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Crawls the Cork city ePLAN installation and stores all new applications containing location data. Ignores the rest.

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url applicant longitude latitude details address date appref Kieran O'Shea -8.4763041414 51.9098169594 for demolition of existing derelict building and construction of four apartments in new 3 1/2 storey block 11 Broad Lane,off Great William O'Brien Street,Blackpool 2010-05-11 CC10/34405 DSG Retail Ireland Ltd -8.40364575047 51.8835853793 for permission for development at this 0.19 hectare (0.47 acre) site at Units 5 and 6, Mahon Point Retail Park, Mahon, Co.Cork. The proposed development will consist of the amalgamation of the existing Unit 5 (2,263 sqm gross) and existing Unit 6 (835 sqm gross) to form one retail unit, and the extension of the existing mezzanine level over Unit 5 by 1,091 sqm (gross) to provide additional retail sales floorspace. The proposed development will result in an increase in the gross floor area of the amalgamated of 1,091sqm from 3,049 sqm to 4,140 sqm. The proposed development also includes new and replacement signage to consist of 1 no replacement over each of the 2no existing entrance doors on the south (front) elevation, the erection of a sign on the south elevation, to the west of the existing entrance door to Unit 5 and new 'Entrance' and 'Exit' signage over the existing access doors to Units 6 and 5, respectively Unit 5 and 6 ,Mahon Point Retail Park,Mahon 2010-05-12 CC10/34406 Noreen Kelleher -8.47729307877 51.9167421215 to construct a single storey extension to rear and side of existing dwelling, install 2 windows on existing gable of dwelling and ancillary work 17 Mulberry Heights,Fairfield Avenue,Commons Road 2010-05-13 CC10/34407 Eugene and Teresa O'Connell -8.49112726827 51.9006249272 to demolish an existing dwelling house and to construct a new dwelling house 116 Blarney Street,Cork, 2010-05-13 CC10/34408 Eileen O'Riordan -8.4442271394 51.878217431 for the demolition of existing single storey garage, shed and house extension, and the construction of a single storey extension to the rear and side of the property Sunnyside,South Douglas Road,Cork 2010-05-13 CC10/34409 Mr Bernard Dorgan -8.45979737362 51.8956558169 to demolish existing bathroom extension and to construct a new 2 storey extension to the rear of existing dwellinghouse 13 Marina Terrace,Cork, 2010-05-14 CC10/34410 Aidan & Hillary Kelleher -8.50915504436 51.8876335194 for the demolition of the existing single storey annex to the rear of the dwelling and the construction of a new larger, single storey annex to the rear and the extension to the side of the dwelling to incorporate detached garage into the living space Elmdene,No 9 Woodlawn,Ballinaspig Beg, Model Farm Road 2010-05-14 CC10/34411 Donal Kelleher -8.52994779724 51.8822211619 to construct an entrance (including provision for displaced car parking spaces) to plot of ground End of Melbourne Mews,Ballinaspig More,Bishopstown 2010-05-14 CC10/34412 John Styles -8.49895343506 51.8884231952 to demolish existing garage to side of dwelling house and construct in its place a single storey extension to dwelling house Rochelle,23 Kilcrea Park,Magazine Road 2010-05-17 CC10/34413 Imperial Hotel Ltd -8.47037511411 51.8972766262 for works to the building known as the Imperial Hotel, bounded by Pembroke Street, Morgan Street & South Mall , Cork (a protected structure). This planning application is concerned with seeking permission for various elevational modifications to the facade; the elevational changes comprise various modifications to the Pembroke Street facade at ground floor level, namely 1) the lowering of 2 no window cills to accommodate doors, 2)the alteration of 1 no window to incorporate a central mullion, 3)additional signage & 4) the provision of 2 no retractable fabric canopies; & works are necessary to facilitate a) the change of use of part of the existing cafe/restaurant permises to associated cafe retail activity, and b) a food collection point associated with the existing restaurant kitchen Imperial Hotel Ltd,South Mall ,Cork 2010-05-17 CC10/34414 Sean & Niamh McGrath -8.43945790925 51.8924442502 for the demolition of the existing dwelling & construction of a new detached dwelling and to widen existing entrance, along with all ancillary site works and services Greengates,Crab Lane,Blackrock 2010-05-17 CC10/34415 Margo Philips -8.49436188234 51.8908961198 for a vehicular entrance Helenville,Highfield Avenue,Cork 2010-05-18 CC10/34416 Maurice and Eileen Nelligan -8.49441928889 51.8908329674 for a vehicular entrance Arundale,Highfield Avenue,Cork 2010-05-18 CC10/34417 Michael Sheehan -8.49466706717 51.8948762053 for demolition of part of existing building to construct a 4 storey extension to existing B&B granted under TP 07/31747 and change of use from B&B guest dining room to public restaurant 4 Redclyffe Terrace,Western Road,Cork 2010-05-18 CC10/34418 Anne Barrett -8.4779045678 51.8990616968 a) to erect a conservatory/living space on existing terrace to the rear and b) the adjustment of fire escape stairs Apartment 1,43 North Main Street,Cork 2010-05-18 CC10/34419 Deborah Duggan -8.42101156098 51.8910018865 to demolish existing shed & to construct a two storey extension to rear and entrance porch to front of existing dwelling 44 Marian Park,Church Road,Blackrock 2010-05-19 CC10/34421 Patrick Sexton -8.47805942416 51.913638408 to construct a driveway with vehicle entrance and alterations to front boundary 13 Seminary Walk,Farranree,Cork 2010-05-20 CC10/34422 Clare Powell -8.49050528771 51.8902112614 a part single, part 2 storey extension (67.5m2 approx) to the rear 3 Maybury Court,Magazine Road,Cork 2011-04-04 CC11/34825 Colm & Helen Condon -8.50613457869 51.8967237257 to construct first floor extensions to south west and south east elevations of existing dwelling and all associated site works No 4 Ashboro,Shanakiel,Cork 2010-05-21 CC10/34423 Peg Condon -8.4394593131 51.8925880413 1) demolition of existing dwelling 2) provision of a new dwelling with enclosed garage for one car, widening of existing site entrance & all related ancillary works and services Atina,Crab Lane,Blackrock 2010-05-21 CC10/34424 OM Energy Developments Ltd -8.44416900131 51.8811564957 for the reinstallation of 5 no underground fuel tanks Dunmahon Service Station,Dunmahon,Douglas Road 2010-05-21 CC10/34425 Mary O'Donovan on behalf of the Board of Management -8.46900452795 51.9023688956 for removal of existing temporary classrooms, for the construction of new multi-purpose rooms, classrooms, hall and open play area at rear rear of 20 St Patricks Place,Wellington Road,Cork 2010-05-24 CC10/34426 The Board of Management -8.46526410642 51.9101667202 for construction of a pitched roof structure on the existing school building St Brendans Girls School,The Glen,Blackpool 2010-05-25 CC10/34427 Deka Immoblien Investment Gmbh -8.39460556135 51.8860875709 for development at this site at Mahon Point Shopping Centre, Mahon, Cork. The development will consist of the provision of a food kiosk/servery and associated offices/staff facilities over two floor levels, located in the existing food court on the upper ground floor and mezzanine level. The Kiosk will measure 180sqm Mahon Point Shopping Centre,Mahon ,Cork 2010-05-25 CC10/34428 Pat O'Sullivan -8.4448609256 51.8791676878 for the retention of a velux rooflight to the front elevation together with the retention and completion of alterations and a two storey extension to the rear at both dwellings Dwellings Nos 3 & 4 Clermont Cottages,South Douglas Road,Cork 2010-05-26 CC10/34429 Ian O'Farrell, -8.47956759412 51.9147017509 for change of use from a pet shop to a bookmakers, including some internal alterations, new signage to front elevation and erection of satelite dishes to rear of building No 10 Popham Road,Farranree,Cork 2010-05-26 CC10/34430 John O'Mahony -8.46326213416 51.8977901762 to retain extension to beer garden of existing public house. This extension is a temporary structure comprising of perimeter timber fencing and is for a period of 1 year only The Sextant Bar,Albert Quay East,Cork 2010-05-26 CC10/34431 WFJL Partnership -8.48032813092 51.8974610747 for change of use of existing ground floor retail and apartment to restaurant (including elevational changes to 5-6 James St) 27a Washington Street West (protected structure),and 5-6 James Street,Cork 2010-05-26 CC10/34432 Trevor and Mary Barry -8.4285267526 51.893131681 for demolition of existing garage, a new single storey storey extension to the side of existing dwelling, a new two storey extension to the rear, alterations to fenestration & all associated site works 42 The Crescent,Ballintemple,Cork 2010-05-28 CC10/34433 Declan Dalton -8.43352788965 51.911672031 for first floor extension with dormer window No 8 Springfield Estate,Kerry Road,Mayfield 2010-06-01 CC10/34434 Tim & Aideen Cronin -8.48592303649 51.8962967041 for the change of use from residential to cafe on the ground floor and guesthouse accommodation to the upper floors, demolition of existing rear extensions, the construction of new four storey extension to the rear, raising the ridge height of the existing roof and all ancillary site works and services 30 Palace View,Western Road,Cork 2010-06-01 CC10/34435 Variety Holdings Ltd -8.50339094555 51.8917026199 for alterations and change of use of the existing hotel to provide a nursing home and all associated ancillary development works Brookfield Hotel and Leisure Centre Complex,College Road,Cork 2010-06-01 CC10/34436 Atrium Nominees Limited -8.46949912939 51.8996437796 for the change of use of Kiosk 2, from shop to a kiosk unit for the preparation and sale of hot food to include consumption on and off the premises Merchants Quay Shopping Centre,1-5 Patricks Street,Cork 2010-06-01 CC10/34437 Electricity Supply Board -8.47678956396 51.9227116926 development consisting of alterations to the existing ESB Kilbarry 110kV station to include 1 no 110kV mast, 6 no surge arrestors, existing internal palisade compound fence to be extended and altered and associated site works ESB Kilbarry 110kV Station,Old Whitechurch Road,Kilbarry 2010-06-02 CC10/34438 Ken O'Donovan -8.45531440759 51.9034023101 to construct an apartment building over 4 storeys, comprising of 1 no 1 bed apartment, 2 no 2 bed apartments, 1 no 3 bed apartment, 5 no car spaces (on the ground floor), which involves the demolition of a section of an existing stone boundary wall, removal of a small number of existing trees including a tree with a Tree Protection Order (ref: S45-2 - tree no.7), new vehicular entrance off Mahony's Avenue/Grattan Hill and associated ancillary site works all with the grounds of Westboro House, a protected structure (ref PS 634) Westboro House,Glanmire Road Middle,Montenotte 2010-06-02 CC10/34439 Noel Redmond -8.4582093027 51.9023305689 for the change of use from a Public House to an Off Licence, together with all associated site and landscaping works No 86 Lower Glanmire Road,Cork, 2010-06-03 CC10/34440 Ruadhai O'Hare -8.44600741312 51.9084169163 to create a single storey extension to side and rear of existing dwelling, converting garage and inserting a new window in the front elevation 11 St Christophers Walk,Montenotte,Cork 2010-06-03 CC10/34441 Firestone Developments Ltd -8.4132217687 51.8952715111 for alterations to the existing approved scheme (TP 09/33720) as follows: modifications to the external landscaping layout comprising extension of site boundary to the north & south and provision of fence & hedge to the southern boundary, at the lands known as Ursuline Convent, Blackrock, Cork of which Convent and Chapel are Protected Structures Lands known as the Ursuline Convent, Blackrock, Cork,(site bounded by an open field adjoining Blackrock Road to the north,,a convert burial ground to the east and 2010-06-03 CC10/34442 Elizabeth Dollard -8.43190446072 51.8969658723 for a loft extension to a two storey semi detached dwelling Glena ,7 Ardfoyle Avenue,Ballintemple 2010-06-04 CC10/34443 Frankie Whelehan -8.46946500509 51.8963725484 for change of use of part of ground floor, from offices to retail use, construction of new entrance to proposed retail unit on Morrison's Quay and other minor changes to elevations Morrison House,Morrisons Quay/Fitton Street East,Cork 2010-06-04 CC10/34444 Absolute Entertainment Ltd -8.47641364956 51.8968299148 for proposed extension at second floor level to existing licensed premises to include bar facilities, seating, external smoking area, fire escapes, associated internal changes and all associated site development works and services 21 Tuckey Street,Cork, 2010-06-04 CC10/34445 Cork Muslim Society -8.47981133745 51.8762351976 for the change of use of the former light industrial premises (Modern Plant Premises, Tramore Road) to social and community centre including prayer hall, classrooms, library, meeting rooms, administration, relocation of entrance, alterations to the roof, front, rear and side elevations of the building including the addition of glazed window units to the east and north elevations and including an extension to the west elevation on two floors, an entrance porch, canopy and tower to the north elevation, internal alterations including mezzanine floor extension and associated site development works The Former Modern Plant Premises,Tramore Road,Cork 2010-06-08 CC10/34447 Mardyke Leisure UCC Ltd -8.50064912847 51.8946262072 proposed development comprising, the demolition of the existing spectator seating and 419.7sqm of the existing floorspace along the northern side of the existing arena building; the construction of a new 3326sqm, 3 storey extension to the northern side of the existing arena building including new changing facilities, a health suite, hydrotherapy treatment facilities, new multipurpose studio and gymnasium, facilities video analysis rooms, a hospitality suite and an internal running track; to provide new flood protection measures including alterations to the existing arena building and to carry out all building services, site services, signage and site landscaping works associated with the proposed development Mardyke Arena UCC,Mardyke Walk,Western Road 2010-06-08 CC10/34448 Clare Daly & Stehane Trilland -8.4851400588 51.8869980941 to demolish a rear 2 storey extension, constuct a larger rear and side 2 storey extension, externally insulate the entire house, increase the size of a front facing window and associated ancillary site works No 1 Beechville,The Lough,Cork 2010-06-09 CC10/34449 Alan O'Brien -8.47423165863 51.9186058778 for change of use of commercial premises at ground floor level to indoor sports and recreational centre, including replacing 1 no existing window on south west elevation with fire escape doors and external ramp Sunbeam Industrial Park,Redforge Road,Blackpool 2010-06-10 CC10/34450 Susan O'Callaghan -8.49493436201 51.9006898517 to construct new two storey extension at rear of existing dwelling house, new sunroom and utility room at rear of existing dwelling house, install solar panel at new rear of new storey extension and alterations to existing front elevation 158 Blarney Street,Cork, 2010-06-10 CC10/34451 Language and Activity Holidays Ltd -8.47103793989 51.9009228054 for change of use from Bank/Financial Institution to Language College, including alterations, additions and associated works at No 10 Bridge Street and Nos 7 & 8 Camden Place, Cork. All three buildings are protected structures. The works will include internal alterations and fit out and works externally including new signage, access ramp and alterations to the railings on Camden Place, increasing height of stairwell to rear of No 8; alterations to roofs; and will provide provision of roof windows to the back of No 7 and a balcony behind that building No 10 Bridge Street & Nos 7 & 8 Camden Place,Cork, 2010-06-10 CC10/34452 Adrian Power -8.47921502596 51.8966118247 for change of use of part of first and part of second floor from office to education and for new signage 4/5 Wandesford Street,Cork, 2010-06-11 CC10/34454 Adrian Power -8.47921483459 51.8965938509 for change of use of part of ground floor from retail to cafe with facility for bread making classes and for new signage 4/5 Wandesford Street,Cork, 2010-06-11 CC10/34455 Alan Horgan -8.48841264 51.8901121245 for two storey extension to rear and alterations to front elevation of existing two storey dwelling 9 Croghtamore Square,Glasheen Road,Cork 2010-06-14 CC10/34456 Sheila Murphy -8.42643151556 51.909621925 for construction of a single storey extension to rear of a dwelling and conversion of attic to habitable space 16 Silvercourt,Silversprings,Cork 2010-06-14 CC10/34457 Olive Corcoran -8.46538974144 51.8885967757 for 2nd storey to existing single storey rear and side extension to dwelling 93 Capwell Road,Cork, 2010-06-15 CC10/34459 Dermot Moynihan -8.41840009989 51.8960171153 for the demolition of existing cottage and provision of new two storey terraced house 14 Post Office Lane,Blackrock,Cork 2010-06-16 CC10/34460 Jessica Murphy -8.47399409274 51.8836463561 to construct first floor extension to rear of existing two storey terraced dwelling and associated site works 54 Tory Top Road,Ballyphehane,Cork 2010-06-17 CC10/34461 Patrick Murphy -8.48824985454 51.9099207566 for a porch to front door at ground floor only 21 Bantry Park Road,Fairhill,Cork 2010-06-18 CC10/34462 John Lucy -8.50433045105 51.8848053359 for retention of part of wall of existing garage, and permission to construct a new garage to include a portion of retained wall 11 Roger Casement Park,Glasheen ,Cork 2010-06-21 CC10/34463 Jim and Sally O'Sullivan -8.49243886656 51.8903739384 to demolish 3 no single storey structures and the construction of 2 no two storey townhouses and all associated site works Mount St Josephs View,off Magazine Road,Cork 2010-06-22 CC10/34464 Tim Jenkinson -8.47697640516 51.9033254314 for the construction of a two storey extension to rear of existing dwelling No 4 Easons Avenue,Cork, 2010-06-22 CC10/34465 Brian & Amanda Foley -8.50387142934 51.8995914006 to construct new 2 storey extension to rear and side & single storey extension to side and front of existing 2 storey dwelling 40 Briarscourt,Shanakiel,Cork 2010-06-22 CC10/34466 Caroline and Richard Twomey -8.42945353112 51.9050094571 for a part single storey, part two storey dwelling with detached garage and associated site works Ballinamought,Tivoli Estate,Tivoli 2010-06-22 CC10/34467 Michael Doyle -8.46306140733 51.9036956012 to construct 2 number dormer windows to the front of house (this is a protected structure) No2 Grosvenor Place,Wellington Road,Cork 2010-06-24 CC10/34470 Thomas White -8.40500137754 51.8954439104 to construct a storey and a half dwelling 30 Dunlocha Cottages,Ringmahon ,Blackrock 2010-06-25 CC10/34472 Edward O'Flaherty -8.47834821134 51.8997968494 for alterations to the roof and the provision of new windows to store rooms and to office at first floor level and new rooflights to store room at ground floor level to the rear 29 North Main Street,Cork, 2010-06-25 CC10/34473 Bishopstown GAA Club -8.52175361771 51.8844147615 for construction of an unroofed hurling alley attached to north western corner of existing pavillion Bishopstown GAA Club,Ballinaspig Lawn,Bishopstown 2010-06-25 CC10/34474 Marks & Spencers (Ireland) Ltd -8.46988958181 51.8994714619 change of use within the existing retail (shop) unit to allow for the sale of intoxicating liquor for consumption off the premises (ie off-licence use) within the part of the overall unit and where the floor area devoted to off-licence use shall not exceed 186m2 gross floor area Marks and Spencers,6-8 Patrick Street,Cork 2010-06-28 CC10/34475 Ken Cotter and Valerie Cummins -8.43458013684 51.8957427329 for the demolition of rear kitchen and the construction of a single storey extension at rear and side of domestic house No9 Maryville,Ballintemple,Cork 2010-06-28 CC10/34476 Mary Treacy -8.42891490835 51.8927078641 for the demolition of a single storey extension & construction of 1 no detached dwelling (2 storey) and all ancillary site works 1 Dundanion Road,Beaumont ,Ballintemple 2010-06-29 CC10/34477 Maeve Conrick and Frank Martin -8.5163579247 51.8812121343 for alterations to existing dwelling house and associated site works 10 Bishopscourt Avenue,Bishopstown,Cork 2010-06-29 CC10/34478 Noel and Angela Shannon -8.45288695524 51.9061797592 to construct single storey rear extension, with alterations to rear elevation No 39 Ard Na Laoi,Montenotte,Cork 2010-06-29 CC10/34479 Mary O'Brien -8.4287794173 51.8937329069 for a single storey extension to the rear of an existing single storey dwelling No 32 Beaumont Avenue,Ballintemple,Cork 2010-06-30 CC10/34480 Michael & Ellen Kelleher -8.49546496054 51.9079762948 for the construction of a porch to the front No 13 Churchfield Avenue,Churchfield,Cork 2010-06-30 CC10/34481 Mr and Mrs P O'Reilly -8.43038210031 51.9048712534 for development consisting of a proposed single storey extension to the side of the existing dwelling , new pitched roof to the existing flat roof of garage and associated site works Uplands,19 Tivoli Estate,Cork 2010-06-30 CC10/34482 Lidl Ireland GmbH -8.49237356376 51.8817464053 for modifications to previously approved extensions to licensed discount foodstore (plan ref no T.P. 09/34247) at Elm Road, Clashduv, Togher, Cork to include: a)proposed additional extension of 27 sqm to previously approved store (total 48sqm), b) revised entrance canopy to include modular panels, c) relocation of previously approved 2 no building mounted, back lit illuminated signs Lidl Discount Foodstore ,Elm Road,Clashduv 2010-07-01 CC10/34483 The Select Vestry, St Finbarres Cathedral -8.48117735406 51.8940064873 for new additional organ pipes to west gallery St Finbarres Cathedral,Bishop Street,Cork 2010-07-01 CC10/34484 Stephen Wills -8.42693905376 51.8896054594 for the demolition of two single storey extensions to the side and rear of the existing dwelling 24 Beaumont Lawn,Ballintemple,Cork 2010-07-01 CC10/34485 James Barber -8.49537836808 51.8763503854 for change of use from a retail tile showroom and a glass factory, to a bingo club for part of my premises at Deanrock Business Park, Togher, Cork. The development will also include minor elevational, car parking layout and signage changes, landscaping and a new pedestrian access Deanrock Business Park,Deanrock Cottages,Togher 2010-07-02 CC10/34486 John Moore -8.48385624278 51.8932225884 for the provision of a new dormer with two windows and a rooflight to the front of dwelling No 45 98'Street,Cork, 2010-07-02 CC10/34487 Togher Asset Holdings Limited -8.47942322875 51.8997924717 for development on lands bounded by North Main Street, Angel Lane, Grattan Street and Colemans Lane. The development will consist of the demolition of No 95 North Main Street, Cork and the refurbishment and alterations of 97 North Main Street (Protected Structure). Permission is sought for the construction of 1 no retail unit, and 1 no convenience retail unit with ancillary services on the ground floor, including store area, plant room (external), staff areas, ESB Substation, kitchen, bike stores and bin stores with 5 no live/work units on the ground floor, there will be 57 no. apartments over ground floor, divided into 9 no blocks ranging in height from 2 storeys to 5 storeys. There will be an external landscaped area at courtyard level incorporating a play area, solar panels and all associated site development works 93-97 North Main Street,Cork, 2010-07-02 CC10/34488 Robert Hayes -8.40547349699 51.8962511365 to construct a storey and a half dwelling to the rear of existing dwelling 24 Dunlocha Cottages,Blackrock,Cork 2010-07-05 CC10/34489 DSG Retail Ireland Ltd -8.4037479699 51.8836479392 for development at this 0.17 hectare (0.42 acre) site at Unit 5, Mahon Point Retail Park, Mahon Link Road, Cork, Co.Cork. The proposed development will consist of the provision of an external plant area comprising 6 no condenser units, the insertion of 2 no exhaust louvers of 0.45 metres x 0.45 metres each and the addition of 2 no new condenser units of the existing plant area, all to the west elevation of the existing building Unit 5 Mahon Point Retail Park,Mahon Link Road,Mahon 2010-07-05 CC10/34490 Fred Sorensen -8.47883983248 51.9132308069 for retention of two storey extension to rear of domestic dwelling, improvement alterations and vehicle entrance 1 Seminary Place ,Farranferris,Cork 2010-07-05 CC10/34491 CWS boco Ireland Limited -8.4848333297 51.9218969212 to amendment of operating hours of the premises as permitted under condition no 5 of the Governing Planning Permission TP 02/26272 (An Bord Pleanala Ref PL 28.201435) and amended by subsequent planning permissions TP 04/29115 and TP 05/30307. Permission is sought to amend the operating hours from between the hours 0700 and 2100 Monday to Saturday to the hours of 0700 to 0000 Monday to Sunday inclusive of Bank Holidays CWS boco Ireland Limited,Boland Industrial Estate,Fitz's Boreen, Mallow Road 2010-07-05 CC10/34493 Dr Aidan Murray -8.52579106339 51.8794447665 for conversion of a double garage to bedroom 25 Melbourn Avenue,Bishopstown,Cork 2010-07-06 CC10/34494 Department of Education and Skills -8.45250691701 51.8929519672 for the construction of a new three-storey school building, incorporating 30 classrooms, offices, staff room, toilets and ancillary facilities at Ashton School, Blackrock Road, Cork. Works will also include the refurbishment of and alterations to the existing PE Hall and two storey Georgian house, demolition of the existing single storey school building and of the 20th century additions to the house, and all associated external works, car parking, fencing, ball courts, service and drainage connections Ashton School,Blackrock Road,Cork 2010-07-06 CC10/34495 Oasis Fashions Ltd -8.47418814844 51.8979353577 for replacing the existing shop front for new, extending the height of the shop front windows to the underside of the upper fascia band, removing the lower fascia and repositioning the entrance doors. All signage will be replaced for new internally illuminated signs in the same locations 48-49 Patrick Street,Cork, 2010-07-07 CC10/34496 Michael V Murray and Mairead Ni Mhaoileoin -8.4538860773 51.8928747534 to demolish existing timber porch and construct a lean-to concrete porch to front No 1, St Johns, Bulls Lane,Off Blackrock Road,Cork 2010-07-08 CC10/34497 Liam Mundow -8.45148022102 51.8847235638 for the construction of a single storey dwelling, additional site entrance and associated site works Kedges,Douglas Road,Cork 2010-07-08 CC10/34498 Olive and Dave Foley -8.43688193915 51.8859470612 for demolition of garage & construction of single storey extension to side of dwellinghouse 35 Ardmahon Estate,Well Road,Douglas 2010-07-09 CC10/34499 Lee Garage -8.51204936537 51.887989431 for retention of alterations to extended forecourt canopy as granted under 09/36650 Lee Garage,Model Farm Road,Cork 2010-07-09 CC10/34500 John and Sylvia Rafferty -8.48469236885 51.8858855158 for permission for alterations to TP 06/30536, to include demolition of extension to the rear & new vehicular entrance to Fairy Ville Lawn. Construction of new small 1 1/2 storey detached dwelling, adjoining their dwelling, vehicular entrance to Fairy Lawn & ancillary works Fairy Lodge,8 Fairyville Lawn,The Lough 2010-07-09 CC10/34501 Tom Hayes -8.47427311222 51.8880759665 for change of use of existing garage to family room with bay window, alterations to east gable and rear south elevation of dwelling 22 Mount Pleasant Avenue,Friars Walk,Cork 2010-07-12 CC10/34502 Togher Asset Holdings Limited -8.47964056297 51.8997376618 for retention of a temporary car park on lands bounded by North Main Street, Angel Lane, Grattan Street and Colemans Lane 93-97 North Main Street (protected structure),Cork, 2010-07-13 CC10/34503 The Principal, St Patricks College -8.45455937508 51.9077640507 for retention permission for 3 no two storey and 3 no single storey temporary classrooms and toilets and for permission to partially cover the external access stairways St Patricks College,Gardiners Hill,Cork 2010-07-13 CC10/34504 Clodagh Ryan & Ken Walsh -8.4560593223 51.9052238372 for retention of revised roof material and minor alterations to site layout and elevational details of planning referance 08/33319 Foxwood ,Gardiners Hill,Cork 2010-07-14 CC10/34505 Brid Hennessy -8.46763968424 51.9010532027 for change of use from retail shop to cafe at ground floor level 11 MacCurtain Street,Cork, 2010-07-14 CC10/34506 Miriam Gallagher -8.43111811594 51.8952521905 to construct a single storey extension with associated site works 4 Beaumont Drive,Blackrock,Cork 2010-07-14 CC10/34507 Victor & Fiona Donnelly -8.50527762997 51.8902655483 to construct an extension to house on Orchard Road, Cork. The proposed extension will increase the foot print of the house from a 2 storey dwelling to a 3 storey dwelling Orchard Road,Cork, 2010-07-15 CC10/34508 Brian Twomey -8.44689212144 51.906786865 for conversion and extension No 5 Clifton Downs ,Montenotte,Cork 2010-07-15 CC10/34509 ESB Telecoms -8.5049542783 51.8886312491 to retain the 20m high, wooden pole type communications structure, carry antennae and communications dishes within a 2.4m high palisade compound, shared with other licensed operators, previously granted temporary permission PL Ref TP 04/28974 ESB's Dennehys Cross Substation,Magazine Road,Dennehys Cross 2010-07-16 CC10/34510 Cork Camogie Board -8.39561181362 51.8964734646 for the construction of a single storey club house building adjacent to the existing playing field comprising of dressing rooms, sanitary accommodation, storage and a double height assembly hall, modications to existing entrance comprising of the construction of 2 no pedestrian gates, and associated site works Cork Camogie Board,Castle Road,Blackrock 2010-07-16 CC10/34511

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March 2014
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November 2010
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