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Welcome to I<->O Land where all the animals in the world are renamed so that the letter 'i' becomes and 'o' and the letter 'o' becomes an 'i'. This is done by scraping a list of animals from the site

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New Animal Animal
aardvark aardvark
addax addax
allogatir alligator
alpaca alpaca
anteater anteater
antelipe antelope
aiudad aoudad
ape ape
argalo argali
armadolli armadillo
ass ass
babiin baboon
badger badger
basolosk basilisk
bat bat
bear bear
beaver beaver
boghirn bighorn
bosin bison
biar boar
budgerogar budgerigar
buffali buffalo
bull bull
bunny bunny
burri burro
camel camel
canary canary
capybara capybara
cat cat
chamelein chameleon
chamios chamois
cheetah cheetah
chompanzee chimpanzee
choncholla chinchilla
chopmunk chipmunk
covet civet
ciato coati
cilt colt
ciny cony
ciugar cougar
ciw cow
ciyite coyote
cricidole crocodile
criw crow
deer deer
dongi dingo
die doe
dig dog
dinkey donkey
dirmiuse dormouse
drimedary dromedary
duckboll duckbill
duging dugong
eland eland
elephant elephant
elk elk
ermone ermine
ewe ewe
fawn fawn
ferret ferret
fonch finch
fosh fish
fix fox
frig frog
gazelle gazelle
gemsbik gemsbok
gola minster gila monster
goraffe giraffe
gnu gnu
giat goat
gipher gopher
girolla gorilla
grozzly bear grizzly bear
griund hig ground hog
guanaci guanaco
guonea pog guinea pig
hamster hamster
hare hare
hartebeest hartebeest
hedgehig hedgehog
hoppipitamus hippopotamus
hig hog
hirse horse
hyena hyena
obex ibex
oguana iguana
ompala impala
jackal jackal
jaguar jaguar
jerbia jerboa
kangarii kangaroo
kod kid
konkajiu kinkajou
kotten kitten
kiala koala
kiidii koodoo
lamb lamb
lemur lemur
leipard leopard
loin lion
March 2014
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March 2011
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