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Scrapes the data about Bradford's Potholes as reported via Fill That Hole (

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status dateadded description haref id road
Reported 2012-05-25 pot hole one of two FLC-1130657 68351 Larch Hill Crescent
Reported 2012-08-16 great big potholes 70735 thornton view road
Reported 2014-02-24 many potholes of dangerous size & depth on vine terrace east, bradford, bd8 0lf. more like 50% of street is lower than rest of street. if this is not a bradford council road please write to residents… 99002 vine terrace east, bradford, bd8 0lf
Reported 2009-07-21 A hole 2 feet deep left unfilled after road repairs to install new drainage pipes were completed. FLC-665539 21943 Tim Lane
Reported 2009-06-25 Pothole created by collapse in backfilled cable trench FLC-657216 21554 Cocking Lane
Reported 2009-06-07 There are a series of sunken drains and patches of uneven surface on The Grove in Ilkley - this is a particular hazard for cyclists travelling westwards on the road, particularly as this is a narrow … FLC-647726 21248 The Grove
Reported 2009-06-03 Pothole in the middle of the road 21161 Fagley Road
Reported 2009-06-01 Road surface around manhole broken and manhole moving when driven over. FLC-644357 21111 Otley Road
Reported 2009-05-21 Worn manhole cover. Top of manhole is ultra smooth. Grip bumps worn away. Is on a bend and in line of travel for cyclists and motor cyclists. Represents severe slip hazard especially in rain. FLC-640223 20836 Harden Road
Reported 2009-05-21 Missing road surface FLC-640219 20835 Park Lane Keighley
Reported 2009-05-19 Road has sunk next to manhole FLC-639453 20788 Langley Lane, Baildon
Reported 2009-04-30 The road surface is deteriorating rapidly since the outer yellow line was removed loosening the road aggregate. This is exacerbated in areas where the road surface is sunken and cracked - generally u… FLC-631986 20220 Keighley Road, Manningham Lane
Reported 2008-12-10 Double pothole, making passage on the road almost impossible FLC-581294 15974 back great russell street
Reported 2008-01-31 surface breaking up in several places 10682
Reported 2008-01-30 Persistent unevenness and gravel on the section of the Shearbridge roundabout between Shearbridge Road and Great Horton Road that leads across the front of the University of Bradford. This is despit… 10647 Great Horton Road
Reported 2007-05-30 Surface poorly restored after roadworks. Uneven surface and potholes. Sunken manholes/drains 6771 Baldwin Lane
Reported 2007-05-22 concrete spilled on road surface 6609 Otley Road
Reported 2007-05-22 concrete spilled on road surface 6607 swine lane
Reported 2007-05-17 Deep large pophole 6477
Reported 2007-05-14 At least 5 or 6 deep potholes and gullys. I decided to report these after the 'tonight' programme this evening, but have been 'encountering' & wrecking my tyres/suspension on them for the past 4+ we… 6389 Allerton Lane/School Green
Reported 2007-03-16 Surface crumbling away starting at the kerb & widening to cover nearly all the left hand side of carriageway travelling towards Otley 4379
Reported 2007-03-12 Sunken drain 4052 Otley Road
In progress 2007-03-08 Ruts, road surface uneven and worn out on near side going down the hill Hazard 3673 3673 Haworth Road
In progress 2007-03-08 Pot hole in line of where cyclist would normally ride in road. Hazard 3670 3670 Haworth Road
Reported 2007-03-02 Cycle lane and area near the kerb is ruted and very un even 2975 Huddersfield Road
Reported 2007-02-01 Superb surfaced road following redesign of road junction. However a manhole cover has been left in a sunken position. Due to the smooth surface and heavy road markings it is very difficult to spot. I… 747 A647/Etna Street
Reported 2007-01-29 large pothole that could unseat a rider or cause punctures by undue impact when riding over it. 320 Keighley/Skipton old Road A629
Reported 2010-02-06 Uneven road due to severe weather conditions. FLC-744690 28540 A6033 Haworth Road
Reported 2010-02-06 Damaged road surface following severe weather. 28539 A6033 Haworth Road
Reported 2010-02-06 Previous repairs to manhole cover sunken. FLC-744794 28538 A629 Halifax Road
Reported 2010-02-06 Area around cover sunken. FLC-744720 28534 A629 Halifax Road
Reported 2010-02-06 Previous repairs insufficient 28533 A629 Halifax Road
Reported 2010-02-06 Area around 3 covers uneven/sunken FLC-744629 28531 A629 Halifax Road
Reported 2010-01-26 approx 1" deep cobblestones showing underneath, on a high road-stressed corner. FLC-740877 27267 junction of Kings road & A6177 Queens road
Reported 2010-01-25 pothole just next to the cycle path FLC-739292 27038 All Saints Rd
Reported 2010-01-21 Rut outside my driveway, causing bumper to scrub floor when entering driveway FLC-738703 26445 Westfield Crescent
Reported 2010-01-21 Sunken repair work, raised edges, umpteen holes and bumps. FLC-738704 26444 Station Road, Shipley, BD17
Reported 2010-01-21 big pot hole FLC-738361 25816 WYKE LANE
Reported 2010-01-21 A steady stream of water pours out of a gap in a garden wall, which in the recent cold weather froze, was snowed on, froze again, etc. It created an icy speed hump, right across the carriageway - on … FLC-738295 25578 Nab Wood Grove/Glenview Road junc of Bankfield Drive
Reported 2010-01-14 Pothole appeared because of the bad weather. Because of it's position it's hard to avoid on a bike without swerving on the middle of the road. FLC-734012 24810 Bradford Road B6266
Reported 2010-01-04 A NUMBER OF POTHOLES FLC-731093 24500 LOW LANE
Reported 2010-01-04 POTHOLES CR113904-720900 24499 CHAT HILL ROAD
Reported 2010-01-04 large hole FLC-731092 24497 rhodesway
Reported 2009-12-21 Pothole in centre of road, at junction to roundabout FLC-726410 24260 Hall Lane
Reported 2009-12-13 Missing drain cover. 24138 Langbar Road
Reported 2009-12-08 A large man hole that has sunken into the road FLC-718457 24035 Manchester road Bradford
Reported 2009-12-04 There are two drain grids adjacent to each other, one more sunken than the other. They are on a LH bend just where cars usually decide to overtake cycliists. The cyclist can either ride over the gr… FLC-717938 23909 Sutton Lane
Reported 2009-11-23 Sunken manhole 23657 Sticker Lane
Reported 2009-11-23 Pothole in the middle of the road FLC-713583 23651 Dudley Hill Road
Reported 2009-11-23 Pothole in left hand lane of roundabout FLC-713334 23650 Roundabout between Sticker Lane and Rooley Lane
Reported 2009-11-16 Hole next to manhole cover in the middle of the road. Metal edge of manhole cover is exposed. FLC-742601 23556 Leeds Road, Shipley
Reported 2009-11-03 The junction between Victoria Avenue and the A65 is now even more treacherous to cyclists. The road surface has become very uneven and it's difficult to steer through this busy junction safely. The… 23393 Skipton Road (A65)
Reported 2009-09-22 broken surface 22887 st Mary's rd.
Reported 2009-09-09 The surface around the manhole cover has worn away, leaving a big hole just before the manhole cover itself 22676 Bradford Road (Old A650 - now B265?)
Reported 2009-07-29 Rumble strip on fast dowhill on road from Hebden Bridge to Oxenhope. Fine on my Mountain bike but not so on a light road bike with high pressure tyres. Solution would be wider strip for cyclists … FLC-684294 22052 Hebden Bridge Road - A6033
Reported 2009-07-22 There are some nasty grooves in the surface just before the pedestrian crossing/T lights. I think this is where the T light "coils" are buried in the road. Need filling in with some tar. My front … FLC-665555 21954 Bradford Road
Reported 2011-01-19 Couple of deep holes particularly dangerous for cyclists as on left side. Located conveniently in a gap of low steeet lighting. CR135852-894390 43698 Sutton Lane
Reported 2010-12-15 Large pothole by the side of the road extending out into the main carriage way. FLC-884255 41468 Buckle Lane
Reported 2010-11-27 Cracked and Broken surface, Trough like Depression due to road subsidence, making the cyclist move out in to a very busy traffic lane. 41236 sticker lane bradford west yorkshire
Reported 2010-10-27 Tarmac progressively snking around raised manhole. FLC-861128 40424 Otley Road, Charlestown, Baildon, Shipley BD17
Reported 2010-10-03 There are potholes along the length of Westwood Drive and this totally unacceptable FLC-851596 39776
Reported 2010-10-01 Two ruts and groves in the road, at the traffic lights at the top of queens hall on Great horton road. I have dug my wheel in the road and have seen a new BMW, Mini cooper scrape his front spoiler o… 39740 Great Horton Road, Bradford
Reported 2010-09-21 A couple of potholes FLC-846390 39495 Hirstwood Road
Reported 2010-08-25 A couple of sunken drain covers and rough road surface - local traffic know about this and consequently swerve around it to avoid damage. CR124649-813849 39016 Thornton Rd
Reported 2010-08-14 holes in road FLC-830438 38826 southdown road
Reported 2010-07-20 After running water froze across the road last winter it left the surface in a terrible broken up state from the gutter to the centre. It is especially dangerous as it is on a 1 in 6 descent on a ri… 38232 Otley Road, East Morton, Near Bingley, West Yorkshire
Reported 2010-07-11 Degraded road surface with pair of potholes, gradually merging into one large pothole... 38052 valley road
Reported 2010-07-04 A great deal of the road surface between Addingham and Bolton abbey is broken, pitted, pot-holed. Would not be noticed in a car - on a bike it is terribly shaky and wobbly. Worst at the Addingham en… FLC-814334 37905 Bolton Road
Reported 2010-06-11 There is about 50yards of very dangerous road edge starting on otley road as it is joined by baildon road and continuing on past the entrance to focus on the left, heading south into shipley. Three o… FLC-804156 37328 Otley road/baildon road junction, near side heading south
Reported 2010-06-08 I reported this junction last year after work left a ridge across the road. Potholes appeared over winter and a surface crack is growing (where the road was widened). It now looks like you plan to j… FLC-802372 37212 Skipton Road, A65
Reported 2010-05-29 wide pothole on the stop line at taffic lights, deep enough to make cycles wobble and swerve into the crossroads traffic - short and sharp enough to puncture bike tyres FLC-799047 36800 harrogate road, braodford
Reported 2010-05-19 Really terrible road surface, the tarmac is breaking up leaving a very uneven surface along the whole road. Bordering on dangerous for cycling in my opinion, I know to take extra care on this street. FLC-794694 36430 Cross lane
Reported 2010-05-19 Pothole in the middle of the road FLC-794681 36428 Southmere Road
Reported 2010-05-05 Large Pothole approx 5foot by 3 foot and is directly in the driving line and could cause a major accident. FLC-788842 35990 Walden Drive
Reported 2010-05-04 Approx 1 metre patched repair, the road surface has sunk following winter weather and heavy traffic. It causes cyclists to be ricocheted into the path of following traffic. FLC-788562 35973 OAK LANE junction with MANNINGHAM LANE
Reported 2010-04-20 More than 50 potholes on a half mile stretch of Well Heads, in Thornton, Bradford 35340 Well Heads
Reported 2010-04-14 Road has been dug across the length of the road and has not been filled into the level of the road surface and it is un avoidable to go down it, i've been lucky so far in the way that i've hit it but… FLC-779634 34858 Skipton Road, Near Utley Cemetery
Reported 2010-03-21 rut/trench opening up across road FLC-766705 32895 B6265 Skipton Road, Utley
Reported 2010-03-02 pothole FLC-757355 31088 Apperley Lane
Reported 2010-02-23 Sunken trench where utility company has dug up the road and filled it in, but it has since subsided. Trench crosses the whole width of the road. FLC-754081 30134 main street, menston
Reported 2010-02-20 The whole lane is covered by numerous potholes meaning you have to cross the central line to avoid them. FLC-753172 29868 B6379
Reported 2010-02-19 One large potholes with several smaller ones FLC-752258 29716 Gain Lane
Reported 2010-02-19 Pothole on bridge in left hand lane. There was a hole in the same place several weeks ago. FLC-752262 29715 Roundabout between Sticker Lane and Rooley Lane
Reported 2010-02-07 Large Pothole 28644
Reported 2010-02-06 Pothole on approach to crossing. FLC-744709 28541 A6033 Haworth Road
Reported 2011-09-26 Collapsing manhole ironworks and surrounding tarmac 60332 A6177 Rooley Lane junction with M606 eastbound exit
Reported 2011-07-29 Large deep hole in the tarmac FLC-988681 58910 Thornton Rd
Reported 2011-07-20 Missing gulley covers, Bradford bound on A641 between Wyke Lion Pub crossroads and the first speed camera 2 nr gulley covers have mysteriously disappeared over night. 58624 Huddersfield Road / A641
Reported 2011-07-19 Collapsing / deforming fire hydrant / water valve pit cover FLC-982952 58591 Huddersfield Road / A641
Reported 2011-07-18 Outside the garage on Canal Road, Bradford, there is a very dangerous manhole cover, partially collapsed. The surface of the manhole is slippery in wet weather and liable to throw a bike rider off. T… FLC-983060 58584 Canal Road, Bradford
Reported 2011-07-15 Several potholes and very uneven surface with large cracks/divets in the road/cycle/bus lane which makes it very difficult for cyclists to use this part of the road. I have also witnessed bus drivers… FLC-980474 58482 Manningham Lane
Reported 2011-05-03 We have a sunken piece of tarmac on the pavement, which has become a trip hazard FLC-947006 56227 Wapping Road, Bradford
Reported 2011-04-19 Nuisance pot hole FLC-941985 55360 HERSCHEL ROAD / RHODESWAY
Reported 2011-04-09 deep pothole in the middle of a narrow lane and almost unavoidable - as a cyclist i nearly came a cropper when my front wheel hit the hole FLC-937464 54619 hazel Hurst Road, queensbury, west yorkshire
Reported 2011-03-29 whole section of carriageway sinking and disintegrating CR139268-924154 53363 green road
Reported 2011-03-28 Multiple potholes and long stretcjes of road surface severely damaged 53313 Bolton Road
Reported 2011-03-25 Previous repair now breaking up again due to high volume of traffic. FLC-929022 52991 King's road
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