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Derek Willis thinks I should be learning Python rather than XX. I can now keep track of his statements. Every time he tweets at me and mentions the word python, it saves a copy. Bam.

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@andymboyle what i hear: "blah blah blah not doing python blah blah". really, blaming the cat? 2011-04-27T11:35:33.137331 61960361364045824 derekwillis
@andymboyle you know what's a good decision? Python. 2011-05-02T18:31:24.710242 64739229716066304 derekwillis
@andymboyle because he wants you to be doing Python. None 77046811109507072 derekwillis
@andymboyle i don't believe passive voice is mentioned in PEP8, therefore it's a waste of your time. None 79583796630011904 derekwillis
@andymboyle You know who never autoplays Pearl Jam? Python. None 83333380648873984 derekwillis
@andymboyle odd. we don't detect any python work from you. you using python 3? None 85062943120687104 derekwillis
@andymboyle our alert service is only for people who are currently doing Python work, sorry. None 85061524183465984 derekwillis
@andymboyle why not pick the Python Way instead? None 85506764291833857 derekwillis
@andymboyle Boyle and Python, however, never seems to get released. None 97466114061242368 derekwillis
@andymboyle when did you become a Python user? None 101409889527664641 derekwillis
@andymboyle python makes for better hurricane prep. None 107540262460461056 derekwillis
@andymboyle i think the term you're looking for is "Python exception" None 123111898425196544 derekwillis
@andymboyle @erikhinton @palewire shouldn't you be writing a python module for importing super pac disclosures? None 126021415869751296 derekwillis
@andymboyle and season 3 of Andy learns Python is on twitter. Both shows are funny. None 125710579523534848 derekwillis
@andymboyle i thought you were saving the python books for my greeting. which i now want. None 150404765615013888 derekwillis
March 2014
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April 2011
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