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Reported 1 Oct 2010 Two ruts and groves in the road, at the traffic lights at the top of queens hall on Great horton road. I have dug my wheel in the road and have seen a new BMW, Mini cooper scrape his front spoiler o… 39740 Great Horton Road, Bradford
Reported 27 Oct 2010 Tarmac progressively snking around raised manhole. FLC-861128 40424 Otley Road, Charlestown, Baildon, Shipley BD17
Reported 3 Oct 2010 There are potholes along the length of Westwood Drive and this totally unacceptable FLC-851596 39776
Reported 27 Nov 2010 Cracked and Broken surface, Trough like Depression due to road subsidence, making the cyclist move out in to a very busy traffic lane. 41236 sticker lane bradford west yorkshire
Reported 15 Dec 2010 Large pothole by the side of the road extending out into the main carriage way. FLC-884255 41468 Buckle Lane
Reported 19 Jan 2011 Couple of deep holes particularly dangerous for cyclists as on left side. Located conveniently in a gap of low steeet lighting. CR135852-894390 43698 Sutton Lane
Reported 20 Jan 2011 Pothole FLC-895189 43871 Salts Mill Road
Reported 20 Jan 2011 Large deep pothole CR135657-893181 43972 Rhodesway
Reported 28 Jan 2011 pothole, dangerous for cyclists. FLC-899476 45211 Dowley Gap Lane
Reported 28 Jan 2011 i cycle past this daily and have seen it get worse over the last few weeks. i reported a pothole here approx 6 months ago which was promptly filled, however the weather has eroded some of this away. FLC-899480 45213 bradford road
Reported 31 Jan 2011 Whole area of cycle path form Asda to the park is strewn with broken glass, probably half a dozen beer bottles which have been repeatedly smashed to forma carpet of glass across the whole width of th… FLC-900178 45555 Cycle path from Asda to Burras Road
Reported 8 Feb 2011 Frequent potholes over 1 Mile of A6033 from Bradford boundary with Calderdale all the way to Oxenhope boundary; but mainly above the Waggon and Horses Pub. Due to the convex nature of the road surfa… FLC-904821 46637 A6033
Reported 8 Feb 2011 temporary lights rarely working (head on collision risk since often foggy on this moor rd) and in place for nearly a year without work being done. Surface from previous work on driven carriageway no… 46640 A6033
Reported 21 Feb 2011 Broken tarmac around manhole CR136298-897576 48476 Brook Street
Reported 23 Feb 2011 Deep pothole in road 48777 Canal Road
Reported 23 Feb 2011 A crack (m shaped) widening - now big enough for a bicycle wheel to be caught in it. 48778 A650 Tong Street
Reported 2 Mar 2011 Sunken drain FLC-914853 50028 Canal Road
Reported 3 Mar 2011 Long section of road breaking up, gulley has opened up along the centre for some 200 mtrs, numerous potholes. FLC-917176 50212 TWO LAWS ROAD
Reported 4 Mar 2011 Pothole next to drain on roundabout FLC-917199 50248 Wakefield Road
Reported 7 Mar 2011 Pothole in middle of junction FLC-918192 50626 Otley Road
Reported 8 Mar 2011 Pothole in road next to small drain cover FLC-919491 50770 Bingley Road / Bradford Road
Reported 9 Mar 2011 Various large pot holes covering a 100m section of road. Many of which are deep enough to be a major hazard. FLC-919493 50890 Bolton Road
Reported 25 May 2012 pot hole one of two FLC-1130657 68351 Larch Hill Crescent
Reported 19 Mar 2011 on the A6160 Bolton Road from Addingham towards Bolton Abbey the road is littered with very large pot holes across a whole section of the road. Some are over a metre in length and greater than 5cm i… FLC-925840 52171 Bolton Road
Reported 25 Mar 2011 Previous repair now breaking up again due to high volume of traffic. FLC-929022 52991 King's road
Reported 28 Mar 2011 Multiple potholes and long stretcjes of road surface severely damaged 53313 Bolton Road
Reported 29 Mar 2011 whole section of carriageway sinking and disintegrating CR139268-924154 53363 green road
Reported 16 Aug 2012 great big potholes 70735 thornton view road
Reported 9 Apr 2011 deep pothole in the middle of a narrow lane and almost unavoidable - as a cyclist i nearly came a cropper when my front wheel hit the hole FLC-937464 54619 hazel Hurst Road, queensbury, west yorkshire
Reported 19 Apr 2011 Nuisance pot hole FLC-941985 55360 HERSCHEL ROAD / RHODESWAY
Reported 3 May 2011 We have a sunken piece of tarmac on the pavement, which has become a trip hazard FLC-947006 56227 Wapping Road, Bradford
Reported 15 Jul 2011 Several potholes and very uneven surface with large cracks/divets in the road/cycle/bus lane which makes it very difficult for cyclists to use this part of the road. I have also witnessed bus drivers… FLC-980474 58482 Manningham Lane
Reported 18 Jul 2011 Outside the garage on Canal Road, Bradford, there is a very dangerous manhole cover, partially collapsed. The surface of the manhole is slippery in wet weather and liable to throw a bike rider off. T… FLC-983060 58584 Canal Road, Bradford
Reported 19 Jul 2011 Collapsing / deforming fire hydrant / water valve pit cover FLC-982952 58591 Huddersfield Road / A641
Reported 29 Jul 2011 Large deep hole in the tarmac FLC-988681 58910 Thornton Rd
Reported 20 Jul 2011 Missing gulley covers, Bradford bound on A641 between Wyke Lion Pub crossroads and the first speed camera 2 nr gulley covers have mysteriously disappeared over night. 58624 Huddersfield Road / A641
Reported 26 Sep 2011 Collapsing manhole ironworks and surrounding tarmac 60332 A6177 Rooley Lane junction with M606 eastbound exit
Reported 4 Jan 2013 Rather large pothole appeared at the roundabout with M606. Noticed it on Wed and Thursday when cycling home 75053 Staygate roundabout
Reported 20 Nov 2011 Significant pothole FLC-1039811 61442 Baildon Road
Reported 6 Oct 2011 damaged man hole cover FLC-1020032 60530 Otley Road A6308, Near Buck Lane.
Reported 6 Jan 2012 Drain has sunk FLC-1061464 62668 A650 Bingley Road
Reported 15 Jan 2012 There are a large number of metal plates and pipes together in an area of tarmac. Traffic moves the steel realtive to the tarmac forming large deep potholes all around the metal. The metal pipes of… 62999 Otley Road
Reported 30 Jan 2012 Broken tarmac around drain on side of the road next to fields. FLC-1073281 63527 Ilkley Road / A65
Reported 28 Jan 2012 pot hole increasing in size over the last few weeks - high traffic levels 63439 A650 junction with Hamm Strasse
Reported 14 Feb 2012 This is a very long stretch of road, which was dug up repeatedly by various utility companies and is now left in a disastrous state, affecting both divers and cyclists. The long stretch approx 0.25 m… FLC-1078829 64088 Ilkley road between the A65 intersection and Old Lane
Reported 2 Mar 2012 Medium size pothole in middle of road in more than one place FLC-1087326 64747 Ashfield, off tong street, Bradford bd4
Reported 8 Mar 2012 Large chunks of tarmac road surface is missing in the middle of the junction with South Street, Worth Way and Otley Street. It's very rough and uncomfortable to ride over even in my car. On the bike,… FLC-1091688 64994 South Street/Worth Way/Otley Street
Reported 5 Mar 2012 Severley rocking manhole lid likely to fail soon FLC-1090760 64852 Bradford Road
Reported 2 Mar 2012 Medium size pothole in middle of road in more than one place CR158343-1087326 64748 Ashfield, off tong street, Bradford bd4
Reported 11 Mar 2012 Pothole FLC-1092616 65147
Reported 30 Mar 2012 Pothole that has nearly caught me out on my bike. Approx 1 inch deep. FLC-1106131 65934
Reported 19 Mar 2012 Covered in potholes from poor road repair. Came very close to losing control on one of the corners which is very dangerous because of the terrible potholes. CR158853-1092237 65546
Reported 25 Apr 2012 Deep pot hole in centre of road FLC-1116697 66867 bingley road
Reported 28 Apr 2012 Large pot hole FLC-1121010 67029
Reported 28 Apr 2012 Very rough road surface at a crossroad junction which makes it dangerous for road users FLC-1121017 67035 Smith St
Reported 23 Jul 2012 Large Pothole just after man hole cover FLC-1161531 70161
Reported 27 Jul 2012 Large pothole FLC-1161547 70271
Reported 6 Aug 2012 Unsure of cause, but loose raised surface at junction. Presents a hazard to cyclists and motorists alike. FLC-1169256 70520 Queens Road Valley Road junction
Reported 16 Aug 2012 whole lenght of the road is a greaat big pothole it is an absolute disgrace FLC-1172189 70734 brow lane
Reported 8 Sep 2012 Road around pothole shows signs a previous areas of repair. The road surface is very warn leading up to the pothole and after it. Some gravel on spreading in to road from left hand turn on to old l… CR168518-118218 71139
Reported 12 Sep 2012 Long groove in road surface not unlike a tram line. My front went into this groove last night whilst cycling around 35 mph. The groove gripped my front wheel and I was nearly off the bike. If I had h… FLC-1184711 71211 Bradford Road (B6265)
Reported 29 Oct 2012 Sunken manhole cover and road surface around it has deteriorated. The hazard is near a junction and on the cycling line. FLC-1207255 72222 Royd Ings Ave
Reported 30 Sep 2012 Pothole due to poorly repaired road, causing danger to pedal cyclists FLC-1192977 71569
Reported 2 Nov 2012 The road is badly rutted and the surface is very bad meaning it can be difficult to maintain control of a bike when riding on it. 1472960 72322 Keighley Road - B6265
Reported 6 Nov 2012 The road surface is so badly deteriorated it is extremely difficult to cycle along and can only be ridden slowly This is the same problem on both sides of the carriageway FLC-1210909 72389 Keighley Road
Reported 3 Jan 2013 large hole next to grate cover FLC-1238288 74823 A6038
Reported 4 Jan 2013 major pothole in middle of road surrounded by debris appeared after Xmas 75007 Moor Park Drive
Reported 3 Jan 2013 Deep depression in road FLC-1238413 74847 Cgase Way / Sliproad off top of M606 going towards Asda
Reported 24 Feb 2014 many potholes of dangerous size & depth on vine terrace east, bradford, bd8 0lf. more like 50% of street is lower than rest of street. if this is not a bradford council road please write to residents… 99002 vine terrace east, bradford, bd8 0lf
Reported 28 Feb 2014 Blocked drain which when wet hides drain which a cycle tyre can get court in 99410
Reported 23 Feb 2014 Road surface breaking up over an extensive area 1501137 98928 Valley Road at Shipley
Reported 19 Feb 2014 There is a sizable pothole immediately prior to a speed bump. It is difficult to avoid due to its position in the road and the impact is worsened due to its proximity with the speed bump. 1498472 98327 Stafford Street
Reported 2 Feb 2014 Badly damaged road surface on iron bridge crossing the River Wharfe at Ilkley. Stone walls at entrance and exit of bridge also damaged and in need of repair. 1485235 96351 Denton Road
Reported 30 Jan 2014 A large pot holed area at the junction that causes cyclists to swerve right into 2 lanes of traffic. 1483719 96098 Bradford road
Reported 22 Jan 2014 A large stretch of road is now mottled with large potholes, growing at a rapid rate and some significantly deep. 1473348 95290 Scar top road
Reported 22 Jan 2014 There is a manhole cover which has been partly repaired, however, on the right-side of the repair, the tarmac has worn away leaving a large hole. This is very dangerous for cyclists who use this roa… 1473003 95275 Keighley Road
Reported 8 Jan 2014 Many parts of road surface breaking up 1460288 93950 Cockin Lane
Reported 30 Nov 2013 Previously repaired 1438688 92285
Reported 22 Oct 2013 This morning I punctured my bike tyre at Saltaire roundabout, making me late for work. It could have been worse had I fallen off the bike, as this is an extremely busy roundabout. 91122 Saltaire Road
Reported 19 Oct 2013 Raised ironwork surrounded by failing 'patching' to road surface 1410309 91021 Bolton Road
Reported 12 Oct 2013 Three potholes all in a line on a tree shaded, steep descent. These are on a slight bend and exactly on a cyclists line. 1406545 90810 Holden Lane
Reported 16 Sep 2013 Long rut followed by shorter deep rut .this has caused a serious accident. The cyclist is in hospital with a broken collar bone and a shattered hip.This needs immediate action. CR192074-1388247 90022 Bradford Road
Reported 4 Aug 2013 Very uneven road surface after several years of works and house building, but has never been resurfaced or flattened. 89195 Baildon Wood Court
Reported 18 Jul 2013 long pothole... 2 feet? FLC-1354842 88895 Little Horton Lane
Reported 25 May 2013 Crumbling and disintegrated man hole cover 87175 a65
Reported 5 Apr 2013 Tarmac broken around drain FLC-1288883 84120 Wakefield Road
Reported 5 Apr 2013 Longitudinal deep pot hole at stiop line as right turn lane crosses dedicated bus lane full depth of carriageway surfacing CR184134-129276 84093 Manchester Road A641 Northbound dedicated right turn lane
Reported 23 Mar 2013 There are potholes all over Kenley Mount in Bradford, some small and some quite large. We regularly have to swerve to avoid them and they're getting worse!! FLC-1282187 83027 Kenley Mount
Reported 14 Mar 2013 Pothole in centre of junction 82051 Otley Road, Valley Road junction
Reported 14 Mar 2013 Large area of interlinked potholes FLC-1275148 81941 Scar Top Road
Reported 14 Mar 2013 Surface on is a total shambles, full of holes and sunken areas. Many drivers going to right hand side of the road to bypass. FLC-1275096 81923 Carr Lane
Reported 10 Mar 2013 Multiple potholes and raised temporary repairs right across the road surface posing hazards to all forms of road user. FLC-1273291 81617
Reported 26 Feb 2013 Pot hole developed due to poorly maintained road FLC-1266359 80636
Reported 17 Feb 2013 Previously filled pot hole now 're-opened' and enlarged FLC-1262114 79872 manningham lane
Reported 8 Feb 2013 Massive hole on junction - looks like someone is digging a hole for a beloved pet. FLC-1257788 78615 Bradford road junction with A6038
Reported 31 Jan 2013 Sunken manhole cover and surroundings. On the cycling line and deep, getting deeper CR178449-124862 77735 Sutton Lane
Reported 29 Jan 2013 maintenance cover reported over 2 years ago still defective, covers full inside lane of road FLC-1251861 77449 Manchester Road
Reported 17 Jan 2013 sunk drain FLC-1244866 76540 A6038
Reported 17 Jan 2013 long deep rut crossing the road outside nuffield health/gym heading towards bradford, shipley/charlestown area Bradford, west yorkshire. FLC-1244624 76539 A6038
March 2014
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