work as advocates for customers and business partners and to create consumer products that have higher environmental and safety standards. Their desire to improve industry standards goes beyond their products. Bum Boosa® Bamboo Products offset 35 tons of carbon emitted annually and also plants trees representing the sale of products. In the first two years of business, Bum Boosa® Bamboo Products planted 26,600 trees in Brazil, Ghana and Burundi and has a goal of planting twice that many in 2012. The majority of Bum Boosa® Bamboo Products are made at facilities operating on 100% wind power. None None
Busboys and Poets is a gathering place, restaurant, bookstore, performance space and community space that promotes peace and social justice. Their flagship location in Washington, DC at 14th & V Streets NW is located in the Langston Lofts, a residential building in Washington’s historic ‘U Street Corridor.’ We believe in the mission of B Corporation and feel that through our leadership, others can follow suit. The U Street Corridor has long been a center of DC’s cultural and activist scene. In its cultural heyday, the U Street corridor was known as “Black Broadway,” a phrase coined by jazz singer Pearl Bailey. A strong desire to pay homage to U Street’s traditional identity led proprietor Andy Shallal to reach out to community leaders, neighborhood groups, churches, schools, and other civic organizations during the development of Busboys. What emerged is a dedication to preserve this historic community and an unwavering commitment to its residents. Busboys and Poets 21.3 28.6 24.5 10.6 9.6 Washington, DC 94.6 busboysandpoets Busboys and Poets wants to be a center of thought for those who believe that social justice and peace are attainable goals.• Each Busboys and Poets location should enhance the community – allowing them to bring together a diverse clientele reflective of the surrounding neighborhoods. Busboys and Poets creates an environment where shared conversations over food and drink allow the progressive, artistic and literary communities to dialogue, educate and interact.• Busboys and Poets Books is run by the nonprofit organization Teaching for Change. They donate space in our flagship location and Teaching for Change keeps all of the profits. Teaching for Change's mission is to provide teachers and parents with the tools to transform schools into centers of justice where students learn to read, write and change the world.• Busboys and Poets Books is excited to announce their partnership with Capital BookShare, a volunteer organization committed to the belief that all children deserve access to good books in their schools. Busboys and Poets are joining with them in their efforts to collect books through drives in the community and share them with teachers in underprivileged DC area schools. None None
Business Culture Consultants does three things well - they carefully qualify the "match" between your needs and their capabilities, they enter in to significant collaborative partnerships over a period of time, and they act as a catalyst for the deeper potential in individuals and organizations to emerge. We became a B Corp because we are striving for the optimal multiple bottom line approach of robust financial sustainability, stellar workplace conditions, involvement and investment in our community, and monitoring and reducing our environmental footprint. Business Culture Consultants None None 74.7 None 7.9 Burlington, VT 92.3 businesscultureconsultants Since various polls indicate that approximately 70% of American workers are dissatisfied with their jobs and/or the work they do, it is vitally important that there is a sense of shared vision, meaning, and best practices within organizations. At the same time, "let's hire a bunch of groovy people and we'll all figure it out somehow" will only get you to a certain point, but not far enough. The challenge - which can be met - is to balance autonomy with consistency, inclusiveness with decisiveness, expressiveness with effectiveness, and backbone with heart. Business Culture Consultants works to help their clients achieve this balance each and every day 0.0 9.7
C-Level is a premier cloud technology and business innovation firm leveraging a proven agile consulting methodology to increase revenue and profitability by streamlining business processes, improving collaboration and simplifying your IT infrastructure. The values advanced by B Lab and B Corporations are ones that are important to us and also to our stakeholders. By becoming a B Corporation, we are better able to broadcast our commitment to those values and hopefully set an example of social and environmental responsibility in our community. C-Level Management 5.4 31.8 40.2 12.9 3.5 Laguna Niguel, CA 93.8 clevelmanagement The fundamental goal of C-Level is to recruit social conscious employees, partners, and customers that are working together to significantly affect the way companies support their community. None None
Caliber Technologies provides nationwide office imaging solutions. They provide everything from imaging supplies to equipment sales and on-site printer maintenance anywhere in the US. They specialize in high-quality, environmentally conscious compatible imaging products that rival the originals and even cost a 20-40% less than the name brands. Through their nationwide network of 25 distribution centers, they provide more than 50,000 products to your door – usually the next day. With more than 150 years of combined industry expertise, no one knows more about keeping your costs at a minimum and your productivity at its maximum. We became a B Corp because we believe the B Impact Assessment was a perfect way for us to gauge our commitment to a better way to do business and help keeps us accountable. In addition to providing high-quality print supplies they also provide a fundraising platform to help support the families of our troops and other non-profits. They proudly donate a percentage of all compatible imaging supply sales back Operation Once in a Lifetime. They make hiring veterans a priority and are expanding both their offerings and contributions nationwide. No matter if you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company with locations across the globe, Caliber Technologies has the experience and the passion to help you. Let them show you how you can save money, help the environment and support an important cause with every page you print. Caliber Technologies 17.5 56.6 36.6 10.8 10.3 Morrisville, NC 131.8 calibertechnologies Caliber Technologies is proud to be a Social Enterprise with a focus on environmental responsibility and honoring the heroes of our Armed Forces. In 2011, they hope to double their contributions to Operation Once in a Lifetime - a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to make the dreams of U.S. soldiers come true. Operation Once in a Lifetime provides free financial and emotional support to U.S Service members, their families and veterans regardless of rank, deployment, physical condition or branch or service. Simply put, if you serve, then you qualify. When you buy from Caliber Technologies, you help this cause with every page you print. They are proud to buy local and source our vendors who manufacture inside the US. Their main product line comes directly from their manufacturer just 3 miles north of the corporate office in Los Angeles County. By buying products from the US, they minimize their carbon footprint and support local economies. In addition, this product line is composed of approximately 70% recycled materials and is made in an ISO 14001 certified factory. None None
CEA is a full-service consulting firm that works with a wide range of businesses, nonprofits, philanthropists, and public institutions to develop effective strategies for promoting conservation. They specialize in applying the tools of private-sector finance and management to conservation challenges and help their clients develop innovative solutions to a variety of issues, including climate change, energy policy, marine conservation, sustainable agriculture, forest management, transportation, air quality, toxic chemicals, and land-use planning. They also provide recruiting services for leading environmental groups, foundations, and others. Their work is guided by a deep knowledge of the scientific, regulatory, political, social, and economic underpinnings of our most pressing environmental problems. As a for-profit company that serves the non-profit and sustainable business sector, we work squarely at the intersection of mission and profits, environmental impact and financial sustainability, conservation and effective business management. We appreciate the efforts of B Corporation to build a community of likeminded businesses and to advocate for those of us who see the world a little bit differently. CEA provides consulting services for a wide range of organizations and industries. They help their clients create new programs, evaluate existing initiatives, comply with regulations, make business practices more sustainable, communicate with stakeholders, and recruit exceptional talent. They divide their projects into five practice areas - Philanthropic Services, Regulatory & Compliance Strategy, Sustainable Business, Sustainable Finance, Organizational Design & Recruiting Services - but they frequently work where these fields intersect, such as helping foundations promote sustainable finance and assisting businesses with both regulatory compliance and internal sustainability strategy. California Environmental Associates 31.8 36.4 15.0 6.9 13.3 San Francisco, CA 103.4 ceaconsulting Since 1984, California Environmental Associates has been dedicated to transforming markets, business practices, public policies, nonprofit organizations, and philanthropic strategies to achieve positive outcomes for the environment. None None
Call2Action helps to spark online movements for social issue campaigns. They do this by leveraging video, action tools and social media to encourage participation and sharing. Their proprietary Spark technology puts videos and action tools together in a portable widget so that people can get inspired AND take action wherever Sparks are posted: as advertising, on websites, in blogs and through social networks.The result is a seamless experience, dollars donated, positive brand equity, tremendous engagement and peer-to-peer endorsement. So far their interaction rates are 9 x industry standards, which demonstrates the level of interest and engagement in their campaigns. It is part of our mission to help social issue campaigns. When we formed, we debated being nonprofit or for profit. In the end, we realized that we all felt that for significant change to occur on the planet, businesses have to lead the way. We sought to become an example of our ideal and there is no better way to demonstrate that than by becoming a B Corp. CALL2ACTION 64.5 0.0 27.7 11.0 4.9 Brooklyn, NY 108.1 call2action Call2Action seeks to engage people online around social issue campaigns. Through their services and technology, they educate, inspire and activate new audiences for cause campaigns. None None
Since its inception in 2008, Calor Energy (pronounced Ca-lor, as in calorie, the most basic unit of heat) has striven to bridge the gap between identifying and implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Calor challenges traditional energy sources while building an infrastructure of “alternative” electricity through biomass, waste to energy, solar and Next Generation transportation fuels such as ethanol, compressed natural gas and biodiesel. Developing and managing projects to reduce consumption of natural resources, Calor excels at establishing creative financing methods to decrease the payback time that would normally keep such projects from happening. We became a B Corp because we believe in fundamentally changing the way businesses operate . We conduct operations with full transparency and have sustainable environmental and purchasing policies in place to achieve profitable results while minimizing negative impacts. Calor’s corporate missions are to deliver profitable solutions in a resource-limited world, build successful long-term client relationships and empower a healthy team environment. Calor achieves these goals through its value added service and in depth knowledge of renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency tactics. Calor Energy None None 22.0 None 37.8 Charlotte , NC 89.2 calorenergy Change the status quo of business operations: By valuing every stage of the process, people involved and the products sold, Calor is able to provide the highest quality of service to clients. With focus on productivity, Calor is head-quartered in a green office complex; employees are encouraged to take rest breaks; stipends are paid for alternative transportation; healthy snacks are always available; and paid community service is a policy. Change to improve the way electricity is generated: Reuse the garbage stream of towns and cities through waste to energy technology that creates well-paying jobs, reduces pollution and toxic chemicals in the air, all while decreasing the amount of solid waste that would typically end up in a landfill. Change to advance the way electricity is used: Improve the quality, durability and efficiency of commercial and industrial buildings to make healthier employees, healthier businesses and a healthier planet. 15.1 14.3
A Portland, Oregon Web host, Canvas Dreams provides sustainable, no-oversell, ethical hosting services for businesses, non-profits, and personal needs. They are committed providing the highest quality service and caring customer support to help their clients achieve their goals, while in doing so promote sustainable causes and encourage others to follow in this path. Canvas Dreams chose to become a B Corporation for a simple reason: It separates the walkers from the talkers. With greenwashing and misleading tactics running rampant in our industry, the external certification and responsible, legal framework reinforced by becoming a B Corporation were components we immediately supported. As a B Corporation, we can now demonstrate transparency in how we operate and credibility in our convictions, which in our industry are hard to come by. Canvas Dreams 48.0 None 28.0 13.3 15.6 Portland, OR 104.9 canvasdreams Canvas Dreams' mission is to utilize their company's most precious resources - technology and knowledge - and apply them in a way not only to help their business achieve their sustainability goals, but improve the quality of life for their clients, the environmental impact of their client's businesses, and bring about greater social and environmental stewardship in the way their businesses are conducted. By actively promoting and demonstrating their sustainability program, developing newer and more efficient technologies that have a real and positive impact on how their clients operate their businesses, and openly championing environmental responsibility and sustainability in Canvas Dreams' business community and the larger industry as a whole, they aim to lead others to follow in their path and create measurable, positive change in the world. None None
CAP Global is a wholly owned subsidiary of Napo Pharmaceuticals. Napo is committed to the development and commercialization of novel, branded pharmaceuticals to global populations through the establishment of local partnerships. CAP Global became a B Corp to allow Napo to embrace and communicate in a legal manner to our shareholders and other business partners the importance of considering the interests of all stakeholders when evaluating various strategic business opportunities. Napo Pharmaceuticals is a privately held pharmaceutical company based in San Francisco, California. Napo's lead drug candidate, CROFELEMER, is under development for gastrointestinal indications, in persons living with HIV/AIDS. In addition to CROFELEMER, Napo has identified NP-500, a product for insulin-resistant diseases of Type II diabetes and Syndrome X. The company has a library of approximately 2,300 medicinal plants, all of which are available for screening for research and developmental purposes. CAP Global 49.8 30.6 10.9 19.1 24.7 South San Francisco, CA 135.1 capglobal CAP Global’s mission is to accelerate the development of CROFELEMER for pediatric populations in the treatment of multiple diarrheal diseases and to provide these drugs cost-effectively to relief organizations in the developing world. CROFELEMER is a novel pharmaceutical agent derived from raw plant material, which CAP Global sustainably harvests from rain forest areas. CAP Global employs fair trade work practices in all local businesses established to supply the plant material. They have a long-standing commitment to provide benefit sharing to all rain forest populations in recognition of their intellectual contribution to the study of medicinal plants. • Napo is conducting a Phase 3 clinical trial (ADVENT) to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of a new therapy with the investigational agentCROFELEMER, for the treatment of diarrhea in patients with HIV infection. • Napo and Direct Relief International ("DRI") of Santa Barbara, California have allied in a novel for- profit/not-for-profit effort to provide a development stage pharmaceutical product to pediatric populations in disaster situations and resource-constrained geographies, termed the Crofelemer Access Program ("CAP"). As part of the CAP, Napo has committed to sustainably provide CROFELEMER to DRI, for distribution to developing countries where cholera and other gastro-intestinal diseases are most prevalent. None None
The CAPROCK Group is a multi-family wealth advisory firm, customizing financial solutions for individuals and families who don't have the time or expertise to create such solutions on their own. They invest in people and technology that deliver transparent and comprehensive performance reporting. The CAPROCK Group was built for investors who seek a true financial partner. Becoming a Founding B Corporation was an opportunity to take a leadership role in positively impacting the lives of our clients, community, vendors, partners, and employees. Most successful people possess the skills required to manage their day-to-day income and expenses, and to evaluate the merits of individual opportunities. Very few, however, have the time to define and digest the information necessary to make informed, long-term strategic financial decisions. The frequent result is a portfolio by default rather than a portfolio by design. Hence their prime objective: to introduce order and structure to financial affairs. The CAPROCK Group 8.1 50.6 19.3 10.2 8.4 Seattle, WA + San Francisco, CA + Boise,, ID 96.6 caprockgroup By helping to re-think the way that financial services are conceived, packaged and delivered, we seek to become a responsible role model for any service-based business. The ability to identify and deliver superior opportunities across all asset classes, regardless of source, is an invaluable characteristic in an advisor. This ability is known as “open” architecture. Narrowly defined, “open” architecture can mean the difference between an adequate return and a superior return. We extend beyond the baseline reporting requirements by reporting on more complicated asset classes: private and alternative investments. We are committed to reporting on all asset classes because we believe that doing so gives us a definable edge in a competitive environment. None None
With more than 12 million members, Care2 is the largest online community of people making a difference in healthy and green living, human rights and animal welfare. Care2 provides powerful tools to make a difference in your life, your community, and the world. They provide the resources for members to get informed about important causes, take small steps towards healthy and green living, and take action to better the world. At Care2, they believe that individual actions can collectively make a difference. While the tenets of the B Corporation were already core to Care2’s being, we decided to become a B Corporation to join in solidarity with the other pioneering members, for transparency through the certification, and to help demonstrate that business can be a powerful force for good. Their website is driven by passionate people who want to restore the world's balance. The butterflies on their logo were inspired by a concept in physics that became popularly known as the "butterfly effect", where one small change can cause a chain of events leading to large-scale phenomena. The butterfly symbolizes their belief that one person can take a small step and make a big difference. Since one person can change the world, just imagine what can happen when millions unite on Care2. Care2 34.6 35.7 26.9 14.7 8.8 Redwood City, CA 120.7 care2 Care2’s vision is to empower individuals to live a more Conscious Lifestyle. Their mission is to make the world a better place by leveraging the power of the Internet to empower the widest number of people to engage on any level to make a difference. • Care2 has three components: they help educate and involve individuals in opportunities to live a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle and take civic action on a variety of causes; they recruit activists/donors and donations for nonprofit organizations; and they promote more healthy and sustainable products and services from corporations. None None
Carter Law Group is a boutique law firm that exclusively represents tax-exempt, nonprofit, and socially responsible companies. They primarily represent grant-making private foundations, hospitals and health care institutions, and trade associations as well as nonprofits focused on education, social services, arts and culture, and economic development. They also represent socially responsible companies with respect to cause marketing and corporate giving strategies. They provide advice and counsel with respect to corporate, tax and regulatory issues with an emphasis on the laws that apply specifically to nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations. Clients come to them because they know they have the specialized experience and knowledge to provide effective and efficient representation. Clients also come to them because they know they share their values. We became a B corporation to ensure our vision and values permeate every aspect of our practice and to align our business practices with those of our clients. The process of becoming a B corporation has helped us to further refine our own internal policies and business practices to become even more environmentally aware and socially responsible. Carter Law Group 29.4 23.7 31.9 7.0 6.9 Phoenix, AZ 98.9 carterlawgroup Carter Law Group provides the highest quality legal services with integrity, creativity, and an eye on helping their clients maximize their legal budget and their community impact. In pursuit of this vision, they will: offer alternative fee arrangements that suit clients’ budgeting needs and utilize the latest technology and practice management tools to control costs and deliver consistently excellent results. recognize that their staff are their most important asset and they will create an environment where the contribution of every individual is valued, where each individual has the opportunity to develop, and where each individual’s need to balance work responsibilities with family and other responsibilities is respected. treat their colleagues in other law firms, vendors, service providers, and employees with professional courtesy and respect. only represent people or organizations who are prepared to act lawfully. consider the long-term interests of the firm and its clients as well as the effects of our actions on our employees, colleagues, service providers, vendors, community, and the environment. serve as a resource by leveraging our work in ways that benefit the nonprofit sector, and therefore the community, as a whole. None None
Cascade Engineering is a manufacturer and marketer of products and services supporting a variety of industries including renewable energy, automotive, commercial truck & bus, solid waste & recycling, material compounding, furniture, RFID, and material handling. The Cascade Engineering Family Of Companies is a global company with more than 1000 employees and 14 businesses. The company's world-class engineering, technology and manufacturing allows it to provide leading-edge solutions, while maintaining a strong commitment to lean manufacturing and environmental stewardship. Cascade's business model is rooted in diversification and innovation and a commitment to creating sustainable products and services that contribute to the triple bottom line. Cascade Engineering is pleased to join the growing number of Certified B Corporations who are finding collective strength and voice through the power and credibility of the ‘B Corp.' brand. At Cascade the B Corporations philosophy is not new, it's what we have been all along - passionate advocates for the positive impact business can make economically, socially and environmentally. Cascade Engineering is looking forward to interacting with and learning about other Certified B Corporations and their best practices. This will help Cascade enhance its systems, processes and practices and hopefully share ideas and learn from other Certified B Corporation. Cascade Engineering 4.1 33.5 16.2 8.6 30.5 Grand Rapids, MI 92.9 cascade Sustainability or business growth? - Cascade Engineering’s answer is “both-and”- sustainability is both the right thing to do and good for business. At Cascade Engineering they believe that sustainability drives innovation and growth across the three capitals that comprise the Triple Bottom Line - People, Planet and Profit. In fact Cascade Engineering’s purpose is to make a positive impact on our society, the environment and to be financially successful. Cascade Engineering has worked diligently over the past decade to create a corporate culture and strategy focused on sustainability. Increasingly their sustainability strategy has provided successes both below and above the line in the sustainability equation – that is, in both the “denominator” (eliminating waste and footprint reduction) and the “numerator” (growth in products and services that benefit the world). None None
Catchafire matches professionals who want to volunteer their skills with nonprofits and social enterprises that need their help. They match volunteers and organizations based on a variety of characteristics including skills, cause interests, and time availability. The B Corp status aligns with our company values to have transparent and comprehensive performance standards that are socially responsible. We want to walk the talk and support the B Corp movement to make companies accountable to environmental, social and employee best practices. They help organizations identify their needs as short-term, discrete, and individual-based projects. Their projects are structured in this way to make it easy for professionals to find time to volunteer in the midst of their busy daily lives. They charge nonprofits and social enterprises less than 5% of the cost that they would normally pay for the professional services our volunteers provide. Their service is free for all professionals willing to donate their time. They also help corporations offer their skills-based volunteer opportunities for their employees. Catchafire 47.5 37.6 28.6 7.3 7.8 New York, NY 128.8 catchafire Catchafire's mission is to improve the quality of the volunteer experience by providing the opportunity for people to volunteer their skills in a powerful way. Their vision is to make it easy for every professional to volunteer their skills if they want to and to make it easy for every nonprofit and social enterprise to access and effectively use skills-based volunteers. They believe in providing efficient, effective, and meaningful volunteer experiences for both volunteers and the organizations with whom they work. They believe that a good volunteer experience can transform someone's life, and they also know that a bad one can turn someone away from giving their time forever. None None
Founded in April 1999 in Portland, Oregon, Celilo Group Media is a green media company with a mission of expanding markets for sustainable products and services. Celilo is the national leader in the publication and distribution of green coupon books. The company currently publishes six annual editions of the popular Chinook Book guides for the Portland, Seattle/Puget Sound, Denver/Boulder, Minneapolis/St Paul, East Bay (Oakland/Berkeley) and Silicon Valley/Santa Cruz metro regions. They maintain offices and local staff in each of these markets. The Chinook Book guides have formerly been published under the names EcoMetro Guide and Blue Sky Guide. We became a B Corp because we aim for the triple bottom line in our business and the businesses we promote in our publications, and we believe strongly in third-party certifications as the best way to communicate meaningful social attributes to our customers. Businesses appearing in Chinook Book, either as an advertiser or coupon merchant, may only promote products that meet their environmental and social criteria. Their criteria were developed in 2000 in partnership with the Sustainable Development Commission of the City of Portland and Multnomah County. In 2003, Celilo Group Media co-founded the business magazine Sustainable Industries and published it for five years. Celilo Group Media 20.6 34.3 18.6 11.6 10.4 Portland, OR 95.5 celilogroupmedia Since it’s founding, Celilo has distributed over 220 million green coupons. They have worked with a thousand school and community groups to raise more than $2 million for their organizations through the sale of Chinook Book. Chinook Book print guides, mobile apps, and websites are powerful tools for building healthy communities. They support economic development for local green businesses, promote public sector sustainability initiatives, and raising money for local schools. None None
Cellular Recycler’s mission is to partner with non-profit organizations, businesses and schools to provide fund raising programs and responsible disposal options by recycling used cellular phones. Organizations simply gather used phones, fill up the recycling kit provided and receive a check for a donation to the charity of their choice. All collected phones are either refurbished and reused or recycled in the United States according to EPA standards. We became a B Corp to further our efforts to keep e-waste out of landfills. We look forward to engaging the B Corp community to discover new ways we can all contribute to a zero waste society. Cellular Recyler 15.0 30.3 15.8 9.3 21.9 Boulder, CO 92.3 cellularrecycler According to J.D. Power and Associates, the average consumer upgrades his or her phone every 16 to 18 months. This has resulted in an estimated 93,000 tons of “retired” cell phones in the U.S. Less than 10% of those retired phones are recycled (source: CTIA) leaving a potential 83,700 tons of cell phones sitting idle in our homes or in landfills. These cell phones contain hazardous substances that can potentially leach into groundwater. Cellular Recycler wants to not only eliminate this waste but help much deserving non-profit organizations raise money for their causes. None None
Chaka MarketBridge is a relational, internet retail marketplace for high-quality goods made by artisans in the developing world. They bridge individual producers with socially conscious consumers, connecting them in relationship and trade. Through Chaka, consumers gain access to high-quality, handmade goods and artisans gain access to the market that they need, and the market that their artwork deserves. By introducing their customers to their producers, they empower their customers to join them in welcoming these producers into a truly global marketplace. We became a B Corporation because we want to ensure that delivering market access is always our whole purpose. Chaka MarketBridge 27.5 0.0 63.5 6.0 2.3 Arlington, VA 99.3 chaka What if anyone, anywhere in the world, could buy from undiscovered artisans in developing countries across the globe? What if these artisans had the opportunity to participate in a truly global marketplace? What if the world knew their names? And had access to their high-quality goods? That is their dream, and the purpose of Chaka MarketBridge... To be their global marketplace. To be the bridge that allows the world to discover these amazing artisans, helping them sell their beautiful art and gain a fair income. To better support their families. To lift growing communities. And to bring to life their hope for a better future. None None
33.6 0.0 60.8 13.0 5.0 Durham, NH 112.4 changents None None
The Change Creation is a brand strategy and design team that works exclusively with companies and organizations who make the world better, fairer, or truer. It was founded by Jerry Stifelman. Having worked as a brand strategist, creative director and writer for leading brands, including MTV, Banana Republic, DKNY, Sun Microsystems, Puma and Reebok, Jerry decided to take his talents and skills to the more sustainable and greener side of marketing. The Change Creation’s clients include Larry’s Beans, Canaan Fair Trade, Self-Help, the Dogwood Alliance and Green America. The Change Creation's focus is on comprehensive brand strategy. Specific services include strategy, consulting, design, marketing, writing and photography. We became a B Corp because we believe that simply doing good is not enough. All of us must be seen doing good as it is the only way to raise the bar for others to follow. It’s through collective muscle and a community of likeminded visionaries that we are going to transform the business world for the better. The Change Creation is Jerry Stifelman (Creative Guru/Branding Sage), Sami Grover (Creative Director/Contributing Author to TreeHugger), Chelsea Bay Dennis (Design Director/Community Catalyst), and Tracy Kondracki (Managing Partner/Rescuer of Animals). The Change Creation None None 38.7 None 6.8 Pittsboro, NC 81.0 changecreation The Change Creation’s motto - The Truth is Your Best Tool – is not just a slogan, it’s a statement about the way the business world is evolving. The Change believes that transparency is not going away, and that sustainability has to be a mainstream pursuit if it is ever going to actually be sustainable. A strategic approach to branding and communication is what helps the good guys win, and creates the kind of large-scale cultural shift that values authenticity over corporate doublespeak; action over empty promises; and an integrated approach to economics that sees business as a means to ensuring our collective well-being, not an end in itself. The Change Creation runs on renewable energy. It prints on recycled papers. But above all it works for a world where everyone tells the truth about who they are and what they do – and where that truth is something that we’d actually want to hear. 20.1 15.4 is the world's fastest growing social action platform, empowering millions of people to take action on the causes they care most about. is organized around more than a dozen leading cause-based communities, ranging from gay rights to women's rights to animal protection. Within each community anyone can start an online petition, sign petitions related to their interests, and magnify their impact by sharing each petition with friends. We joined the B Corp community to use the power of business to solve social problems, and to be part of a movement that is timely, relevant, and poised to change the way we do business. 47.5 40.2 15.6 10.2 8.3 San Francisco, CA 121.8 Every day, around the world, people start campaigns on to fight for issues they care about - and the team works to mobilize people and to help them win. They believe that building momentum for social change globally means empowering citizen activists locally. That's why anyone, anywhere - from Chicago to Cape Town - can start a grassroots campaign for change using our organizing platform. A campaign can be about anything - from supporting curbside recycling programs to fighting wrongful deportation to protecting against anti-gay bullying, members start campaigns around thousands of important issues daily. None None
City Light Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in early stage companies which provide not only strong financial returns, but also positive contributions to our world. They invest in early stage, for-profit, sustainable businesses that create solutions in Safety and Security, Education and Media, and Energy and the Environment. Their belief and experience demonstrates to us that these businesses can simultaneously benefit the entrepreneurs, their investors and society at large, delivering improvements to our everyday lives. We became a B Corporation in order to meet like-minded people and work with them to increase and support social investing and entrepreneurship. City Light Capital partners with companies and management teams who share their values and philosophy. Then they attempt to accelerate growth of these early stage businesses by bringing to bear years of successful operating experience, an active network for business development, and our involvement with principals as they pursue returns and impact together. City Light Capital 52.1 23.0 23.1 7.3 6.1 New York, NY 111.6 citylightcapital As a "double bottom line" investment fund City Light Capital holds that maximizing shareholder value should be realized in more than purely financial returns; it should be about benefits to society and to our environment. They invest in companies that aim to save lives, reduce crime, increase literacy and education, protect individual rights, and promote energy efficiency and conservation. • City Light will invest in companies whose core solution is designed to address a major social issue. Since the primary social benefit comes from the implementation of the core solution of the portfolio company, social impact is both easier to evaluate and fundamental to the success of the business. City Light will work with the management teams of portfolio companies in order to figure out which social metrics make the most sense to track and report on. This will vary company by company. • “Everyday Revolutions” is an anthem for them personally and as a company. It inspires them to search for meaningful, pragmatic ways to make an impact. It is not about making a statement, but about making a difference. They give their time, connections and capital to entrepreneurs that make a difference, and they designate a portion of their fees for like-minded nonprofit organizations. None None
CitySourced is a real time mobile civic engagement platform. CitySourced provides a simple and intuitive platform empowering residents to identify civic issues (public safety, quality of life, environmental issues, etc.) and report them to city hall for quick resolution; an opportunity for government to use technology to save time and money plus improve accountability to those they govern; and a positive, collaborative platform for real action. A picture tells a thousand words and CitySourced makes it a snap. We became a B Corp because we wanted to support the B Corp movement in order to make the world a better place to live and do business. CitySourced None None 32.7 None 7.4 Los Angeles , CA 82.6 citysourced CitySourced is on a mission to transform civic engagement. Their goal is to enable local government to be more transparent, efficient, and responsive to citizens. 21.9 20.6
The Clarity Project is a fair jewelry social enterprise dedicated to improving the quality of life for miners and their communities. What started as friends looking for a personal solution transformed into a much larger effort with the potential for great impact. Their goals are threefold: (1) Source the most fair diamonds and use reclaimed metals to create beautiful, timeless jewelry to match the top jewelers; (2) Support miners and their communities by investing 100% of our profits into non-profit organizations that build schools, champion education, and rehabilitate abandoned mines; and (3) Create a new type of business that makes accomplishing our first two goals possible. One of our core goals is to grow a business that enables us to create and sell beautiful jewelry, and improve the lives of miners and their communities—business for good. B Corporation unites businesses around this shared vision. We became a B Corporation to formalize our commitment to these ideals, and to be included in a group of companies that we respect tremendously. They’re part of creating an emerging market of honest luxury and shameless elegance. "We, The Clarity Project, promise the same honesty, determination, constant improvement, and care that we demand for ourselves." The Clarity Project 32.0 None 80.7 16.0 9.5 Santa Clara, CA 138.2 theclarityproject For too long, couples have felt concerned that their engagement ring decision might contribute to a corrupt and harmful system. They couldn't find a ring that combined their sense of style with their values. For too long, miners have been overlooked while their hard earned dollars are funneled into the wrong hands. There is clearly another way. We seek to fulfill the potential of this alternate path.We seek to create a scenario that benefits all stakeholders.We seek to demonstrate that one doesn’t have to compromise on the quality and beauty of a ring to ensure the safety and livelihood of the workers. For that reason, we invest all of our profits back into the communities in which our miners live.We seek to redefine the value of a diamond, translating a non-essential item into a more prosperous future. We educate our consumers about the impact of their jewelry purchases and the importance of fair diamonds. None None
Clean Currents is the Mid-Atlantic's leading independent clean energy company dedicated to building demand for environmental solutions from the ground up. They provide residential and commercial wind power options through the grid, as well as supply "Green-e" renewable energy credits to businesses nationwide. Their sister company, Clean Currents Solar, offers on-site solar power generation for homeowners and businesses. We became a B-Corp to show that Clean Currents is putting its commitment to social and environmental values in our central operating agreement and to share our sustainability score with the general public. Clean Currents is committed to promoting solutions to today’s biggest environmental challenges – climate change and air pollution. They understand that voluntary actions are a good start to solving climate and environmental problems, but they are not enough. Clean Currents tracks policy developments and encourage their customers to take action when important legislation is under consideration whether or not that legislation directly helps their bottom line. Clean Currents None None 23.8 None 40.7 Rockville, MD 100.2 cleancurrents Clean Currents believes that businesses have a responsibility to protect and hopefully improve our natural environment while conducting their operations. As an environmentally responsible business, they also view their actions through the lens of impact to the planet. Their commitment to sustainability runs through all facets of their business operations. They walk the "green walk." Their operations are certified as sustainable by an independent third party, they demonstrate leadership on progressive environmental issue, they engage at the community level, and they exclusively sell green products. 21.5 14.2
The mission of Clean Fund is to enable intelligent energy investments. They do this by providing 100% financing for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements of commercial and industrial properties. Their innovative project finance structure is called Property Assessed Clean Energy or PACE, and their team includes individuals who created the concept and who have helped pass the enabling legislation. Initially centered in California, Clean Fund’s business is expanding nationwide as cities and counties across the country launch their own PACE programs. We became a B Corp because the B Corp philosophy and structure provide us with an essential guide and benchmarking mechanism as our business grows and evolves. The innovation of PACE finance is a public-private structure that allows private capital to profitably deliver public goods. Government provides marketplace rules and contributes the property tax mechanism to support loan repayment, thereby enabling the private sector to profitably invest in energy efficiency and renewable generation projects. The result is a stable, long-term “win-win” in the form of job creation, more profitable businesses, healthier buildings and a cleaner environment. Clean Fund believes this simple alignment of public and private interests provides a far more powerful mechanism for achieving massive energy and environmental benefits than rules, regulations and appeals to conscience. Clean Fund 40.7 32.0 32.3 9.0 11.9 Tiburon, CA 125.9 cleanfund Clean Fund is working to make investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy deliver bottom-line financial benefits to commercial property owners and tenants. They believe that creating economic motivation is the key to stimulating the many billions of dollars of investment needed to significantly improve the energy performance of America’s commercial buildings. With these buildings accounting for eighteen percent of total annual energy consumption in the U.S., the opportunity for a positive environmental, health and economic impact is enormous. None None
Clean Yield operates with the belief that virtually every financial transaction has a moral dimension and, often, a social impact. The company helps clients avoid profiting from the exploitation of people and the environment, while working with clients and their capital to press for a healthier, more sustainable society. We became a B Corp to heighten awareness—our own and others’—that business success should be measured by not just financial gain but also as contribution to a sustainable, humane world. A pioneer in the field of socially responsible investing (SRI), Clean Yield began in 1985 as a stock-market newsletter that provided buy and sell advice on socially and financially screened securities. Subscribers could avoid tobacco, alcohol, gambling, pornography, weapons, nuclear power, defense contractors, and a number of other areas of concern. Instead, they could direct their investments toward companies with products and services making positive social contributions. Within two years, the principals formed Clean Yield Asset Management, which serves SRI clients by buying and selling securities on their behalf. Clean Yield’s services also include community investing, slow-money investing, and “shareholder activism”—i.e., using the ownership of a company’s shares for leverage in advancing corporate responsibility. Clean Yield 48.4 37.7 26.7 10.9 7.2 Norwich, VT 130.9 cleanyieldgroup Using the tool of directed investments, they seek to foster such areas as alternative energy, cleaner air and water, medical research and technology, small-scale and organic agriculture, fair-trade commerce, employee ownership, brownfield redevelopment, and nonviolent toys. Using the tool of divestment, they seek to isolate governments involved in mass exploitation, such as Burma’s government. Using corporate dialogue and shareholder resolutions, they seek greater corporate transparency and responsibility in such diverse areas as climate change, GLBT equality, executive compensation, campaign contributions, women and minorities on boards of directors, predatory lending, use of genetically modified organisms, human trafficking, child labor, and testing on animals. None None
CleanFish is a company, an aspiration and a movement to promote seafood that’s the best of the season, better every season. They bring together artisan producers — both fishermen and farmers — and champion them in the marketplace under traceable, transparent brands. "CleanFish believes that positive change is accelerated when combined with the power of community. As the founder of CleanFish, a group of fishermen, fish farmers, seafood distributors, chefs, retailers and consumers dedicated to positive environmental change, we have seen what can happen when people come together to solve a problem in a marketplace. We believe that by becoming a B Corporation, we can help expedite change in corporate systems and structures by working with other mission-driven companies to develop the next generation of best business practices." — Tim o'Shea, Co-Founder + Chairman Their network of artisans are stewards of their fisheries, and CleanFish is steward of their stories as they connect producers to chefs and consumers in a celebration of fish you can trust with a difference you can taste. You can read about each type of fish in detail on their website. CleanFish None None 23.7 None 32.4 San Francisco, CA 82.3 cleanfish Founded in 2004, with offices on both coasts, CleanFish exists to connect upstream producers with downstream eaters and create transitional moments in the seafood industry. From sourcing, vetting and advising fisheries, to handling the complex logistics of getting seafood from artisan producers in remote communities to discerning markets, to telling the stories of what makes this seafood so transformative - they're there. Named a "Responsibility Pioneer" by TIME Magazine Voted one of America's "Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs" in BusinessWeek Winner of Social Venture Network's Innovation Award Recipient of Food & Wine Magazine's Eco-Ocean Awards which called CleanFish "an ingenious way to aid tiny, eco-minded fisheries." 18.9 7.3
The Cleaning Corps is a woman-owned and family-operated total cleaning solutions company offering residential and commercial cleaning services. The Cleaning Corps is proud to be the first carpet cleaning company in the country to be recognized as a Certified B Corporation. By being dedicated to following the best practices for green cleaning, The Cleaning Corps performs services using environmentally-friendly products, adheres to EPA recommendations for industry standards, and practices only safe and legal waste-water disposal. The decision to become a B Corporation was easy. Why? Because, we live here too. Our commitment to being socially and environmentally responsible is not a sales gimmick. Simply put, this is how business should be done. Even The Cleaning Corps name was chosen to express the company’s motivation and mission. What is a Corps? A Corps: people acting together or associated under common direction, especially: a team having a common tie. The Cleaning Corps’ team ties its mission to its work for Clean Homes, a Clean Planet, and a Clean Conscience. Together with you, they are United in the Battle for Clean! The Cleaning Corps 17.5 14.3 52.3 7.0 8.0 Silver Spring, MD 99.1 cleaningcorps The Cleaning Corps’ mission is to be the #1 choice in the community for a Clean Home, a Clean Planet, and a Clean Conscience. To achieve their mission, The Cleaning Corps donates 10% of its profit to The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay and helps advance the goal for clean water; promotes the use of earth-friendly cleaning products; provides free cleaning services to women battling cancer through the Cleaning For A Reason Foundation; and encourages partnerships with non-profit organizations and minority-owned businesses. The Cleaning Corps is unique because of its passion to support the environment and improve communities. Each team member does their part to protect the environment and promote healthy communities by volunteering and contributing to charitable causes. These commitments truly set The Cleaning Corps apart from the competition. None None
Cleantech Law Partners is a boutique law firm that caters to the unique legal needs of renewable energy and cleantech companies. Their legal team is focused exclusively on guiding clients through the legal and policy aspects of green projects. We became a B Corp because the values espoused by the B Corp community of sustainability, environmental protection, and the advancement of clean sources of energy are aligned with the values and priorities of Cleantech Law Partners, and our clients. The firm has experience negotiating power purchase agreements, drafting corporate agreements, reviewing CSR policies, securing land leases, managing financial transactions, and helping with just about every other legal or policy issue faced by the cleantech industry. CLP understands the complex issues affecting renewable energy and cleantech companies, and is committed to helping their clients build profitable and sustainable businesses. Cleantech Law Partners 27.5 0.0 27.3 15.0 11.0 San Francisco, CA 80.8 cleantechlawpartners • They are eagerly waiting for the day when the principles espoused by the B Corp community are the norm, and sustainability becomes an essential ingredient in every product produced and service provided. • They seek to help build a future where all electricity produced on the planet comes from clean renewable sources, and costs less than dirty fossil fuels. None None
Co-op Power is a multi-racial, multi-class movement for a just and sustainable future. As a consumer-owned cooperative with hundreds of members and thousands of supporters, they pool their buying power to access affordable, sustainable, clean energy resources for all. Their Neighbor-to-Neighbor programs combine state-of-the-art technology, expert design, and installation skills, with a lot of volunteer energy to do energy upgrades that reduce energy use, and build up the community at the same time. We became a B Corp because we view our status as a B Corp as a very effective tool for getting people the information they need to be responsible consumers and investors. As a decentralized network of local Co-op Power groups, they gather together their capital and buying power to build community ownership of good green jobs and clean energy. So far, they’ve raised $300,000 in member equity and tons of volunteer time to support the development of five solar installation businesses, a multi-family/commercial energy services company, residential energy efficiency crews, and they’re working now to build a recycled veggie oil biodiesel plant. Co-op Power 40.0 33.8 42.2 14.2 9.4 Greenfield, MA 139.6 cooppower Co-op Power is their social and environmental mission; everything they do works for justice and sustainability. For example, they do not choose to work on sustainability projects that don't address the related issues of justice. They do not choose to make money on an unrelated project, so that they can use that money to address issues of justice and sustainability later on. They don't always make money on things right away. They're creative about matching up volunteers and donations of room and board and cars and money with projects that aren't self-funding at the start. Each action they take works for justice and sustainability and builds up a funding mechanism over time. None None
Comet Skateboards builds high performance skateboards in Ithaca, NY using environmentally and socially responsible materials and practices. Comet presses each board individually using sustainably harvested maple veneer and formaldehyde-free glue. Each board is screen printed by hand using water-based inks and then clear coated with durable, water-based paint. Comet is not simply "Made in the USA." All materials are sourced and made regionally strengthening local economies. Comet became a B Corporation to join a community of like minded businesses that aim to engrain the DNA of business with the vision on which triple bottom line companies were founded. For over a decade, Comet has offered a skateboard for every discipline of skateboarding thus making the brand accessible to all skateboarders. Comet has now added a half dozen new skateboard shapes to their already diverse lineup, which includes street decks, pool decks, freeride decks, longboards, cruisers, and speed boards. The 2011 graphics include work by artists Kadie Salfi and Arlo Chapple. Salfi's graphics highlight the power we have as consumers by using bright colors to accent animal parts coveted by society. Salfi's art calls into question what we value and why. Chapple employs surreal illustrations to buck the traditional commodified notions of what our imagined worlds should be. Together their work presents skateboarders with a radical ride. Comet Skateboards 30.4 24.8 11.9 14.9 36.2 Ithaca, NY 118.2 cometskateboards Comet's mission is to create sustainably manufactured products and to inspire youth to make conscious choices about design and lifestyle - to 'B' free thinkers for life!• They use FSC certified wood and rubber. Their skateboards are also made with paints and adhesives that do not off-gas harmful chemicals.• Their production process follows the ethos of the Cradle to Cradle principles and they strive everyday towards that goal.• They relocated from Oakland to Ithaca to be closer to their core supplier e2e Materials, which produces high-performance e2e biocomposite technology (patents pending) for our all of Comet's skateboards.• Since their materials are ecologically safe, they recycle or compost nearly all of their scraps which fertilize gardens, heat homes, make bonfires, serve as media for works of art, etc. None None

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