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Press releases from the Local Government Association website. Turns out their website refresh neglected to include an RSS feed! D'oh!

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url summary title date Sir Merrick Cockell, LGA Chairman responds to the launch of the Government's Social Justice Strategy LGA responds to Social Justice Strategy 2012-03-13 Cllr David Parsons, Chairman of the LGA's Environment and Housing Board responds to the Government's announcement on right-to-buy. LGA responds to Government's right-to-buy announcement 2012-03-12 Councils could create thousands of new jobs by issuing bonds to raise investment for the construction of new homes, roads and infrastructure projects if this month's Budget removes the barriers standing in their way, the Local Government Association has said. Budget should create jobs and boost growth through bond investment 2012-03-12 The majority of people in England are failing to plan for old age despite thinking they will need care and support in later life, according to a survey published today (Saturday, 10 March). LGA poll – people failing to plan for old age 2012-03-09 Responding to the Prime Minister's announcement of legislative proposals to speed up the adoption process, Councillor David Simmonds, Chairman of the Local Government Association's Children and Young People Board, said: "Councils are pleased that the Government wants to help improve the adoption process..." LGA responds to Prime Minister's adoption proposals 2012-03-09 The LGA is today calling for the Department for Education to scrap reams of unnecessary paperwork that social workers have to wade through at the beginning of any adoption process. Adoption system needs more stable homes, not more bureaucracy 2012-03-09 Proposed tourism reforms could lead to an increase in underage binge drinking, takeaways filling high streets and small businesses being delayed from expanding, council leaders are warning. Tourism reforms risk increase in underage binge drinking 2012-03-08 Cities and towns across the UK are being urged by leading councillors to go to the Government with a list of powers being sought in order to boost local growth and jobs. Councils should press home plans for greater local control with Whitehall 2012-03-08 The Government's rush to make the benefits system available primarily online risks leaving millions of vulnerable people being lost in the digital divide, council leaders are warning. Online benefits revolution could leave millions of vulnerable lost in digital divide 2012-03-07 The Diamond Jubilee weekend looks set to be the biggest national celebration for decades with about 3,500 road closure applications for street parties having been received by councils so far, despite it still being three months away. Diamond Jubilee street parties reach 3,500 – with three months still to go 2012-03-03
March 2012
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