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This scraper uses the data of Grassroot Mapping project collected data on Gulf oil spill and provides it in a well-formatted, normalized, and reusable way through ScraperWiki API. For more information about the Grassroot Mapping project check the following links:

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1 5/4/2010 Sent/online gulf overflight 1500 Adam Griffith Adam Griffith 0 cessna 13:00:00 {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[1]]}
2 5/7/2010 Sent/online gulf overflight {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[2]]}
3 5/7/2010 Sent/online Port Fourchon canal 893 Oliver Yeh Oliver Yeh balloon {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[3]]}
4 5/8/2010 Sent/online overexposed imagery nada, thank you Lee for the use of the camera NW Chandeleur Islands 200 4000' Stewart Long Stewart Long 0 4,000' restriction aerodrome in place approx 80-75 degree oblique flyover. hazy conditions. turbo prop images shot through window 12:24:00 {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[4]]}
5 5/9/2010 Sent/online Chandeleur Islands, 29.801606,-88.864503 222 ~1500 ft Stewart Long Stewart Long, Shannon Dosemagen, Mariko 0 balloon 13:00:00 {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[5]]}
6 5/10/2010 Sent/online Grand Isle State Park 184 Kris Ansin 0 kite {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[6]]}
7 5/15/2010 Sent/online Dauphin Island, AL 54 Shannon Dosemagen 0 kite {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[7]]}
8 5/18/2010 Sent/online gulf overflight 2000 Adam Griffith Adam Griffith 1 cessna {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[8]]}
9 5/19/2010 Sent/online Grand Isle State Park 318 Kris Ansin 1 balloon moving SW along the coast, starting across from grand terre 11:30:00 {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[9]]}
10 5/20/2010 Sent/online Long beach Missisippi 200 ~1000 ft Jeffrey Warren Jeffrey Warren, Kris, ... 0 nope good steady wind, grew until it started getting a bit much... ended at about 20mph kite 10am-3pm {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[10]]}
11 5/22/2010 Sent/online Lake Fortuna, LA 118 Kris Ansin? 0 balloon blurry {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[11]]}
12 5/27/2010 Sent/online Isle Grand Terre (Grand Isle State Park) 182 Justin Blancher, Adam Griffith? 0 balloon one mile sharp beach images, glare on water though 12:00:00 {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[12]]}
13 5/29/2010 Mail (on DVD/CD) no no Waveland- May 29 sent in with disc 358 full reel of line, but balloon was dragged sideways at end, so not positive Shannon Shannon, Branigan Brennan, Mariko Toyoji 1 or 2? First time at site None, be careful of the power lines (as commented to us by a police officer) Wasn't windy when we launched, picked up about 5 minutes in and balloon drifted away from shorline balloon about 11am {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[13]]}
14 5/30/2010 gave to Shannon balloon popped on boat. Kite worked great in high wind, but t-storm brought us in early ballon--replaced don't have--submitted w/ pics 210 maybe 300ft (lightning in distance was scary) Lauren Kellar (my bf), Kristian (filmmaker), Gary (Capt.) 0 first time no, but area is becoming less accessible very windy, especially behind boat. Go early in the morning to avoid t-storms kite Gary is awesome! 11am {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[14]]}
15 6/2/2010 gave to Shannon N/A i think I misplaced the wind gauge submitted Lat/Long w/ pics. Public pier at Long Beach, MS & Biloxi, MS 253 1000 Ft Lauren Lauren, Becki, Paulina, Emily Long Beach:1, Biloxi: 0 nothing nope Wind picks up as you walk out on the pier, so don't get discouraged if you can't get the kite up at first first, kite w/ trash bag attached & then just the kite don't use the kite with a trashbag. it causes the camera to bounce around too much 11:00-1:00 {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[15]]}
16 6/3/2010 gave to Shannon N/A N/A submitted Lat/Long w/ pics. state park pier at Grand Isle, LA 197 1000 ft. Lauren & Shannon Lauren & Shannon 2 oil everywhere no--state park is still open, just have to pay $1 to get in lots of wind today kite sheriff kicked us off the pier once they found out how much oil was there, but we already had the kite up. 2:00-3:00 {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[16]]}
17 6/9/2010 online N/A N/A Blue Seals Kris Ansin gulf Overflight 1600 Kris Kris 0 {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[17]]}
18 6/9/2010 fedex dvds N/A N/A Blue Seals Paul Brown gulf Overflight (Video) video {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[18]]}
19 6/10/2010 gave to Kris / Shannon N/A new kite needs tails submitted Lat/Long w/ pics. state park pier at Grand Isle, LA ? 1000 ft. Lauren Lauren & Jaclyn 3 state park taken over by clean-up crews, but still open to public. Oil on beach mostly cleaned up since the last time. no good wind, but no tails on kite caused the kite to swing around a lot kite we made the CBS evening news 12:00-1:00 {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[19]]}
20 6/11/2010 mailed to stu Lake Borgne 0 n/a balloon 13:00:00 {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[20]]}
21 6/13/2010 FTP Time interval set for 22 seconds, too long all ok Perdido Point , east of Perdido pass Baldwin County 30deg 16.382min N - 87deg 33.2W 123 about 750', Justin Blancher and Sustainable Ecosystem Restoration, LLC Justin Blancher, Don Blancher 0 First time. decent amount of oil both in pass and along beach. lots of tarballs on beach in pass. large patches (10ft) of oil mousse seen offshore in waves between oil booms. Oil boom discontinuous. Lots of boats inside of pass in entrance to Terry Cove, sitting mostly doing nothing. Seemed to be alot of boats with no action, when something could have been done to be collecting some of the floating materials. Maybe becasue of outgoing tide, they were letting it leave the bay. No, access to park under bridge is easy. lots of clean-up crews occupying parking areas, but accessible. Good, wind from southwest, so balloon did not get much of the water, tried to get waters edge with limited success. balloon 4:00-4:36 pm {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[21]]}
22 6/15/2010 Gave camera to Shannon Old weatherballon snagged on pier and popped Ballon, though there is still a new spare one in the kit Pier in Gulfport, MS at the intersection of Courthouse Road and E. Beach Blvd., on the farthest west rock pile (30.375745,-89.043031, best guess by jeff) Not sure We sent out most of the spool and it was blowing at about a 45 degree angle Becki Chall, John Doresy, Alexis Castro 0 No signs at all of what was going on offshore. There were tourists on the beach and in the water Piece of cake Decent. There was a storm brewing west of us. We got a couple electrical zaps coming through the string as we pulled the balloon back in, probably static electricity from the storm? balloon 6/15/2010 noon {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[22]]}
23 6/15/2010 FTP First Flight, not enough helium, abloon popped, third try was a charm balloon, helium 30 deg 14.772 min N ; 88 deg 7.57 min W. See kml file in folder 362 30 ft first, 300' second Justin Blancher, David Sheffield, 1 First effort tried with a kite and was unsuccessful, not enough wind (7 mph) But more tar balls on beach then no 7-8 mph winds from south southeast balloon balloon popped after first flight, Don't drive with a balloon hanging out of a convertible. 2:25 pm CST and 4:00 pm CST {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[23]]}
24 6/16/2010 gave to Kris / Shannon N/A N/A Isle Grand Terre 29.272446 -89.944223 ? maybe 500 ft. Lauren Lauren, Erin, Elizabeth 0 first time only accessible by boat, risk of getting kicked off=high poor wind. Was unable to bring helium tank on skiff boat because not enough room. Wasn't able to get kite very high up kite we need to get back over here & try to map the whole coast. Too many divergent interests on boat trip this time--call ahead of time to book Greenpeace (free!). 3:00:00 {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[24]]}
25 6/18/2010 online the balloon is beginning to look deformed, our helium tank ran out of air no Ocean Springs, MS Latitude: 30.41, Longitude: -88.83 in our first attempt, we got 213. In our second attempt, I am not sure, most of them were of the same location or of the highway for the balloon: 1000 feet, straight up. for the kite, we eventually got to 1000 feet, but it kept blowing away from the coast/shore Erin Sharkey Erin Sharkey, Chrissy and Colleen (from Americorp) this was my first The beach at Biloxi was very pretty and pristine. It did not appear to have been touched/affected by the oil yet. We did find an odd pool of what looked like oil at Lat 30.40/Long -88.83. Also, we found hundreds of dead hermit crabs washed ashore at our second location..and a few huge dead fish. No trouble getting to the site. However, when tried to fly the kite on the beach next to a marina next to the Hard Rock Casino, a security guy drove his golf cart to us to tell us that some of the boaters were worried that our kite would "fall on their boats".. since the kite kept flying away from where we wanted it, we just reeled it in and left. very windy mid-day. We could get good balloon pictures, but later the kite and balloon were hard to control and they kept blowing into the road so we probably did not get any good pictures both we should probably have extra batteries and maybe an extra memory card in our bag. I am not sure how many pictures it holds around 11am {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[25]]}
26 6/18/2010 16:00:14 Kris Ansin First helium tank was empty Helium tank filled 29 27 28 (N)/ 89 59 32 (W) 600-800 ft Hunter Daniel, Erica Chomsky, Garry 0 There was boom stretched across the entrance to the bay, and the working men didn't seem happy to see us. When we first pulled up, a large scooner began to approach the boom, but as we stayed back and floated, so did the officials. Later, we approached the boom, which had oil splotches, and we had no troubles. Smelled oily. We had intended on going further into the bay, but couldn't cross the boom. So, we had to take a back channel on the other side of an island, but by the time we made it to the next opening, we were running low on fuel and had to return. Flying conditions were good. The balloon began to sink a couple times, and so we tightened the line. I turned in the photos to Kris Ansin, one of the co-ordinaters from the LA Bucket Brigade, and so I haven't seen the images yet.29 27 28 balloon 10:30:00 {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[26]]}
27 6/18/2010 Fort Morgan, AL 665 700 Ft Justin Blancher ? Justin? balloon 12:00:00 {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[27]]}
28 6/21/2010 13:13:19 No imagery from this trip Ballon popped; string reel defunct balloon, string on reel gps tracking coordinates 0 1000 Ft Randy Caruso, Anna, and Bonnie (last two from Americorps through Hand on NOLA 0 Put balloon up in little wind, soon thereafter storm whipped up and winds picked up, pushing ballon down and popping it on marsh grass. Marsh grass padded the camera rig and was recovered undamaged. balloon morning {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[28]]}
29 6/23/2010 13:16:35 FTP A balloon popped, and we ran out of helium. A balloon Around 30°14'51.89"N 88° 7'36.77"W 30- 40 feet at the first flight, 300-400 feet for the second Justin Blancher Justin Blancher, David Sheffield, Sean Stamm None that I know of for this project The number of people working at the beach cleaning it up seemed to increase, and the beach did seem cleaner, since the last time we were there just to see whats going on. However there was still some oil on the shore side of the boom on the western side of the pier, and oil found in some tidal pools on the eastern side. Also, as we were walking by one of the tidal pools (not sure if we got any aerial photos) there was a large number of hermit crabs and one large blue crab that had exited the water, which did have a rainbow sheen and a few small tar balls. It could have been simply that the temperature of the tidal pool was high enough to lower the oxygen content, or the oil may have had a factor. Not really, the public beach access has some workers in the parking lot, but there's still plenty of parking. The wind was about 7 to 8 miles per hour, and the balloon was being pushed onshore, and for the first flight, we had not put enough helium in the balloon, so the balloon only got to a maximum height of about 40 feet. Justin had to then hold the line to the balloon and walk a few yards offshore to try to get a better picture of any oil on the shoreline. The second flight we put plenty of helium in the balloon, but the wind was still a factor, so it only got to about 350-400 feet. balloon first flight at approx 30°14'46.37"N 88° 7'36.24"W and moved westward until about 30°14'52.63"N 88° 7'59.03"W. However, if you look at it on Google Earth, the old picture shows that the pier extends out into the water, but the real shoreline now extends to about 10 yards off the end of the pier. The second flight started around 30°14'54.93"N 88° 7'40.24"W and moved around to the eastern side of the pier and we looped around a large embayment that isn't on Google Earth. We think that the spit at Google Earth's 30°14'30.36"N 88° 6'47.31"W has extended westward, making an embayment. The island just offshore also has moved back. For those going out and flying the balloons, make sure you both bring enough helium and put enough in the balloon. 2:15 PM(the first flight) and approx 4:30 PM ( for the second flight) {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[29]]}
30 6/29/2010 dvd mail Pascagoula {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[30]]}
31 7/1/2010 11:40:56 LABB need gloves in the bag for the kite LABB uploaded them 500 pure guess, aygu, john from ushahiti Dont know clean up crews present, boom along the beach, some in half circles but not infront of canals or inlets, tar balls on the beach very windy, overcast, between storms, hard to get shots with pier in it because of the wind. kite having a bouy with a pulley on it. might be useful to pull behind a canoe or kayak. so we can get better images with the coast line so that it would be easier to stick, even to have the bouy be pulled by a kite or ballon and allowed to drift the coast line with a line attached to the bouy onshore or even in a kayak or canoe to guide it if current and wind are not working together 2:10:00 {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[31]]}
32 7/2/2010 Mail (on DVD/CD) N/a N/a Fort Pickens beach- (start) 30.31688 -087.25984 (end) 30.31695 -087.27123 398 Full reel Shannon Anastasia, Mariko 0 n/a- tons of oil globs on the beach- not enough clean-up workers, people tracking oil off beach We were told by a volunteer that it would be a good idea not to map near the workers, but we did anyways, wasn't restricted. Windy! kite 10:33am-11:15am {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[32]]}
33 7/2/2010 Mail (on DVD/CD) n.a n/a Pensacola Beach (start) 30.31700 -087.27054 (end) 30.32845 -087.15273 472 full reel Shannon Anastasia, Mariko, Joey, Brownyn, Hillarie 0 no Windy! kite 3:20pm-4:03pm {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[33]]}
34 7/4/2010 Mail (on DVD/CD) n/a- but camera turned off after about 15 minutes, battery wasn't dead and card wasn't full n/a Dauphin Island- (start) 30.24584 -088.12650 (mid) 30.24818 -08813210 166 Not too high, it was too windy and carried the balloon horizontal Shannon Anastasia, Mariko 1 Massive sand barrier on the beach, more tarballs than last time. Wasn't windy enough for kite, but too windy for balloon. Urg. both 7.4.10 1pm-2pm {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[34]]}
35 7/5/2010 nola city park 200 kite looks like very windy conditions, unfortunatley very little data is top down, focused {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[35]]}
36 7/10/2010 LA bucket brigade on canal street has it the new balloon is very difficult to tie/untie closed one glove ripped, we bought new batteries, but more should be supplied Cocodrie, LA 1000 max 500 feet, the wind was causing the balloon to fly horizontally, and then it would fall when it hit a weird wind patch, it was difficult Erin Sharkey Erin Sharkey, Jo Pang, Paul Hurd, Nisreen 0 We just mapped from the water so it is hard to tell if there were any dead animals or signs of recovery. We did see a patch of oil in the marsh grass, but other than that we did not see or smell any oil. Some people called the police/coast guard on us so we were surrounded by 3 black sheriff boats at one point who were telling us to stop "bothering" the work boats (when we were merely idling along on a 10 ft boat while mapping). Otherwise, a family donated their time / boats and sea-doos to take us out in order to map. We had no trouble getting out to the locations, no one actually told us to leave (although a few workboats did drive up to us and it seemed they were trying to intimidate us to leave, but we did not.) The wind was very difficult. Being in a boat, we had to be very careful not to risk having the balloon fall into the water due to the dicey wind conditions. We had to frequently completely stop the boat in order to get the balloon back to normal flying conditions. I think we still got good shots of a number of areas on the coast and a small island. balloon WE NEED MORE BATTERIES! and possibly an additional memory card for the camera. We had some very eager volunteers who wanted images of everything we passed, and it was difficult to do this when we were not sure if the batteries had died or if the camera had run out of memory. between 12 and 5 pm {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[36]]}
37 7/10/2010 Gave to Shannon Nothing South Shore of Bayou Dulac in Port Sulphur, LA (exact coordinates forthcoming) 323 500' of cable out, I'd say around 400' alt Jennifer and Jesse 1 Dead nutria in water, much more oil along the south shore of the Bayou than during the last visit. A gentlemen with a camp down in Port Sulphur,Jeff Holmes, took us out on his boat. Though there is a recently established rule for getting within 65' of boom (which makes collecting shorelines imagery difficult) we were well within 65' and weren't bothered by any of the cleanup workers out on the water. Mild steady wind that died out towards the end of the session which caused the balloon to gain in altitude. balloon The coke bottle-top rig didn't do a great job of holding the camera at a straight down angle, resulting in some oblique imagery that I'm sure will be difficult to stitch. I'm working on getting some more precise GPS coordinates from the boat capt. Started around 10:00 am. {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[37]]}
38 7/10/2010 mail to stu waveland,MS 900 300-600' balloon {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[38]]}
39 7/15/2010 gave to Shannon nothing nothing pier at Grand Isle state park 50 sent out approximately 1000 ft, but it flew at low angle. possibly 500 ft up Lauren Craig, Blanche Ellis, Daniel from LABB many times! One section of water berm on the beach has been removed. Beach is still closed. Nope. Pier is still open to the public. The wind was blowing South today, which is unusual. Usually, when we have mapped, it has been blowing North. This made it kind of silly to map from the pier. If I had been able to get on the beach, I would have been able to cover a lot of area. I did go out on the beach and walked Southwest down the dune for about 100 yards, but I got kicked off. balloon The low angle of the balloon caused me to get a lot of shots of just the water, unfortunately. I should have pulled it in more, but it was hard to tell. I think I got some good shots of the area south of the pier, which we haven't been able to get very well before. 12:00-1:30 {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[39]]}
40 7/17/2010 mail to stu Bay St.Louis 325 kite? {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[40]]}
41 7/22/2010 mail to stu Port Sulfur, Wilkinson Bay 825 300-600' Lauren Craig, Adam Griffith and Kiewit Construction interns Kiewit Construction interns balloon {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[41]]}
42 7/23/2010 SFTP N/A N/A Bay Jimmy 29.45193, -89.89812 971 1000 Ft Kiewit Construction interns, Hunter Daniels (other trip lead) none N/A No, the captain was lost good SE wind at the beginning, wind shifting opposite towards the end... Balloon on the final map we have 2 different sources (hunter and myself) our lens and colors are super different, next time I hope there can be a script with fixed focal, and color tone, 11:00 - 13:00 {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[42]]}
43 7/29/2010 mail to stu Grand Isle 110 100-150' kite {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[43]]}
44 8/1/2010 mail to stu Dauphin Isle 500 300'-500' balloon {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[44]]}
45 8/7/2010 up on mapmill Point Aux Pins 304 {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[45]]}
46 40398.0526505 FTP Used 2 Balloons- vibrations camera vibration tripped shutter and stopped taking images 30 deg 22 min 33 sec by 88 deg 18 min 16 sec- GPS log in file 304 max 600 ft, variable wind pushed it down later in flight Justin Blancher Justin Blancher, David Sheffield, Don Blancher n/a no. remote though, experience helps Little wind at deployment and steadily picked up during flight balloon Noted sheen in bayous, tide going out. we used 2 balloons and they were bouncing into each other, which caused vibration problems we are sure. Wanted to prevent balloon failure, but one balloon may work better. 11 am - 1 pm {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[46]]}
47 40420 mail to stu grand isle Alexis, Ali, Devin, Nathan, and Patrick kite {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[47]]}
48 10/9/2010 up on mapmill Dauphin island, AL 2988 cesar, anthony {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[48]]}
49 10/9/2010 up on mapmill Dauphin island, AL 819 hunter, students {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[49]]}
50 10/22/2010 up on mapmill pointe aux chenes 1725 Cesar, Tiko {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[50]]}
51 11/19/2010 up on mapmill grand isle 1928 {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[51]]}
52 11/20/2010 up on mapmill bayou st. denis 2548 {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[52]]}
53 12/4/2010 shannon mail to jeff MS Liam Dale, Shannon, Mariko Toyoji, Cesar Harada {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[53]]}
54 1/21/2011 shannon mail to jeff mobile bay -helen wood park Cesar Dawn McKinney, Leo Denton, Cesar Harada {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[54]]}
55 1/23/2011 ftp it was all nice and sweet n/a River Dog Mouth, Mobile AL 5000+ 800 Ft Prof Leo Denton, Prof Dawn McKinney 0 23000 bags of oyster will be installed a few hours after we took these pictures nope light wind parallel to the beach one red big balloon. The camera set up was M3 (low quality), the battery life lasted more than 1:30h ! The new camera Canon Powershot SD1300 IS are excellent 15:00:00 {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[55]]}
56 1/30/2011 shannon mail to jeff mobile bay- helen wood park Edward Denton, Gabriel Denton, Leo Denton, Cesar Harada, Shannon {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[56]]}
57 2/18/2011 shannon mail to jeff mobile bay- helen wood park Dawn McKinney, Leo Denton, Mariko Toyoji 14:20:00 {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[57]]}
58 3/7/2012 21:06:25 FTP started with balloon, but then wind switched. snapped mason line against a truck trailer. launched kite, instant success. recovered all mason line on alternate spools Wetland Watchers park / Bonnet Carre Spillway, eastern guide levee at the lake 899 >200 m . generally >45 degrees scott e, scott a, paul t, shannon d, caitlin r, mindy first aerial survey, many times planting survey see other note no, public park in st charles parish / army corps property. Bill Maus is an awesome USACE ranger dude. chris brantley is a pal. neglected to call Milton Cambre, unfortunately. next time. started with gentle wind, wind picked up while team was futzing with rig. launched the double rig--IR, but too heavy / balloon not inflated enough. then launched single rig, regular camera, but wind knocked it down, despite attempts to manipulate the line. balloon dropped to 50 m, line was slack, caught on construction site, snapped. balloon recovered, camera hit the water. haven't seen those photos. switched to fuji camera. switched to kite. gravy. both goal for this site is to document erosion of shoreline at the mouth of the spillway, and theattempt to slow this erosion through volunteer vegetative plantings. previous planting efforts (2009-) by Bayou Rebirth have anchored Phragmites into deepwater, (some Spartina alterniflora in mud flats) dampening regular waves (but not larger tidal motion.) Surprisingly, Phragmites hangs on. still pronounced erosion at points, but accumulation of dead Limna feet deep in areas formerly eroding. common ground wetlands has been planting cypress trees since the spillway closed. 10:30-1pm {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[58]]}
59 4/9/2012 15:54:42 dropbox Scott rigged the camera weakly, and the IR camera got loose and the lens hit into the ground during an attempted take off. "Lens Error." IR camera, Shannon is req'ing scott to build one from Public Lab stock Bohemia WMA, Plaquemines Parish, LA 29.52917, -89.727047 1361 files, not all files delivered to save space to be evaluated later. couple hundred feet scott eustis ( scott e, paul t, 0 Mardi Gras Pass is a new phenomenon since the Flood of 2011, and new since the last google earth photo series. The oil company has poured new road bed into the swiftly moving river cut since Dec 2011, date of LPBF last published available photos. No. But it did require hiking a couple miles of flooded roadbed. A truck would have been nice. Wind was off and on 15mph from the south east. wind direction was uniform--toward the river. We were just scouting, so we did not bring the canoe (we should have, we could have used it to ferry the cut). so our location was limited that way. kite We tried flying an E-Trex GPS unit--it was too heavy. Jonathan from GRN had GRN's AMOD tracker, or that would have been used, as it was lighter. At first, the rig was attached too closely to the kite to allow for the kite to ascend above the treeline, where the winds increased. we moved the rig further from the kite, then removed the E-Trex, and take off was successful. 1pm-1:30pm {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[59]]}
60 6/27/2013 20:27:35 Dropbox NA NA 42.798620, -70.808183 to 42.791574, -70.806992 at Plum Island, Newbury, MA 2561 200-500 feet, 45-60 degrees from horizontal/surface Will Ward 3 Houses that tipped into the waves have been demolished. Stark contrast from current mid-2013 google maps imagery due to beach erosion & demolished houses will be visible once the map is complete. Plum Island Airport (2B2) is a small, local airport in the area that appreciates the the work we do. When mapping in the area, I give advance notice & check in with Airport Operations--either Dick Capithorne or John Murray--to gain approval. While flying the sensor, I maintain contact with 2B2 with periodic calls. If it is a busy day at the airport, a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) will be announced to ensure safety. ESE 10-15 mph put the balloon & sensor in a good position. With winds out of the ESE, the preferred situation would be to capture imagery at low tide to ensure coverage of the coast & a neighborhood road to provide a landmark. balloon I want to practice using a kite with a waterproof casing for the camera. The waterproof casing will make that easy. 1530 - 1700 {u'keys': [u'MAX(dataset_id)'], u'data': [[60]]}
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1 PSDS, multiple 30 -89 varies n/a n/a n/a separate oblique stitches Stewart 5/4/2010
2 20100507LouisianaNewOrleansLakefrontAirport 5/4/2010
3 20100507LouisianaPortFourchon 29.163948 -90.237794 21cm 100% map Stewart Long, David Rialliant 5/7/2010
4 20100508LouisianaChandeleurNE 29.9930022846 -88.76953125 48cm 100% map Jeff Warren 5/8/2010
5 20100509LouisianaChandeleurSW 29.801606 -88.864503 9cm 100% map Stewart Long 5/9/2010
6 20100510LouisisanaGrand Isle 29.260457 -89.950186 50% rough map, holes in map Stewart(did some rough work) 5/10/2010
7 20100515AlabamaDauphinIsland 30.240216 -88.123634 n/a n/a n/a n/a 25% little data, no discrete object signatures for processing 5/15/2010
8 PSDS2 30 -89 n/a n/a n/a separate oblique stitches, and regular 100%map Stewart 5/18/2010
9 20100519LouisianaGrandIsle 29.260457 -89.950186 varies 100%map Stewart 5/19/2010
10 Long Beach, MS 30.344306 -89.146028 3cm 100% map Jeff Warren 5/20/2010
11 20100521LouisianaLakeFortuna 29.651856 -89.467642 50% rough map, holes in map 5/22/2010
12 20100527LouisianaIsleGrandTerre 29.260457 -89.950186 6.75 100% map stewart 5/27/2010
13 20100529MissisppiWaveland 30.266001 -89.387817 100%map Stewart 5/29/2010
14 20100530LouisianaBaratariaBay 29.645766 -90.13175 50% some clear images but small area and mostly water 5/30/2010
15 20100602MississippiLongBeach 30.344306 -89.146028 40% kinda blurry, low, off angle 6/2/2010
16 20100603LouisianaGrandIsle 29.260457 -89.950186 80% off angle, holes in map Stewart 6/3/2010
17 20100609Blueseals 30 -89 100%map, separate stitches Stewart 6/9/2010
18 20100609BlueSealsVideo 30 -89 100%map 6/9/2010
19 20100610LouisianaGrandIsle 29.260457 -89.950186 50% off angle, holes in map, kinda low Stewart 6/10/2010
20 20100611LouisianaLakeBorgne 30.034145 -89.744935 100%map Stewart 6/11/2010
21 20100613AlabamaPerdidoPoint 30.273022 -87.55316 4 cm 100%map Stewart 6/13/2010
22 20100615MississippiGulfPort 30.375745 -89.043031 50% small area , off angle, out of focus 6/15/2010
23 20100615AlabamaDauphinIsland 30.249254 -88.125571 65% some mapping info, holes, some bad angles, update; NOAA base data now available 6/15/2010
24 20100617LouisianaIsleGrandTerre 29.272446 -89.944223 50% some trouble with angles, glare, open water with no sig 6/17/2010
25 20100618MissippiOceanSprings 30.41 -88.43 100%map 6/18/2010
26 20100615LousianaMudLake 29.459142 -89.994249 was not able to stitch this before because I could not locate it from the given coords, i have now found part of the scene/mission at location: 29.456083,-89.988686 6/18/2010
27 20100618AlabamaFortMorgan 30.228657 -88.023217 100%map 6/18/2010
28 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a 6/21/2010 n/a
29 20100623LouisianaEmpire unfortunately all unidentifiable open water 6/23/2010
30 20100629MississippiPascagoula 50% some clear images but small area and mostly water 6/29/2010
32 20100702AlabamaFortPickensBeach 90%map, clear images not sure about signatures for rectification-mostly sand and open water 7/2/2010
33 20100702FloridaPensacolaBeach 100%map 7/2/2010
34 20100704AlabamaDauphinIsland 65%map, some clear images, lack of signatures for verification, oblique 7/4/2010
35 20100705LouisianaNOLAcitypark 7/5/2010
36 20100709LousianaCocodrie 90% map, some to low or out of focus, but plenty of usable data 7/9/2010
37 20100710LouisisanaPortSulfur unfortunately it is too oblique, the horizon is visable in most of the images, focus problem as well. too much camera movement might have caused both problems 7/10/2010
38 20100710MississippiWaveland 100% map 7/10/2010
39 20100715LousianaGrandIsle 50% map, there is a few images that can come together at the pier shoreline 7/15/2010
40 20100718LousianaBayStLouis 7/17/2010
41 20100721LouisianaPortSulphurWilkinsonBay 9-10 separate shoreline stiches 7/21/2010
42 20100722LouisianaBayJimmy 29.45193 -89.89812 300dpi 10000x10000px;O=A Hey, would an large image on a transparent bckgrd work better ? An Alpha layer? With PNG? TIFF Cesar Harada 7/22/2010
43 20100729LousianaGrand Isle some clear images, but not enough altitude, too oblique 7/29/2010
44 20100801AlabamaDauphin Island 8/1/2010
45 20100807LousianaPointeAuxPins 8/7/2010
46 40398
47 Grand isle 40420
48 20101009AlabamaDauphinIsland 10/9/2010
49 20101009AlabamaDauphinIsland2 10/9/2010
50 20101022LousianaPointeAuxChenes 10/22/2010
51 20101119LousianaGrandIsle 11/19/2010
52 20101120LousianaBayouStDenis 11/20/2010
53 20101204AlabamaMississippi 12/4/2010
54 20110121AlabamaMobileBayHelenWoodPark 1/21/2011
55 20110123AlabamaMobileRiverDogMouth 30.57562, -88.07847 1600x1200 people say "uh looks guud" Cesar Harada 1/23/2011
56 20110130AlabamaMobileBayHelenWoodPark 1/30/2011
57 20110218AlabamaMobileBayHelenWoodPark 30.57383 -88.08143 2/18/2011
March 2014
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February 2014
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