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This scrapes the False Economy Cuts map on It crowdsources the UK Government spending cuts. This extracts the data people have added to the site.

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2011-02-20T19:20:52.120742 70e412640b16e5f756297dec034bb62a <p>Lambeth Council expects to shed around 800 staff posts from 2011-13 due to budget cutbacks. A council statement says that such a large cut in staff &#8220;is expected to significantly affect the council&#226;&#128;&#153;s ability to meet the expectations of residents over the coming years.&#8221; </p> Communities and local government Lambeth Council staff Chaminda Jayanetti UK > London > SW 2011-02-19 20:20:00 SW2
2011-02-20T19:20:53.701245 79abbf30105ed2baf7aaa46557b4861e <p>Lambeth Council is scrapping its entire park rangers service. Lambeth&#8217;s park rangers patrol all the borough&#8217;s parks and green spaces. They help keep an eye on playgrounds and play schemes, sports activities, school visits, festivals and events. They also discourage anti-social use/behaviour which might deter or worry people. </p> Communities and local government,Environment and climate change Lambeth park rangers Chaminda Jayanetti UK > London > SW 2011-02-19 19:56:00 SW2
2011-02-20T19:20:55.462846 c0bfe154170d64d2156fa7f88d37ea05 <p>Lewisham Council plans to cut at least 375 staff posts. Phase I of the cuts will see a net reduction of 240 posts, including 134 redundancies. Phase II of the cuts will include the deletion of at least 135 posts - although local trade unions believe the true figure could be higher. </p> Communities and local government Lewisham Council staff Chaminda Jayanetti UK > London > SE 2011-02-19 19:40:00 SE6
2011-02-20T19:20:57.064471 b77fc42412af7399d74c85e996cd9e91 <p>The council has issued formal notice that it intends to fire 4,500 council staff and is halving their redundancy pay. </p> Communities and local government Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council staff Jenny Shepherd None UK > North East > HX 2011-02-15 18:03:00 None
2011-02-20T19:20:58.906291 4803ee6a965444bc10a2c51458db8638 <p>300 jobs are going at Reading Borough Council. This is on the back of 170 who have already left under a voluntary scheme. </p> Communities and local government Reading Borough Council staff Patrick None UK > South East > RG 2011-02-14 08:40:00 rg1
2011-02-20T19:21:00.842660 568b1dd1824d3a577e1d3350293fc48c <p>Approximately 75 jobs,1.7% of the council&#8217;s total workforce,are to be lost in the financial year 2011/12 as a result of budget cuts being made across most services totalling &#194;&#163;9.5 million. Further job losses are anticipated in 2012/13 and 2013/14 due to ongoing financial pressures. </p> <div class="picbox"> <a href="/uploads/Moray_Council.jpg" rel="lightbox-item"> <img src="/img/thumb190.gif" alt="Enlarge image" class="imagebg" style="background-image:url('/uploads/sized/5605e05c9935514ec3534186987c60b9321cfd99.jpg')"></a> <a href="/uploads/MorayCouncil.jpg" rel="lightbox-item"> <img src="/img/thumb190.gif" alt="Enlarge image" class="imagebg" style="background-image:url('/uploads/sized/dcb59a2de437bcb2f9c341527782225e4140ae0d.jpg')"></a> </div> Communities and local government Moray Council staff Craig Williams None UK > Scotland > IV 2011-02-14 07:50:00 IV30
2011-02-20T19:21:02.424917 534ef04b6b6a8017bb18c16e34270679 <p>Rochdale Law Centre, a charity law centre serving Rochdale&#8212;one of the most deprived areas of the country&#8212;has already had its immigration and asylum funding cut by 75%.&#160; Further cuts from the public sector threaten to decimate the remaining services, including community care, employment, housing, and discrimination.&#160; This means that the most vulnerable and marginalised people in our community won&#8217;t have access to justice when their rights are threatened. </p> <div class="picbox"> <a href="/uploads/165507_133644146698388_109923889070414_203727_2276393_n.jpg" rel="lightbox-item"> <img src="/img/thumb190.gif" alt="Enlarge image" class="imagebg" style="background-image:url('/uploads/sized/a47670b14231a4a565b24e4a9762b6478167b257.jpg')"></a> </div> Benefits and pensions,Children,Disability,Social care Rochdale Law Centre Rochdale Law Centre None UK > North West > OL 2011-02-10 08:41:00 OL16
2011-02-20T19:21:04.544078 db8b4dc5e792e10b0a98a094d9a757d3 <p>Manchester City Council plans to save &#194;&#163;12k in 2011/12 by reducing work on neglected buildings, and &#194;&#163;13k through reducing its enforcement of building regulations. </p> Communities and local government,Housing Manchester neglected buildings Chaminda Jayanetti UK > North West > M 2011-02-09 07:57:00 None
2011-02-20T19:21:06.306171 ac0a20387dd79f6ffaed80b91efcdd0c <p>Manchester City Council plans to shut Debdale Outdoor Centre unless an alternative provider can be found.</p> <p>Debdale is a purpose-built outdoor centre. Activities include dinghy sailing, windsurfing, canoeing and kayaking, powerboating, rock climbing, abseiling, hillwalking, gorge scrambling, orienteering, camping, navigation, multi-activity and team-building activities. </p> Sport Debdale Outdoor Centre Chaminda Jayanetti UK > North West > M 2011-02-09 07:34:00 M18
2011-02-20T19:21:08.266500 dd2a8a06b5b5bfdf0211a285e202567e <p>Manchester City Council plans to shut Ten Acres Leisure Centre unless an alternative provider can be found.</p> <p>Ten Acres Leisure Centre offers a full size outdoor astroturf pitch and a multi-purpose sports hall. The centre caters for a variety of sporting activities including football, hockey, badminton and basketball. The hall is used for martial arts and yoga classes, and as a training facility for various local football clubs. </p> Sport Ten Acres Leisure Centre Chaminda Jayanetti UK > North West > M 2011-02-09 07:19:00 M40
2011-02-20T19:21:10.045910 0934051770652d3938d985286683c2c5 <p>Manchester City Council plans to shut Ardwick Leisure Centre unless an alternative provider can be found.</p> <p>Ardwick Leisure Centre is a multi-purpose sports hall that offers a wide range of activities including badminton, basketball, five-a-side football, netball and volleyball. </p> Sport Ardwick Leisure Centre Chaminda Jayanetti UK > North West > M 2011-02-09 07:17:00 M12
2011-02-20T19:21:11.604714 6f88328b66a5d11f8162b3e924d7ae22 <p>Manchester City Council plans to close Arcadia Sports Hall in Levenshulme unless an alternative provider can be found.</p> <p>Arcadia Sports Hall is a long standing community venue that is the &#8216;home&#8217; of Manchester Roller Hockey Club. It consists of two squash courts plus a large multi-purpose sports hall used for five-a-side football and roller hockey. The hall is used by local schools and for holiday activities. </p> Sport Arcadia Sports Hall Chaminda Jayanetti UK > North West > M 2011-02-09 07:14:00 M19
2011-02-20T19:21:13.579477 5996ba9bb03d1d5f7f93dcf992c606b7 <p>Manchester City Council plans to implement a variety of cuts to its library service:</p> <p>* review of opening hours, to save &#194;&#163;463k from 2011-13<br> * review of the mobile library service, to save &#194;&#163;500k from 2011-13<br> * 20 percent cut to the book fund<br> * homework support provision to either cease or be directly funded by schools from July 2011<br> * reduced IT replacement programme<br> * 50 percent reduction in IT facilitators</p> <p>Hulme Library will be relocated, while five libraries - Clayton, East City, Rack House, Barlow Moor and Miles Platting - will close (these closures are listed individually on the False Economy site). </p> Libraries Manchester libraries service Chaminda Jayanetti UK > North West > M 2011-02-09 06:46:00 None
2011-02-20T19:21:15.285858 fd02fa3dab1ae1db40980cd1d74d7647 <p>The number of lollipop patrols at Manchester schools is likely to be cut as Manchester City Council reviews funding for school crossing patrols in an attempt to save &#194;&#163;626k in 2012/13.</p> <p>In addition, the council will review the provision of road safety education in order to save &#194;&#163;132k in 2011/12.</p> <p>Both reviews will be carried out in conjunction with local schools. </p> Children,Transport Manchester school crossing patrols Chaminda Jayanetti None UK > North West > M 2011-02-09 06:22:00 None
2011-02-20T19:21:17.466266 5b7e1c6896774c6ac8bb1cab5b8da252 <p>Manchester City Council plans to save &#194;&#163;21k in 2011/12 by cancelling the installation of new CCTV cameras. </p> Police and justice Manchester CCTV Chaminda Jayanetti UK > North West > M 2011-02-09 06:19:00 None
2011-02-20T19:21:19.318429 bba45cd0f5d6839a51ce444878c14e78 <p>Manchester City Council plans to significantly cut its highways maintenance capital spending, with only essential repairs carried out. New speed bumps or community road safety schemes will not be funded. </p> Transport Manchester highways maintenance Chaminda Jayanetti None UK > North West > M 2011-02-09 06:01:00 None
2011-02-20T19:21:21.132369 85a88798193998c57e7e3a56745f4426 <p>Manchester City Council plans to transfer its school improvement service to a social enterprise independent of the council. Schools would then commission specific services directly from the social enterprise. </p> Education Manchester school improvement service Chaminda Jayanetti UK > North West > M 2011-02-09 04:21:00 None
2011-02-20T19:21:22.663554 3521847e458996c4a293afc047f82267 <p>Manchester City Council plans to hand over its 20 youth centres and 36 Sure Start nurseries to partner organisations such as charities. A &#194;&#163;1m budget will be in place to commission these services, but where no organisation can be found to take over a youth centre or Sure Start nursery, that service will close.</p> <p>In addition, early years teachers at Sure Start nurseries will be scrapped, with around 30 jobs going.</p> <p>Manchester&#8217;s Sure Start nurseries provide childcare, health and education services for some of the city&#8217;s poorest parents. </p> Children,Education,Health Manchester Sure Start and youth centres Chaminda Jayanetti None UK > North West > M 2011-02-09 03:51:00 None
2011-02-20T19:21:24.819613 bc12e69d5177e5d8bccd5a1f21e19648 <p>Manchester City Council is considering reducing the universal provision of play schemes and outdoor play and ceasing funding for the private, voluntary and independent sector in this area.</p> <p>These possible cuts are an option for meeting required savings of &#194;&#163;375k from 2011-13. </p> Children Manchester play schemes Chaminda Jayanetti UK > North West > M 2011-02-09 03:04:00 None
2011-02-20T19:21:27.065330 b2e375a113af2ab0ca7e74f180b6d2d4 <p>Manchester City Council is planning to make cuts to the Individual Budgets it provides for adult care users.</p> <p>Previously, adult care users could have a mixture of in-house services (eg day centres), cash individual budgets, and virtual individual budgets.</p> <p>However, under the council&#8217;s plans, cash individual budgets will be restricted, saving &#194;&#163;1.466m overall. </p> Disability,Social care Manchester adult care individual budgets Chaminda Jayanetti UK > North West > M 2011-02-09 02:33:00 None
2011-02-20T19:21:28.724606 3b8f0e16e5d170411d30a0075b1735d5 <p>Manchester City Council plans to axe 340 supported housing units, which provide homes for the city&#8217;s most needy people. The decision stems from a &#194;&#163;12.6m cut in the Supporting People grant that the council receives from central government. </p> Housing,Social care Manchester supported housing Chaminda Jayanetti UK > North West > M 2011-02-09 02:12:00 None
2011-02-20T19:21:30.265942 062e817897f77e7d9ee702005e02569f <p>Manchester City Council will no longer supply equipment under &#194;&#163;25 to help vulnerable people stay in their own homes. The council will also ask registered social landlords to fund their own adaptations to enable people to live at home. </p> <p>Equipment and adaptations to help vulnerable people live at home are part of &#8216;reablement&#8217;, which enables them to move out of more expensive council-run adult care housing and instead live in their own homes.</p> <p>The council plans to achieve much of its targeted adult care savings by sharply increasing the proportion of its adult care service users who benefit from reablement from 43 percent to 70 percent. </p> Disability,Social care Manchester adult care reablement fittings Chaminda Jayanetti UK > North West > M 2011-02-09 01:34:00 None
2011-02-20T19:21:31.979214 ead3b4b2cfc89c660f449353bbbae067 <p>Manchester City Council plans to combine its adult day care service centres to create one centre for each locality. Each centre will combine phyisical disability, Manchester Learning Disabilities Partnership and older people. </p> Disability,Sport Manchester day care centres Chaminda Jayanetti UK > National/non-regional 2011-02-09 01:24:00 None
2011-02-20T19:21:33.565926 4b37234cfe7f533370b17d3bdd472bf6 <p>Manchester City Council plans to shut its Manchester Advice service, which provides free and confidential advice and information to Manchester residents.</p> <p>Manchester Advice provides information on a range of subjects, such as moving into work, education or training, benefits and pensions, and housing problems.</p> <p>The council says that the service is no longer required as it has commissioned the Citizens Advice Bureau and its partners to provide general welfare and advice services across the city. </p> Benefits and pensions,Communities and local government,Economic development and skills,Housing Manchester Advice Chaminda Jayanetti UK > North West > M 2011-02-09 12:49:00 None
2011-02-20T19:21:35.281880 8eb976b89fd4b621fd2cc838ec1ef2d3 <p>Manchester City Council plans to collect general waste fortnightly rather than weekly, although food waste collection will still be weekly. One collection round will be removed, while a bulky waste charge will be introduced for three or more collections per household per year.</p> <p>Meanwhile, overnight street cleaning - between midnight and 6am - will end across the city. Instead, workers will wait until 6am before clearing the streets of debris left the night before.</p> <p>In addition, street washing (to remove chewing gum etc) will be halved. </p> Communities and local government,Environment and climate change Manchester waste collection and street cleaning Chaminda Jayanetti None UK > North West > M 2011-02-08 18:46:00 None
2011-02-20T19:21:36.756071 2e59ded1e0c599d194bde97d8be23334 <p>Manchester City Council plans to end free parking on Sundays, while on-street charging will be extended to 12 hours, 7am to 7pm.</p> <p>Charging for council-owned district centre car parks will be introduced where it will not simply displace parking to residential areas.</p> <p>On-street charging will be increased following a strategic parking review. </p> Transport Manchester car parking Chaminda Jayanetti None UK > North West > M 2011-02-08 18:44:00 None
2011-02-20T19:21:38.342496 6d38c292da0f1ef6e46b31be5d133ff3 <p>Manchester City Council plans to shut Miles Platting Library, one of five libraries set for closure across the city. </p> Libraries Miles Platting Library Chaminda Jayanetti UK > North West > M 2011-02-08 18:42:00 M40
2011-02-20T19:21:39.797814 72dca84c44de7b6b2286e664a6b79144 <p>Manchester City Council plans to shut Barlow Moor Library, one of five smaller libraries set for closure across the city. </p> Libraries Barlow Moor Library Chaminda Jayanetti UK > North West > M 2011-02-08 18:40:00 M21
2011-02-20T19:21:41.269552 561f8ee371051bf04a0173814ee6b64e <p>Manchester City Council plans to shut Rack House Library in Wythenshawe, one of five smaller libraries set for closure across the city. The move follows the opening of the new Brooklands Library. </p> Libraries Rack House Library Chaminda Jayanetti UK > North West > M 2011-02-08 18:38:00 M23
2011-02-20T19:21:43.125581 27c51d2e7d2a373f7b5934bd930d23ca <p>Manchester City Council plans to shut East City Library, one of five smaller libraries set for closure across the city. The move follows the opening of the new Beswick Library. </p> Libraries East City Library Chaminda Jayanetti UK > North West > M 2011-02-08 18:36:00 M11
2011-02-20T19:21:46.646810 ffea6a0d1d1a3743d28cbdddcf9986de <p>Manchester City Council plans to shut Clayton Library, one of five smaller libraries set for closure. The move follows the opening of the new Beswick Library. </p> Libraries Clayton Library Chaminda Jayanetti UK > North West > M 2011-02-08 18:34:00 M11
2011-02-20T19:21:48.306909 f1d6c5785b0fa37482b771e41d00d938 <p>Manchester City Council plans to shut Miles Platting Swimming Pools. </p> Sport Miles Platting Swimming Pools Chaminda Jayanetti UK > North West > M 2011-02-08 18:29:00 M40
2011-02-20T19:21:50.644515 925060be81625b2285d5765260e9fc2e <p>Manchester City Council plans to shut Levenshulme Swimming Pools. </p> Sport Levenshulme Swimming Pools Chaminda Jayanetti UK > North West > M 2011-02-08 18:02:00 M19
2011-02-20T19:21:52.214520 5e114dd125363c2d27b9adb39bf1bc41 <p>Manchester City Council plans to close all its public toilets except those on Mount Street, which will be subject to a small charge. </p> Communities and local government Manchester public toilets Chaminda Jayanetti UK > North West > M 2011-02-08 18:00:00 None
2011-02-20T19:21:53.623714 d6b044e08b714bc846796a8f38191d81 <p>People First Lambeth is a charity that supports people with learning difficulties to stand up for themselves and take control of their lives. They have lost 90 percent of their funding.</p> <p> </p> Disability,Voluntary sector Lambeth People First StuartMills None UK > London > SW 2011-02-08 13:51:00 SW9
2011-02-20T19:21:55.133383 58174291647082ff14822663ed11a4a0 <p>Deddington Library is on the list of proposed closures drawn up by Oxfordshire County Council. </p> Libraries Deddington Library Vaughan None UK > South East > OX 2011-02-08 13:27:00 OX15
2011-02-20T19:21:57.288702 f4fec4e13022a699a8d8775cd13499ad <p>North Ayrshire Council is considering cutting the school week from five to four days to save money. The statutory 25 hours a week of education would be delivered, but over four days instead of five. </p> Education North Ayrshire school week animisha UK > Scotland > KA 2011-02-06 19:29:00 KA12
2011-02-20T19:21:59.005875 4910c64bc45287e1159a0035e21226e6 <p>Community Education Lewisham (CEL) is withdrawing its 50 percent concessionary adult education fee from those aged 60-64, with only the over-65s now eligible.</p> <p>In addition, while CEL has kept the current &#194;&#163;4 hourly subsidised rate, it has increased the Extras cost to &#194;&#163;7.50 per hour - the true cost is around &#194;&#163;9 per hour. </p> Economic development and skills,Education Lewisham adult education Chaminda Jayanetti None UK > London > SE 2011-02-06 17:15:00 SE6
2011-02-20T19:22:00.718108 0b5ddfa8c8c9043ff362520a85060eac <p>As a result of a 25 percent funding cut for adult education from 2011 to 2015, the Skills Funding Agency has reduced the groups of learners entitled to concessionary fees.</p> <p>This means that from August 2011 those in receipt of the following benefits will no longer be able to use them to claim any concessionary or reduced rates:</p> <p>* Council Tax Benefit<br> * Housing Benefit<br> * Income Support<br> * Working Tax Credit<br> * Pension Credit &#160; <br> * Receipt of contribution based ESA (unless in the Work Related Activity Group)<br> * The unwaged dependants of those in receipt of the above benefits<br> * Those aged between 60 and 64 on 31 August 2011</p> <p>Those who will remain entitled to concessionary rates are:</p> <p>* Learners who are on skills for life literacy and numeracy based programmes. Those who are studying English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) are not included in this group<br> * Those in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) and their partners where there is a joint claim<br> * Those in receipt of Employment Support Allowance (ESA) in the Work Related Activity Group </p> Benefits and pensions,Economic development and skills,Education Adult education concessionary fees Chaminda Jayanetti None UK > National/non-regional 2011-02-06 16:55:00 None
2011-02-20T19:22:02.681039 49f69500a11b39fd02461c652d6ab1a4 <p>Falkirk Council is planning to shut all of its libraries on Saturday afternoons and reduce evening opening hours. The affected libraries are:</p> <p>* Falkirk<br> * Polmont<br> * Grangemouth<br> * Bo&#8217;ness<br> * Bonnybridge<br> * Denny<br> * Larbert<br> * Slamannan </p> Libraries Falkirk district libraries Jessica Paterson None UK > Scotland > FK 2011-02-05 21:26:00 None
2011-02-20T19:22:04.519677 7d45f306442b64059e061e6a4cd219cb <p>East End Life, Tower Hamlets Council&#226;&#128;&#153;s weekly free paper, is under review with all options being considered, including scrapping it.</p> <p>Takki Sulaiman, Head of Communications for Tower Hamlets Council, said: &#226;&#128;&#156;One of the key questions for the review will be to see if we can save money by using the website more and reducing the frequency of delivery.&#226;&#128;&#157;</p> <p>Everyone who has an interest in East End Life is being asked to contribute their views. The review will report in May 2011. </p> Communities and local government East End Life michele None UK > London > E 2011-02-04 16:04:00 E14
2011-02-20T19:22:05.965749 49d0ef77426d6868a12a662f01030436 <p>The Refugee Council, which provides essential and in some cases life-saving support to asylum seekers, refugees and their children, has had its budget cut by 62 percent.</p> <p>The Refugee Integration and Employment Service, a part of the Refugee Council that helps people to integrate into British society, has been scrapped completely. Funding for the Refugee Council&#8217;s one stop service, where refugees can meet bilingual advisers, will be cut by 62 percent to &#194;&#163;2m, whiile the wraparound initial accommodation facility will see reductions of 50 percent to &#194;&#163;726,000.</p> <p>The charity, which relies on the UK Border Agency (UKBA) for 78 percent of its &#194;&#163;20.1m revenue, will have to lose around one third of its 300 staff and close two of its seven centres to meet the cuts. It has already sustained 22 percent cuts to its government funding, resulting in 52 redundancies, and has made 27-60 percent cuts to a number of key services, including the help it offers unaccompanied children. </p> Benefits and pensions,Children,Economic development and skills,Housing,Voluntary sector Refugee Council Down in Jamaica None UK > National/non-regional 2011-02-03 09:34:00 None
2011-02-20T19:22:07.821755 24876b1f030e0966c485b2b38aa75915 <p>A dozen jobs are to be lost at Selby bus depot following &#194;&#163;600,000 of subsidy cuts by North Yorkshire County Council. The cuts will also mean a loss of bus services after 5.30pm on weekdays, and services on Sundays and Bank Holidays will be reduced to one bus to York. </p> Transport Selby bus depot Emma UK > North East > YO 2011-02-02 23:15:00 YO8
2011-02-20T19:22:10.005862 57fd0c31f1ba663086056889190d6dfe <p>The local NHS trust has halted IVF treatment whilst planning to make around 60 members of staff redundant to reduce management costs, as part of efficiency savings across the NHS. </p> Health NHS North Yorkshire and York Emma None UK > North East > HG 2011-02-02 23:11:00 None
2011-02-20T19:22:11.461997 12b56fc133030f3f739fb21ae807ed36 <p>North York Moors National Park is relying on volunteers after cutting staff numbers by 11 percent. The authority that runs the park will lose nearly a quarter of its government funding over the next four years, and is currently consulting on how to meet its reduced budget. </p> Environment and climate change North York Moors National Park Emma None UK > North East > YO 2011-02-02 23:09:00 YO62
2011-02-20T19:22:13.145580 eab760d6a61e65e74c8b779e0b038e5b <p>The government is currently consulting on proposals to close ten of the country&#226;&#128;&#153;s eighteen coastguard stations. The Humber Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre, based in Bridlington, is one of five nationwide that will remain open but have its hours slashed. Under the proposals the station, which covers Scarborough, will only operate from 9am to 7pm, and two-thirds of coastguards will be axed.</p> <p>Responsibility for co-ordinating night rescues would pass to one of only three 24 hour stations, hundreds of miles away in Aberdeen, Dover or Southampton. </p> Fire and coastguard HM Coastguard, Bridlington Emma None UK > North East > YO 2011-02-02 23:04:00 YO15
2011-02-20T19:22:14.775858 ba7cf739fc37b736668e25b0aaa82afa <p>North Yorkshire Police will have its funding cut by more than &#194;&#163;19 million between 2011 and 2015. The force has indicated that more than 500 police officers and civilian staff posts could go. Within this, the force has announced plans to &#8216;forcibly retire&#8217; 210 police officers during the four-year period, including 105 constables, 58 sergeants, 33 inspectors, seven chief inspectors, four superintendents and three chief superintendents. </p> Police and justice North Yorkshire Police Emma None UK > North East > DL 2011-02-02 22:59:00 None
2011-02-20T19:22:16.555849 104d0cd27c848b593ca6ce02442b693a <p>Wick tax office is due to close in spring 2012, with the potential loss of 20 jobs. The plans date back to the previous government in 2008, although redundancy payments to staff will be reduced under legislation introduced by the coalition government. </p> Economic development and skills Wick tax office Hamish Drummond None UK > Scotland > KW 2011-02-02 16:42:00 KW1
2011-02-20T19:22:17.964373 0c141a256bcb8a62aa391cdaeef02ee9 <p>Leicester City Council plans to make the following cutbacks to local museums and galleries:</p> <p>* four museums will be closed to the public from October 2011 - Belgrave Hall, Jewry Wall, The Guildhall, and Abbey Pumping Station. The sites will open only for scheduled events, such as school visits and steam days at the pumping station<br> * scrapping plans to replace the City Gallery and increase provision at New Walk Museum<br> * introduce admission charges for non-residents at New Walk Museum and Newarke Houses<br> * reduced grant to the Curve Theatre and Phoenix Square cinema and gallery </p> Arts and culture Leicester museums Chaminda Jayanetti None UK > East Midlands > LE 2011-02-01 21:05:00 None
2011-02-20T19:22:19.668970 eae4ff87ed935c2ff6d94399d816197c <p>Leicester City Council plans to reduce the number of applied sweepers it uses, as well as making other savings from its street washing operation, during 2011/12. There will also be no cover for holidays or short-term sickness. </p> Communities and local government,Environment and climate change Leicester street cleaning Chaminda Jayanetti UK > East Midlands > LE 2011-02-01 20:56:00 None
2011-02-20T19:22:21.516421 748d9451d35a431c7bec067417b1c391 <p>Leicester City Council plans to increase its car parking charges by 10 percent in 2011/12. </p> Leicester car park charges Chaminda Jayanetti UK > East Midlands > LE 2011-02-01 20:47:00 None
2011-02-20T19:22:23.516100 0fb9e70f371cb8d33eb478399a3d14d0 <p>Leicester City Council is planning to close its Consumer Advice Centre. The centre, which is part of the council&#8217;s trading standards division, provides information and advice on consumer law matters to residents and informs consumers and suppliers about their rights and duties.</p> <p>The council also plans to axe one trading standards post and one health and safety post. </p> Communities and local government Leicester Consumer Advice Centre Chaminda Jayanetti UK > East Midlands > LE 2011-02-01 20:28:00 LE1
2011-02-20T19:22:25.757979 9fa9f325f0ba76dd829e252007bdf168 <p>Leicester City Council introduced the following increases to its adult social care charges in January 2011:</p> <p>* Increase the standard charge for home care services from &#194;&#163;9.15 per hour to &#194;&#163;11.25 per hour - a 23 percent rise<br> * Increase to full cost service users in City Council elderly persons homes from &#194;&#163;402 to &#194;&#163;414 per week<br> * Increase charges for mobile meals and meals in day centres or at elderly people&#8217;s homes for non-residents from &#194;&#163;2.85 to &#194;&#163;2.95</p> <p>The increased charges are in advance of a broader review of social care and health services as part of the move to personal budgets for adult care. </p> Social care Leicester adult care charges Chaminda Jayanetti UK > East Midlands > LE 2011-02-01 19:17:00 LE1
2011-02-20T19:22:27.945370 ecc3f3e37332f95283496e7cb85164bb <p>Lincolnshire County Council is planning to axe over 800 jobs in response to required savings of &#194;&#163;18 million a year. The council budget needs to be cut by 2015 to cope with losing &#194;&#163;42.8 million of government cash between 2011 and 2013. Children&#226;&#128;&#153;s services and adult/children&#8217;s commissioning suffered the biggest hit, with 522 out of 2,000 staff posts expected to be cut. </p> Children,Communities and local government Lincolnshire County Council staff Anjum Klair None UK > East Midlands > LN 2011-02-01 16:59:00 LN1
2011-02-20T19:22:29.626589 d2881b867419ead37863d5a2cc43054c <p>Blackpool Council is suffering the consequences of a &#194;&#163;27m budget reduction as 700 town hall jobs are being axed.</p> Communities and local government Blackpool Council staff Anjum Klair None UK > North West > FY 2011-02-01 16:53:00 FY1
2011-02-20T19:22:31.078223 97e9c1c285f460d329481ecf57b90626 <p>Up to 650 jobs are to go, five language services are to be closed and many radio stations are to be axed at the BBC World Service as part of &#194;&#163;46m of cuts brought about by reduced funding from the Foreign Office.</p> <p>For details of the campaign against the cuts see the facebook group SOS BBC World Service at <a href="!/home.php?sk=group_178252875543182" target="_blank">!/home.php?sk=group_178252875543182</a></p> <p> </p> Arts and culture BBC World Service jeremy dear None UK > National/non-regional 2011-02-01 14:08:00 None
2011-02-20T19:22:32.925951 06fc362a4cfec7100ba35853e83f6b67 <p>Isle of Wight Council voted to withdraw its &#194;&#163;500,000 annual funding for the botanical garden in Ventnor and to shut off free access and charge for its use. The garden is home to one of the largest collections of southern hemisphere plants in the UK, but is also an important community hub for the whole area; schools use it as a site to offer children free trips to explore the exotic plants.</p> <p>As a Grade II registered garden, Ventnor Botanic Garden must remain a public space, but there are fears that the cuts may mean specialist staff will have to go, putting the survival of the plant collection under threat. </p> Arts and culture,Environment and climate change Ventnor Botanic Garden pixie_willow UK > South East > PO 2011-02-01 11:28:00 PO38
2011-02-20T19:22:34.678699 b896d065d9e44452b6178003e6094d34 <p>Ten villages have been told their libraries will close unless unpaid volunteers staff them, while others face reduced hours.</p> <p>Ten of the 31 council operated libraries in the county will be closed unless volunteers agree to keep them open. They include libraries at Aldbourne, Box, Lyneham, Market Lavington, Purton and Ramsbury as well as others in the south of the county.</p> <p>Of the remaining libraries, Cricklade and Pewsey will be cut from 20 and 24 hours to 14 hours per week, while Corsham, Malmesbury and Marlborough will be cut from 39.5, 38.5 and 42.5 hours to 33 hours per week. Calne will will be cut from 46 to 40 hours, Devizes from 51 to 43 hours, and Chippenham from 55 to 49 hours a week. </p> <p>Before Christmas 2010, 17.5 full time posts were made redundant from library services. More librarians will be made redundant as part of the community transfer, which council bosses hope will take place by September 2011. </p> Libraries Wiltshire libraries Richard Exell UK > South West > SN 2011-01-31 17:06:00 SN
2011-02-20T19:22:36.319319 5164cdc3beb13a83e29bbda45df9dff2 <p>The following redundancies have been announced in Gloucester&#8217;s Financial Inclusion Fund (FIF) team at Podsmead.</p> <p>* FIF Debt Advice Service debt specialist (full-time, 37 hours pw) covering Gloucester and Cheltenham - redundant from 31 March 2011<br> * FIF caseworker assistant (10 hours pw) - redundant from 31 March 2011<br> * FIF Administrator (18 hours pw) - redundant from 31 March 2011</p> <p>The FIF debt team provides advice to people struggling with debts and bills or bailiffs and court action. The team is supported by eight volunteers who carry out receptionist duties. The volunteers have not been consulted on the redundancies.</p> <p>Other advice posts at Matson and Parry Hall are currently under threat of redundancy, although as of January 2011 no specific date has been given for when these redundancies will take effect:</p> <p>* 1 x Generalist Advice including Debt (35 hours pw)<br> * 2 x Generalist Advice (30 hours pw)</p> <p>Administration posts based at Matson, in consultation since 10 Jan 2011:</p> <p>* Finance and Administration Manager (full-time, 37 hours pw)<br> * 2 x Administration Assistants/Receptionists</p> <p>One 25 hours pw post of 25 hours per week is to be created to service existing commissioned benefits advice to children&#8217;s centres.</p> <p>Administration is to be reduced to two posts that the new draft job description appears to combine the redundant Finance and Administration Manager&#8217;s job with the existing Administration Assistant/Receptionist&#8217;s role.</p> <p>These redundancies effectively take away the independent, impartial, free face-to-face advice service provided by GL Communities for the people of Gloucester. </p> Communities and local government Gloucester Financial Inclusion Fund staff Garry Mills None UK > South West > GL 2011-01-29 20:41:00 GL2
2011-02-20T19:22:38.299403 f717eff106d69e03aef3ebbb829247ed <p>Isle of Wight Council plans to shut nine of its 11 libraries. Cowes, Sandown, Ventnor and Freshwater libraries would remain open until 31 March 2012 in the hope that community-run libraries will be set up instead. East Cowes, Bembridge, Shanklin, Niton and Brighstone libraries are due to close on 31 March 2011.</p> <p>The plans include enhancement of the two surviving libraries, at Newport and Ryde, which will open for 50 hours a week. The council stresses that volunteers can be found to run the libraries it plans shut. The music library, which enables the local orchestra to procure scores, is to be closed. </p> Libraries Isle of Wight libraries potter UK > South East > PO 2011-01-29 15:43:00 PO30
2011-02-20T19:25:41.037464 f62c411d267bce582afb95b3a325acc6 <p>Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Futures comprises Connexions Nottinghamshire and various bodies dealing with education and training commissioning and education-business links. Connexions helps young people in schools, colleges and training providers as well as providing advice and careers guidance to unemployed people. More than 60 compulsory redundancies from a 300-strong workforce will take effect from the end of March 2011. These follow voluntary redundancies and early retirements in 2010. </p> Children,Communities and local government,Economic development and skills Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Futures Paul F None UK > East Midlands > NG 2011-01-29 12:30:00 NG
2011-02-20T19:25:42.350840 72ca43548a17cb0e3ab9a7426e5537c0 <p>Devon Record Office collects and preserves the historical records of Devon and makes them available to all who wish to study them. Devon County Council intends to reduce its funding by 30 percent. The cuts will affect the main county record office in Exeter, North Devon Record Office in Barnstaple, and the Modern Records Unit. At present, 22 full and part-time staff are employed at the three offices. The proposed cuts will result in the loss of seven full-time equivalent posts - up to nine people in total. If the cuts take effect there will be a reduction in the level of service offered, including significantly reduced opening hours. </p> Arts and culture,Communities and local government Devon Record Office Simon Dixon None UK > South West > EX 2011-01-28 12:17:00 EX2
2011-02-20T19:25:43.778725 87010ed4e760d0696c916a3dce6e6807 <p>Birmingham Citizens Advice Bureau is expected to shut down all five of its advice centres after the city council decided to withdraw all its funding, worth &#194;&#163;600k a year.</p> <p>The CAB, the largest in the country, said it would have to close all of its advice centres on 11th February 2011 with the loss of 45 jobs, unless replacement funding could be found.</p> <p>The council said it would continue to commission advice services on a smaller scale, but would not begin the commissioning process until August 2011. </p> Communities and local government,Voluntary sector Birmingham Citizens Advice Bureau Chaminda Jayanetti UK > West Midlands > B 2011-01-27 14:15:00 None
2011-02-20T19:25:45.128812 b5dd993cb2fcfe2787aedf33a3210048 <p>Suffolk County Council is planning to make severe cuts to its Connexions youth advice service and other youth services. All youth clubs and projects are closing or being &#8216;divested&#8217;. All Youth and Connexions full and part time workers are losing their jobs on 31st March 2011 and will have to apply under new terms and conditions for new job roles that are in the process of being developed. This will result in the loss of around 70 percent of the workforce. </p> <p>Young people, the public and other agencies have not been and will not be consulted on this; the council claims this is not necessary as young people etc have been consulted in the past. At present the youth service deliver work on youth access, detached youth work, diversity, sexual health, schools work, teenage parents, and young people not attending school or at risk of exclusion. </p> Children,Communities and local government,Education Suffolk Connexions and youth services Chaminda Jayanetti None UK > East of England > IP 2011-01-27 13:48:00 None
2011-02-20T19:25:46.616015 5263b3ca3a0447aad3dfba9110c3b2e8 <p>Lewisham Council will axe all funding for its Connexions service, which gives information and advice for young people aged 13-19, on 31st March 2011, with all staff made redundant. </p> Children,Communities and local government Lewisham Connexions Chaminda Jayanetti UK > London > SE 2011-01-27 12:39:00 None
2011-02-20T19:25:48.102441 0c8efda5ae7f34f26044a9e5df8ceead <p>Ealing Council plans to close the Links Project at the end of March 2011. The Links Project is a day service that runs from two geographical bases: one in the east of the London Borough of Ealing (Acton) and the other in the west of the borough (Greenford).</p> <p>It endeavours to work with communities to promote mental wellbeing and support people with significant mental health problems.</p> <p>Its aims are:</p> <p>&#226;&#128;&#162; Prevent or minimise frequent re-admission to hospital<br> &#226;&#128;&#162; Promote the development of interpersonal relationships<br> &#226;&#128;&#162; Allow people opportunities to explore their potential and follow their aspirations within the wider community<br> &#226;&#128;&#162; Assist with seeking meaningful activities, courses and training<br> &#226;&#128;&#162; Enable people to enhance their social and communication skills<br> &#226;&#128;&#162; Promote independence and peer support.</p> <p>The service is for people who:</p> <p>&#226;&#128;&#162; Are experiencing severe and enduring mental illness<br> &#226;&#128;&#162; Need to develop and learn new skills<br> &#226;&#128;&#162; Want to engage in meaningful activities </p> Disability,Social care Links Project, Ealing Chaminda Jayanetti None UK > London > W 2011-01-27 12:05:00 W4
2011-02-20T19:25:49.787994 9221fe3fb1641b8d697b485fcbd43722 <p>Ealing Council plans to close the Albert Dane Centre at the end of March 2011. The Albert Dane Centre is a day centre for adults aged 18-64 with a physical disability and/or a sensory impairment. The building is fully adapted for the use of people with disabilities and wheelchair users. </p> Disability,Social care Albert Dane Centre, Ealing Chaminda Jayanetti None UK > London > UB 2011-01-27 11:49:00 UB2
2011-02-20T19:25:51.341548 21509e822e672c8f9504ea89a343e4b6 <p>On 25th January 2011, staff at Coventry &amp; Warwickshire Connexions - a youth careers advice and information service - were informed that Warwickshire County Council planned to cease funding for an Information, Advice &amp; Guidance service altogether, even though there is a statutory requirement for such a service in schools. All Connexions staff have been issued with stage one redundancy notices. The Youth Service currently operates over 30 youth clubs, projects or centres across the county. </p> Children,Communities and local government,Education Coventry & Warwickshire Connexions Chaminda Jayanetti None UK > West Midlands > CV 2011-01-27 10:59:00 None
2011-02-20T19:25:52.702816 5be097143affbbd4e3b659abf781e0e3 <p>The BBC South website is to be scrapped due to cuts in the BBC&#8217;s online budget. </p> Arts and culture BBC South website Claire French UK > National/non-regional 2011-01-26 20:42:00 None
2011-02-20T19:25:54.081572 f47dd7efcf5efffa69f3602889fe559e <p>Lincolnshire County Council&#8217;s main tourism body has been forced into administration after losing almost &#194;&#163;670,000 in funding.</p> <p>Directors of Visit Lincolnshire said there was &#8220;no prospect&#8221; of getting enough money to continue operating after March 2011.</p> <p>The group, which promotes Lincolnshire&#8217;s GBP1 billion tourism industry, said it would formally lodge a notice of intention to appoint administrators.</p> <p>East Midlands Development Agency, which is being axed, has cut its &#194;&#163;400,000 grant to the group while the county council has axed its &#194;&#163;268,000 in funding. A final decision on budget proposals will be confirmed in February 2011. </p> Economic development and skills Visit Lincolnshire Chaminda Jayanetti UK > East Midlands > LN 2011-01-26 14:14:00 None
2011-02-20T19:25:56.302796 2ab5df885ef17f165777b8a843aeaefc <p>Croydon Council is slashing its arts and culture budget which means that the Clocktower, an arts complex comprising a cinema, bar, and event room called the Braithwaite Hall, is being closed. </p> Arts and culture Croydon Clocktower Adella None UK > London > CR 2011-01-26 11:35:00 CR9
2011-02-20T19:25:57.664115 1ffad0279ab7e3dd31e25d43a5c12ae5 <p>Voluntary Action Wakefield District (VAWD) saw the majority of its funding cut with immediate effect by Wakefield Council in July 2010.</p> <p>The decision was made by the Wakefield Together Executive following a massive reduction in the council&#8217;s Performance Reward Grant, which was cut by the government within weeks of the May 2010 election.</p> <p>The cut to VAWD&#8217;s funding was made without consultation or prior warning. VAWD warned at the time that it would review its services, leading to an inevitable reduction in the services it provided to voluntary groups in Wakefield. </p> Voluntary sector Voluntary Action Wakefield District Chaminda Jayanetti UK > North East > WF 2011-01-26 01:42:00 None
2011-02-20T19:25:59.068338 4680b889f31a9bc0369c6b5a3f654e2d <p>Bristol City Council is planning to reduce its Tenant Support Service budget by 20 percent in 2011/12, meaning that either fewer tenants will be supported, or support periods will be reduced.</p> <p>The Tenant Support Service offers individual support to people who are vulnerable, including those who have difficulties due to disability, mental health issues, drug or alcohol problems or domestic violence. The service helps tenants sort out any problems with their housing, access benefits and services, sort out bills and debts, and signposts training and employment opportunities, among others.</p> <p>The council also plans to reduce the size of its private sector team by nine staff members by ending fixed term contracts. The cut will mean a reduced level of service from the council, such that it will not respond to calls unless there is a serious housing or public health issue. An example given by the council is that it will not deal with overgrown gardens, while drainage problems will in future be the responsibility of Wessex Water. </p> Housing Bristol housing support Chaminda Jayanetti None UK > South West > BS 2011-01-25 21:53:00 None
2011-02-20T19:26:01.115621 61d9a3ea3f9d01c782289c5fadecaaf0 <p>Fifteen percent of the New Forest National Park&#8217;s workforce are to be axed following a 21 percent cut in funding. </p> Environment and climate change New Forest National Park staff HampshireLRC None UK > South West > BH 2011-01-25 21:00:00 BH24
2011-02-20T19:26:02.415820 826c713c8959c374de96ac0c8d6abe9e <p>Bristol City Council is planning to slash funding for its Safer Homes Project, cutting &#194;&#163;150k from its &#194;&#163;250k budget in 2011/12.</p> <p>The Safer Homes Project is funded by the council and managed by the police. The scheme helps protect victims and potential victims of crime and their homes. Houses that have been burgled will often be targetted again, but after the Safer Homes carpenters have made the houses more secure, this risk is reduced from 11 percent of homes suffering a repeat break-in to less than one percent.</p> <p>Each Safer Homes van is driven by a Home Office crime prevention-trained carpenter, who can fit basic security improvements such as bolts, chains, viewers and smoke alarms to households. The vans aim to secure 625 properties each &#226;&#128;&#147; giving a target of 5,000 a year.</p> <p>The service has previously been offered free of charge to victims of crime, potential victims and those living in crime hotspots. The scheme also helps victims of hate crime and domestic abuse.</p> <p>However, the proposed funding cut will mean that the service will move from universal to targeted provision, based on need and vulnerability. The current fleet of eight Safer Homes vans will be halved to four.</p> <p>The council says the cuts will not affect domestic violence or hate crime victims, who remain a priority. </p> Police and justice Bristol Safer Homes Project Chaminda Jayanetti None UK > South West > BS 2011-01-25 19:58:00 None
2011-02-20T19:26:03.741469 b6b5cf1b3b64bb43c6cf0e149541e7d3 <p>Bristol City Council is planning to reduce funding for police community support officers (PCSOs), which are co-funded with the local police force.</p> <p>From an original team of 132 PCSOs, seven vacancies were left unfilled during 2010, while two additional vacancies are expected by March 2011. This will reduce the size of the team to 123 PCSOs, who will remain in post across the city, deployed in high crime areas. </p> Police and justice Bristol police community support officers Chaminda Jayanetti UK > South West > BS 2011-01-25 19:55:00 None
2011-02-20T19:26:05.474338 9cd83e8f274115858f4e3e5fed0d0ef2 <p>Bristol City Council is planning to review and restructure its food safety service, reducing its out of hours rota and overtime budget alongside a reduction in 2.4 staff.</p> <p>The service will continue to focus on areas of greatest risk with a lesser focus on low risk category inspections. </p> Communities and local government Bristol food safety service Chaminda Jayanetti UK > South West > BS 2011-01-25 19:34:00 None
2011-02-20T19:26:06.977254 327211351f5be2d191dcc0572a6c5378 <p>Bristol City Council is proposing a number of reductions in its pest control service as part of its 2011/12 budget:</p> <p>* the council will charge all private landlords for public health pest control work (e.g. rat treatment)<br> * pest control charges will be increased across the board<br> * the council will reduce the level of non-essential pest control work it carries out (e.g. ant infestations) while maintaining its public health pest control service </p> Communities and local government,Housing Bristol pest control Chaminda Jayanetti UK > South West > BS 2011-01-25 18:49:00 None
2011-02-20T19:26:08.483209 6b58775ac3f2b1502e3bd595666b0f10 <p>Bristol City Council plans to cut &#194;&#163;200k from its annual library spending during 2011/12 through a Library Services review that will look to implement alternative provision, including self-service and shared use of premises with more flexible working.</p> <p>The council will also cut &#194;&#163;90k from the &#194;&#163;700k annual Library Book Fund, alongside a review of its replacement strategy. </p> Libraries Bristol libraries Chaminda Jayanetti UK > South West > BS 2011-01-25 15:54:00 None
2011-02-20T19:26:10.070970 200038e041b1f817509a36863c3782e7 <p>Bristol City Council plans to remove the subsidy for services trading with schools, while increasing income from schools by charging for non-statutory services. </p> Communities and local government,Education Bristol school service charges Chaminda Jayanetti UK > South West > BS 2011-01-25 15:52:00 None
2011-02-20T19:26:11.554795 551b1a5dd6c6118b3bec4d61eec84ed9 <p>Bristol City Council plans to cut 340 staff posts during 2011/12, of which around 180 are likely to be through natural turnover and 160 through redundancies. </p> Communities and local government Bristol City Council staff Chaminda Jayanetti UK > South West > BS 2011-01-25 15:39:00 None
2011-02-20T19:26:13.235405 f8621ec4f586b6c2dc5471f0a3815ae3 <p>Flood warning sirens at Jaywick (an area at risk from flooding) have been scrapped to save money. The alternative offered is a system working via mobile phones (not helpful to those who dont use mobiles). </p> Environment and climate change Jaywick flood warning sirens Chaminda Jayanetti None UK > East of England > CO 2011-01-25 13:16:00 CO15
2011-02-20T19:26:14.852015 1ad05d46f48663eab230974c1a9f5e2c <p>Vital day care centres are likely to be cut along with 100 jobs. </p> Social care Southampton day care centres HampshireLRC None UK > South East > SO 2011-01-24 21:11:00 SO23
2011-02-20T19:26:16.479664 c08c6cc6ae2a3377daf4e66e6cc153c4 <p>Andover Mind&#8217;s vocational advice service, which helps people find jobs and works with many people who have suffered mental illness, has lost its funding. The service helped more than 100 people during 2010 with their work problems, but a lost contract meant it could no longer continue from January 2011. </p> Disability,Economic development and skills,Voluntary sector Andover Mind vocational advice service HampshireLRC None UK > South West > SP 2011-01-24 21:08:00 SP10
2011-02-20T19:26:18.148125 bb181f5e343a6ea2ba43323cf62892bd <p>Southampton City Council plans to cut up to 250 jobs during 2010/11, while all 4,180 non-teaching council staff face a 5.4 percent pay cut through reduced hours. </p> Communities and local government Southampton City Council jobs and pay HampshireLRC None UK > South East > SO 2011-01-24 20:53:00 SO14
2011-02-20T19:26:19.610254 829252da33ded141e0e5fbc9016f5f18 <p>Hampshire County Council have announced 1,200 job cuts, which represents around 8 percent of the workforce. Adult and children&#8217;s services will see an 11 percent cut and youth services a 60 percent cut in what is only the first year of the cuts programme.</p> <p>In addition to this Hampshire County Council have announced that 5,000 of the lowest paid staff will be sacked and re-employed on lower terms and conditions. Carers will see a 3 percent-plus cut to their wages. </p> Communities and local government Hampshire County Council staff HampshireLRC None UK > South West > SP 2011-01-24 20:36:00 SO23
2011-02-20T19:26:20.896230 b12f76d8c69eec73e742f7c14cb5b484 <p>In 2010, Aberdeen City Council withdrew funding from both of the city&#8217;s drop-in centres for people with mental health problems - Pillar and The Alford Centre. Both were closed as a result.</p> <p>Both had been operating for more than 15 years and provided valuable aid as centres where people with mental health problems - long-term and short-term - could meet and receive advice, as well as being able to take part in social events, or just to chat with others experiencing the same problems.</p> <p>The council, along with Scottish Government, has since set up a Penumbra project, but this is a national project and many long-term users of psychiatric services in Aberdeen feel that the loss of drop-in centres will have a damaging effect on their lives, leaving isolated within the community.</p> <p>Already, small groups of long-term sufferers are meeting at coffee mornings as a means of replacing the atmosphere and sense of sharing which Pillar and the Alford Centre provided. According to Aberdeen City Council, it is very unlikely that Penumbra (a national charity) will be providing a drop-in centre at any time in the future.</p> <p>It is more than 30 years since patients at Aberdeen&#8217;s psychiatric hospital - Royal Cornhill Hospital - set up Stepping Stones, which was a once weekly drop in centre. Stepping Stones ran for many years with only voluntary assistance until it was taken over by Aberdeen City&#8217;s social work department and became Pillar. </p> <p>The Alford Centre was set up just after the Pillar project - although the former was brought into being through the efforts of the Aberdeen and North East Mental Health Association.</p> <p>Now, as a result of Aberdeen City Council&#8217;s budget cuts, both centres are closed with any future drop-in centre only available through the work of volunteers. </p> Disability Pillar and The Alford mental health drop-in centres Lynchola None UK > Scotland > AB 2011-01-24 19:38:00 None
2011-02-20T19:26:22.191400 e03e7790a97a38bfb4c08d9c5578cfb4 <p>A report is going to Warwickshire County Council&#226;&#128;&#153;s cabinet on 27th January 2011 recommending that Park View (a home for older people) should close in August 2012. It could be sold off to a private provider, or the council may set up a Joint Venture Company or social enterprise to run it, but it will not remain as a council run care home, even though the council&#8217;s report indicate that council run homes are more popular and higher quality than private sector homes. A consultation held with staff, residents and relatives showed a strong desire to see them kept in-house.</p> <p>All the county&#226;&#128;&#153;s Homes for Older People are recommended for closure &#226;&#128;&#147; the first two would close in August 2011. </p> Social care Park View elderly home Andy Marshall None UK > West Midlands > CV 2011-01-22 19:25:00 CV34
2011-02-20T19:26:23.549695 ab2caddd787dda6961ef213c4da9b7dc <p>ADVA - Against Domestic Violence and Abuse &#226;&#128;&#147; was set up in November 2002 to bring together the statutory and voluntary agencies within the county to tackle the problem of domestic violence. They help thousands of women and children every year escape violent and life-threatening situations.</p> <p>Devon County Council proposes to cut ADVA&#226;&#128;&#153;s budget by 100 percent as of April 2011. </p> <p>If these cuts are endorsed, emerging victims may go unidentified and recovering victims may be left without support. </p> <p>One in four women will be a victim of domestic violence in their lifetime &#226;&#128;&#147; many of these on a number of occasions. One incident of domestic violence is reported to the police every minute (Women&#8217;s Aid). </p> <div class="picbox"> <a href="/uploads/adva-home-banner.jpg" rel="lightbox-item"> <img src="/img/thumb190.gif" alt="Enlarge image" class="imagebg" style="background-image:url('/uploads/sized/da953f793125daef40957126da589afdf54e5569.jpg')"></a> </div> Police and justice,Voluntary sector ADVA Devon domestic violence service Karen Williams None UK > South West > EX 2011-01-22 17:31:00 None
2011-02-20T19:26:25.011275 bd446b1aa1dbc992a398b250af8bf08e <p>Registration and Servce Points are to be merged and this will lead to redundancies and reduction of quality in both services. People will be doing jobs they aren&#8217;t trained to do and didn&#8217;t choose to do. </p> Communities and local government Registration and Service Points, Highland Council Clare None UK > Scotland > IV 2011-01-22 15:02:00 IV3
2011-02-20T19:26:44.984268 a5550d66c7fb50a1cb90d6c11be56283 <p>Suffolk County Council plans to cut at least 30 percent from its &#194;&#163;9m library budget over the next three years. Two-thirds of Suffolk&#226;&#128;&#153;s 44 libraries will close by 2012 if no-one comes forward to take them over.</p> <p>A public consultation launched by the county council will run until 30th April 2011.&#160; </p> <p>Suffolk County Council is signed up as one of ten pilot regions for the government&#8217;s Future Libraries programme. </p> Arts and culture,Children,Education Suffolk County Libraries Steve Smedley None UK > East of England > IP 2011-01-21 23:14:00 None
2011-02-20T19:26:46.420948 f8e845bdbb4331a39d797c21302c7975 <p>Connexions, the youth careers advice and information service, cut around 30 FTE (full-time equivalent) posts during 2010/11 - from a total of 75 FTE - following a 40 percent funding cut. </p> <p>Among the jobs going are four management positions, 5.8 support staff and 20.8 from a mix of personal advisers, employment and training advisers, and advanced practitioners. </p> Children,Economic development and skills Wigan Connexions Chaminda Jayanetti None UK > North West > WN 2011-01-21 19:19:00 None
2011-02-20T19:26:47.968555 39023b8f93ec89b8ea3884cd2fb1b42e <p>Connexions Cheshire &amp; Warrington, which provides youth career guidance and information, cut 80 jobs from a workforce of 300 during 2010/11 following central government funding cuts. While most education advisers were maintained, most community advisers were made redundant. </p> Children,Economic development and skills Cheshire & Warrington Connexions Chaminda Jayanetti None UK > North West > CH 2011-01-21 18:59:00 None
2011-02-20T19:26:49.395820 15e72ebaf173ceb6f4bff6c24fec241f <p>Cambridgeshire County Council is making the following cuts to its Connexions youth careers guidance and information service:</p> <p>1) All Youth Work jobs and all Connexions IPA (Intensive Personal Adviser) jobs are to be merged into a new job called Youth Support Worker. The number of posts across the county is to be halved. All staff will need to compete for jobs. Many jobs will be 30 hours per week rather than 37 hours.</p> <p>2) UPAs (Careers Advisers) are to be renamed Guidance Advisers. The new job role varies by less than 20 percent but, as the total number of posts is to be reduced by 25 percent, there will be competition for jobs. The council is also planning to cut the working week from 52 to 48 hours.</p> <p>3) Youth Work Co-ordinator posts are to have a much expanded remit while losing 30 percent of posts.</p> <p>4) CIAs (usually Education Advisers in many services) are to lose 20 percent of posts.</p> <p>5) Client Researcher posts: 1 in 7 posts will go.</p> <p>In total the service will be reduced from 108.47 FTEs (full-time equivalent staff) to 72.27 FTEs - a reduction of 36 FTEs. Unison think this might actually mean 44 people losing jobs. </p> Children,Economic development and skills Cambridgeshire Connexions Chaminda Jayanetti None UK > East of England > CB 2011-01-21 18:28:00 None
2011-02-20T19:26:50.900798 bc802e307fb536f70b408da10e73738a <p>THE four Welsh police forces are expected to shed 1,600 officers and staff over the next four years with South Wales Police is expected to shed 688 officers and staff between 2011 and 2014. The force is due to lose 256 officers and 432 support staff by the end of 2014-15, including 114 officers and 167 support staff in 2011/12 alone. </p> Police and justice South Wales Police Robin UK > Wales > CF 2011-01-20 19:22:00 None
2011-02-20T19:26:52.601444 84c9404241f74a294382a9778f1c8ad3 <p>Cambridgeshire&#8217;s libraries and local studies/archives budget faces &#194;&#163;3.2m of cuts between 2011 and 2015. 13 libraries are under review. Large staff cuts are proposed along with a circa &#194;&#163;150k cut in the fund for new books. </p> Libraries Cambridgeshire libraries mcove None UK > East of England > CB 2011-01-20 17:39:00 None
2011-02-20T19:26:54.056029 ab1718f12edee6bc9d57e57031edf0bd <p>Sefton Council is to cease discretionary grants to external organisations which run play/childminding schemes during the school holidays. </p> Children Sefton holiday childcare schemes Kat sumner None UK > North West > PR 2011-01-20 17:03:00 PR9
2011-02-20T19:26:55.486115 142558c6ca74af20f74d7ce02d1dadc4 <p>Sefton Council is cutting &#194;&#163;69k of funding for the Opportunities Shop. The Opportunities Shop is a community-based charity covering the Liverpool and Merseyside areas of Sefton and Bootle and is aimed at providing local people with access to training, education and employment. </p> Economic development and skills,Education,Voluntary sector Opportunities Shop Kat sumner None UK > North West > L 2011-01-20 17:01:00 L20
2011-02-20T19:26:56.895976 4ec7888966576e907d3b6226e209ff41 <p>Sefton Council is scrapping its mobile library while three Southport libraries are under threat of closure, leaving only one (Southport Town Centre) - which is itself currently in temporary accommodation. </p> Libraries Sefton library closures Kat sumner None UK > North West > PR 2011-01-20 16:57:00 PR9
2011-02-20T19:26:58.333838 4f82fba27e4cde5c2c388d1bc6cea83e <p>Sefton Council have voted to reduce grounds management for parks including reducing bowling greens from 22 to 16. Site inspection and repairs team is being reduced.</p> <p>Also to reduce the repair and maintenance budget by &#194;&#163;50,000. </p> Children,Communities and local government,Environment and climate change Parks & Open Spaces, Sefton Kat sumner None UK > North West > PR 2011-01-20 16:52:00 PR9

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