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Scrapes the Berkman Buzz page for headlines and urls. Outputs html in the form I want to post in my blog.

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Dan Gillmor explores the role of the news ombudsman
danah boyd is "Generation Flux"
Ethan Zuckerman liveblogs Wael Abbas's talk on video and social media in pre-revolution Egypt
metaLAB reviews Jeffrey Schnapp's new Electric Information Age Book
Herdict needs help with a mystery
Weekly Global Voices: Kenya/Somalia: Twitter War: Kenyan Army Versus Al Shabaab
Ethan Zuckerman explores civic video
Berkman & the MIT Center for Civic Media examine "truthiness"
danah boyd announces The Kinder & Braver World Project: Research Series
Mayo Fuster Morell reports on the OWS Forum on the commons
The Internet & Democracy Project releases new paper on Internet's impact on Russian politics, media, and society
Zambia: Ban Ki-moon Calls on Nation to Respect Gay Rights
Ethan Zuckerman unpacks 'Kony 2012'
The metaLAB introduces the world to Biblio, your new library friend
The CMLP explores the First Amendment issues surrounding the Fluke/Limbaugh incident
Mako Hill encourages greater communication about DRM
Aaron Shaw reviews a new paper on "wiki surveys"
A Global Voices Guide to SXSW
January 2012
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