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NOT SPECIFIED He should get DEPORTED back to his ugly land where his UGLY FACE belongs. He is an ILLEGAL ALIEN, a Fake Visa! someone should report liars, users like Indian Chris 2012-05-18, 8:53PM EDT 3024265971
m4w You were sitting down on the subway train, pretty, feminine, well dressed, professional. I watched you sit there and nibble at your fingernails and cuticles, oblivious to all the hustle and bustle around you. That is a filthy habit, young lady. It's utterly unhygienic and decidedly unladylike, and the facts that you're so pretty and that you probably know better just make your behavior all the more disappointing. I expect the problem is that you don't have anyone in your life who to teach you that there are rules in this world, and to show you what happens when you break them. Drop me a line. I'll take you right over my knee and spank your bare bottom like a naughty little girl until you start to understand that what you do matters, and certain destructive and rude behaviors are simply not going to be tolerated. I'll spank you until you cry, and I'll accept your sincere apology, and I'll hold you in my arms and remind you that you're better than that. And you'll know it's all been for your own good. I'm completely serious. I'll bet this is far from the only bad habit you have. Do you really like having no one care enough to put a stop to it? Pretty girl biting her nails on the crowded subway - m4w - 36 36 2012-05-18, 11:44AM EDT 2999359000
m4w As I aim this 9.. down my throat.. as I choke on the bullet.. blasted love.. doesnt end my cries.. a lovely suicice.. Knows none to exist, so I pull up from the strength of my tries.. or attempts to see love.. above the bar that I set.. Indeed my mind cries.. I cant get you out of my head.. Do I live a lie?.. the life of the dead.. surely the love friends guns and roses.. ceast to, begin to itterupt.. the bloodflow I intend to let go.. into an ocean beyond a cave, or vice versa some would say... OK Im getting pretty carried away... on the idea that maybe just may.. day will come, or never.. I mean it is May 12th or whatever... Well as you see... the clouds in my mind... trick or treat... with different candies that I, think twice to eat... I just hope one day I can find, through the clouds and rain in my mind, to see that love might exist... for you and I~ Smoke Som'n Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!!! A Clouded Mind - m4w 2012-05-18, 5:44AM EDT 3022622643
w4m 347 need help with my rent please 486 anyone who is a gentleman hmu 5238 please no ghetto dudes tahnk u anybody gentleman enough? - w4m - 20 (lower west side) 20 2012-05-19, 9:02PM EDT 3026169184
m4w You, blonde hair and with a few friends, me alone and eating. I'd like to know your name. Tell me what you were wearing and what you were throwing around to know its you. Hope this works! central park great lawn - m4w - 32 (Upper East Side) 32 2012-05-19, 8:59PM EDT 3026165402
m4m We checked in the same hotel at the same time this afternoon. I was definately checking you out. You are too close to pass up a blow job. Get back to me for room number. hotel lobby - m4m (Chelsea) 2012-05-19, 8:30PM EDT 3026127264
m4m You were wearing a green wig on the Earth Music Float at the dance parade. We looked at each other a number of times, u waved to me and blew me a kiss, i waved back. It was around 5th Ave and 8th St... Wearing Green Hair Wig on Dance Parade Earth Music Float - m4m (East Village) 2012-05-19, 8:17PM EDT 3026109517
m4w not me who gives a fuck - m4w (Financial District) 2012-05-19, 8:08PM EDT 3026096213
m4m two years ago, you fucked me after chatting on a4a. we fucked twice. you have some cool paintings in your apt. you travel a lot. we fell out of contact. i still jerk off thinking about your amazing and huge white dick--your body and, skills in bed. you are a really hot guy. i hope i can see you again. 40 e. 12 - m4m (Union Square) 2012-05-19, 8:03PM EDT 3026089677
m4m Hey Saw you twice in the sauna today. There were 3 of us each time. You took your time changing when you left. Message me - let me know what workout you did around the same time as me, so I know it's you. NYSC - Asian boy - m4m (Midtown) 2012-05-19, 7:42PM EDT 3026059017
m4m You were working out at on saturday (around 5/6pm) at Equinox Tribeca. Good work out ;) Didn't say hello as I didn't know if you were straight or gay. I was the guy dressed in back shorts and T shirt. Equinox Tribeca Saturday - m4m (TriBeCa) 2012-05-19, 7:40PM EDT 3026055612
m4w We had eye contacts in cateteria at our work place near Grand Central Station on friday. You were wearing very colorful dress and looking pretty. It was on 34th fl. You are an intern I guess. I don know your name. Not sure if you would like to talk.. Eye Contacts in Cafeteria at work place - m4w - 33 (Midtown East) 33 2012-05-19, 7:36PM EDT 3026049270
m4w Any more info? Time? What was she wearing? re: Whole foods brunette - m4w (Union Square) (Union Square) 2012-05-19, 7:19PM EDT 3026023591
m4w Cunt... that's all you will never - m4w - 33 (way to close) 33 2012-05-19, 6:54PM EDT 3025984113
m4w I was riding over the bridge you were walking over in a sexy black dress i gave you my unmistakable 'i want to fuck you' look and then we both nearly broke our necks looking back at each other shoulda gone back and talked to you :/ beautiful woman walking over williamsburg bridge - m4w - 22 (Lower East Side) 22 2012-05-19, 6:46PM EDT 3025970882
m4m Brian Where's your head this year? Still feel the gap in there? Brian M, Brianabol, steroid, deadlift, power, gorilla, crushing, Nietzsche, programmed, object, authority, nature Smugg - m4m 2012-05-19, 6:45PM EDT 3025969671
m4w So I was at whole foods on 14th street yesterday (Friday) and I saw you food shopping. I was wearing a black T and had a one strapped backpack on. I first saw you near the prepared hot food and wanted to say hell out didn't. If you find this email me back! Whole foods brunette - m4w (Union Square) 2012-05-19, 6:41PM EDT 3025963447
m4m You were sitting. I was working the pole. We kept eyeing each other and smiling until that blonde bitch got in the way. I got off at West 4th street but you stayed on. You had a tattoo on your finger, let me know what it was. I think we know each other already, possible from parties, yeah? I was going to slip you my card, had it ready, but then got shuffled out the door by a flood of people so I couldn't walk to my right. Let me know what you remember (what I was wearing, you were wearing, etc) and maybe we can set something up. Downtown F Train, Finger tattoo - m4m - 22 (Downtown) 22 2012-05-19, 6:38PM EDT 3025958281
m4m Hey there, handsome. You asked me if we'd met at Duane Reade last night. I said no and watch out for that pump, you're tires might pop. Sorry I sort of froze and didn't respond very well to your attempts to make conversation. Drinks? Bicycle pump, 9th between 54/55 - m4m - 39 (Midtown West) 39 2012-05-19, 6:06PM EDT 3025904853
m4w Train was too crowded to fight up and say hi, but I should have, regretting. You looked gorgeous in that dress. 157 wasn't my stop, maybe next time it can be. What color shirt for response. Vickys on 1 - m4w - 32 (Inwood / Wash Hts) 32 2012-05-19, 6:02PM EDT 3025898776
m4w we were each browsing the bookstore -- first downstairs then upstairs in the art section-- you were tall and beautiful and wearing a long flowing brown skirt and matching top- you looked like an artist. i was the guy who you caught a few times looking at you -- tall white guy with blue eyes. with a big black napsack on my back. lets have lunch one day beautiful tall asian girl in strand bookstore- today areound 3pm - m4w - 40 (union square area) 40 2012-05-19, 5:55PM EDT 3025887226
t4m looking for phone now. send me your number and ill call you! xo looking for PHONE NOW - t4m - 22 22 2012-05-19, 5:20PM EDT 3025825955
w4w Ok, so when you miss an opportunity in this world to grab that connection you made in this VAST city of New York, and then have to post HERE and hope for a miracle, is kind of a lost cause. Use your missed connection to NEVER miss one again, what's the worst thing that can happen? The person looks at you funny and walks away... the best thing? Well, it could CHANGE your life, so DON'T MISS the next connection ladies! Life is tooooo short! TO THE GIRL I SAW AND DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING TO... - w4w (manhattan) 2012-05-19, 4:50PM EDT 3025771488
m4m to the hot guy that fucked me at paddles last night. You had a prince albert that felt amazing! would love to play again. send me a line. PADDLES...prince albert! - m4m - 31 (Chelsea) 31 2012-05-19, 4:34PM EDT 3025741594
m4m You were coming out of the bathroom as I was heading in around 10:00 or so, but you turned around and came back in and showed off your beautiful cock at the urinals. You pulled it out again and made sure that I got a good look at it. I liked what I saw. Tell me something about what you were wearing and reply to this message with your Skype username so we can at least play around online. Would love to see more of your dick. Penn Station Bathroom This Morning - m4m - 24 (Midtown West) 24 2012-05-19, 4:25PM EDT 3025724332
m4w You were asking me about where I park my bicycle in our building (195 Broadway) while in the elevator just as your floor arrived. You held the door open but it kept closing. I didn't catch your name. I was going to tell you that I'm trying to get a rack installed outside by the city. Give me a ring if you're this girl. I'm the Thomson Reuters guy. Elevator, Bike Rack Discussion - m4w - 38 (Financial District) 38 2012-05-19, 4:21PM EDT 3025718212
m4w You were sitting at the front table to the right as one enters Tom and Jerry's around 8:30pm. You were wearing a yellow sweater with blue dots, reddish hair, hanging out with three friends, looking at clothing. I came in and waited for a friend at the next table and was struck by your beauty and the friendliness you exuded. I tried to read to kill the time, but ended up just using it to keep my eyes down so as to not stare. Thanks for making my wait so inspiring and excellent! I hope to see you again when neither of us have company. Yellow Sweater, Tom and Jerry's, Tuesday Night - m4w - 32 (Nolita / Bowery) 32 2012-05-19, 4:16PM EDT 3019330683
m4m I was wearing a blue lacoste polo, was sitting with two female friends outside, told you I liked your dance... tell me what you were wearing so I know it's a match and let me take you out to drinks. You're super handsome. yotel brunch (saturday) - m4m - 26 (Midtown West) 26 2012-05-19, 4:13PM EDT 3025702139
m4w We met while standing on the corner of 2nd Ave and St Mark's watching the dance parade. You told me your name is Rae (sp?) and you're from Cali. We chatted for a bit then walked to 7th St together and parted ways. I am the Asian guy named Mark who's from the Midwest. I really hope you see this post. I wanted to ask if you'd be interested in meeting up again but was feeling kind of shy. Let's cross paths again. 2nd ave and St Mark's watching the dance parade - m4w (East Village) 2012-05-19, 3:56PM EDT 3025668090
m4w You don't look too happy about me snapping a shot at lunchtime yesterday... nothing personal; you happened to be in the shot. It wasn't until later that I discovered your sexy fierceness. Want to have a drink? Madison Sq Park food stalls - m4w (Flatiron) 2012-05-19, 3:11PM EDT 3025578566
w4m i ate your olive. rooftop pool - w4m - 25 (gansevoort) 25 2012-05-19, 2:59PM EDT 3025554181
NOT SPECIFIED So last night I returned to my car with my date and saw the little present you gave me. Being an SUV owner you didn't look the type to use Craigslist, but here's a shot in the dark. If a man stands idly at the end of a grocery store isle, and there's a single gallon of milk left at the far end, and someone nearby gets to it first, the idle man is shit out of luck. You don't whine, and you certainly don't key someone's shopping cart over the ordeal. You go to another store. That's called an analogy. That's when you take a story with similar elements and compare it to a relevant case in order to facilitate understanding of a situation. Neat, huh?! Additionally, you keying my car over a parking space that you had an alleged "right" to is not karma, regardless of what you claim. That's just you acting on your own accord. Karma is a cosmic force not consciously meted out by people. I don't think you know what karma is. But it's OK! If you are reading this, you can check out various web pages on the subject of karma. Google is an excellent place to start! Before I left my car, I spotted two other cars leaving their parking spots, and two other cars pulled into them. Neither of them were you. But you didn't try to take those spots. Did you key those cars as well? Oh man, you're like the keymaster. I'm not even that mad about my car. My car is far from new, and it's had worse done to it. The owner before me lost one of the side skirts in an accident. One headlight is slightly fogged yellow. And don't get me started on the suspension. I would have preferred a colorful message so I could have viraled it. People love getting mad at stuff. You are a prime example. I kinda feel bad for you though. You have serious anger issues, and you should get them addressed before you pick a fight with someone who is more confrontational than I am. You might get yourself into trouble. That said, I suppose we are both lucky I didn't catch you doing it. At least aforementioned date ended very well. This morning. How's that for karma, buddy? to the gentleman who keyed my car last night (Nolita / Bowery) 2012-05-19, 2:53PM EDT 3025541288
m4m thank you for the amazing throat!! i haven't skull-fucked a dude like that in a while. you are amazing lol. hit me up next time you're in town from pennsylvania. too bad they were closing and you had to get back to your dog in jersey. i wanna finish what we started! Bijou last night - m4m - 38 (East Village) 38 2012-05-19, 1:27PM EDT 3025355342
m4w I sat across from you on the train from union sq to 57/7 and had trouble not staring. This is less of a missed connection and more of me being a little bitch and not asking for your number. Next time, i wont make the same mistake. Just a gut feeling, but I think we would be great together. Would love to get to know you over coffee. If you felt the same way, get in touch. I was wearing a striped tee and jeans. Beautiful girl wearing black/white on Q uptown Saturday - m4w - 25 25 2012-05-19, 1:09PM EDT 3025313965
m4w im still bored now what i should have asked you for your number stupid me when i nod my head you hit it lol pretty girl in blue need a ride - allen st - m4w (Lower East Side) 2012-05-19, 1:04PM EDT 3020555307
m4m I'm taking a shot in the dark but hopefully I can find you and can reconnect. I saw you coming out of a bar Thursday night by Union Square. I wasn't quite sure if you were coming from a gig as a Justin Beibs impersonator or if it was lesbian night. I'm not sure if it was your drunk orbiting or the fact that you were trying to get that defenseless guy in that cage which struck my attention but it sure as hell did! I tried to follow you but I was put off when you began swaying from side to side mumbling the words, "I Can't Even..." Hopefully I can find you because sloppy never looked so sexy. <3 Beiber or Lesbian? - m4m - 25 (Union Square) 25 2012-05-19, 12:55PM EDT 3025283686
m4m So Ive never done this, however... I was in your office building yesterday and we kept seeing each other in the hallway, and I wanted to say something but you were either with someone or I was busy with someone. So I thought Id give this a try and see what happens. You just seemed very charming and positive, which is hard to find these days.. : / So anywho, if you see this and remember me, send me a message. You ran out for lunch , I wanna say that I overheard you went to wendys or something. I was wearing a blue hoodie. : ) Hope to hear from you soon! 1501 Broadway Building? - m4m - 25 (7th floor..) 25 2012-05-19, 12:40PM EDT 3025249800
NOT SPECIFIED From time to time I feel the need to call you, to write you an email or to see you. That feeling variates in intensity. Sometimes it fades away quickly when I remember the last times we talked and how resented you were. Some other times I feel that I have barely began to understand the measure of the pain I have caused you. Those moments are the worst for me because I realize that no matter what I do or how I feel there's absolutely nothing I can do to change that. I know I deserve your total indifference for the rest of my life but it is so hard to accept it. I visit the places where we used to spend time. I do it with other people now trying to recycle them and change the significance in an effort to forget you but everything is in vain. You are always on my mind and you'll be the thorn inside my heart for the rest of my life. I think I'll be able to have a semi-normal life: meet other people, fall in love, have dreams and illusions again. Like you once said, it is in my nature to be happy. But you'll always be my missed opportunity, my biggest mistake and my eternal question. You'll never know how much I miss you 2012-05-19, 12:37PM EDT 3025244006
m4w You were with 3 other girlfriends, standing having drinks around 7PM Thursday. We kept looking at each other from afar... I was sitting at a table in the outdoor, circle part.... I was late and had to leave. I waved and smiled before I left and you were a little giddy :-) Want to meet there again? BOAT BASIN, Thursday... - m4w (Upper West Side) 2012-05-19, 12:03PM EDT 3025167912
m4w In this world there are small undiscovered treasures. Like the old dusty violin at a country yard sale. These treasures go unnoticed till someone of knowledge happens a pon them. This one treasure is a small little cooking blog my wife has been writing. Her humor and wit make cooking fun to learn. I am the husband in her blog who only has time to eat and run while stealing her camera. My reason for writing this ad is the understanding that hundreds of articles go across an editors desk every day. Yet you in your quite little space are lonely and seeking someone. It is this force that i intend to use for good, that perhaps you know an editor and would pass on my wife's blog for a read. I would also advise you to read this blog, as learning a few more cooking tricks might be what it takes to land that special someone. Google haggy housewife and start your day off with a smile. Editor who never saw me :( - m4w (Downtown) 2012-05-19, 12:01PM EDT 3025163460
m4w Grab your bong and your bikini and come over...there's skanky girls taking chairs quickly...hurry before the sun goes down... Rooftop Sun Shiny Layout Partner Life Coach Happy Girl - m4w - 32 (West Village) 32 2012-05-19, 11:32AM EDT 3025101873
m4m your bud in apt 21A....downtown Bklyn Sean Damon aka Michael contact - m4m - 25 (Harlem 125th street) 25 2012-05-19, 9:39AM EDT 3024891690
w4m It was First Floor...describe my hair re: After 6pm At Jacks - w4m - 30 (around Penn station) - w4m - 30 30 2012-05-19, 9:28AM EDT 3024875107
m4w That smile was so nice you looked hot them tights were banging just had a dream about you to lol if you see this be nice if you respond if not blessssssss you anyways see yah wit your girlfriend orange top black tights lookin for a bar - m4w (park were they had duhhh rally) 2012-05-19, 8:50AM EDT 3024822191
w4m Hey Doc, We got cut off abruptly. I'd love to see you again if you have some free time. In your email, please tell me what we talked about so I know it's you. David from Perth, in NY for a week - w4m 2012-05-19, 8:03AM EDT 3024770575
w4m C., Don't be so self-assured. It is you who lacked the courage, the constitution. When things were on the brink of becoming substantial, you lost your self-composure. When I reached out to you, you cast me away. Wander the moors cold and alone for all I care. -------------------- You wrote: "The murdered do haunt thier murderers. I believe. I know that ghosts have wandered the earth . Be with me always-take any form--drive me mad! Only do not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you." That is what you want to say but lack the courage . You have the courage to pretend . But rather cute in a way. A rather small way. re:'ve proven me correct - w4m (after all) - m4w 2012-05-19, 7:53AM EDT 3024761209
m4m I'm a successful, healthy, chill Daddy. Masculine, sensitive, creative and deeply interested in big, black muscular men who dig other men. Me: A non smoker, DDF and single. I'm 5'4", 220 lbs with pics to trade. Bear In Search Of Intelligent, Sexy, Black Muscle - m4m - 63 (Midtown West) 63 2012-05-19, 7:23AM EDT 3024739171
m4m You're cute. how do I spell my name? ORRY - m4m - 32 (West Village) 32 2012-05-19, 6:12AM EDT 3024704363
m4m You appeared to know me. I have no idea who you are, so maybe you can jog my memory if you think you know me. I was White guy, with long hair, glasses and a blue sweater. You banged on train window to get my attention - m4m (F train 23rd stop) 2012-05-19, 4:42AM EDT 3024674929
w4m I discovered your post yesterday. You titled it Satisfaction and Fulfillment. It had been sitting patiently, tabbed in my browser. Although I had started to, I wasn't going to write because I just started dating someone and I'm not the type to juggle. But when I just saw that you took it down and that my window of opportunity had closed, I was so disappointed. It was incredible really. Your About You section couldn't have been more me. In fact, I was even grinning exactly where you said I would be. I told myself, I don't need the dynamic you described. But then why does the thought of never having what you were offering hurt? I hadn't realized that I had given up hope. How foolish of me to not reach out to someone who wants exactly what I do. I don't know why you took your post down and I don't know the chances... but I hope you read this and contact me. Calling out for "Satisfaction and Fulfillment" - w4m 2012-05-19, 4:20AM EDT 3024667102
m4w your guy-friend had a yellow shirt? button up? who cares you didn't stop staring, and neither did I what color shirt and/or tie was I wearing? Whiskey Tavern - me: suit; you: gorgeous and staring--Sat, early AM - m4w (Chinatown / Lit Italy) 2012-05-19, 2:49AM EDT 3024628779
w4m so, you came into heartland (union square) -- sat at the end of the bar closest to the door with two other friends, single-handedly turned my rotten mood around and helped me forget i how awful and tired i was feeling - and i wanted to thank you properly, but - alas, my scattered brain was elsewhere. you left me your number. and then i proceeded to lose it. m'bad. never posted one of these before, but i'm a firm believer in the universe's magical powers... let's see if they're on our side. quinn, you came into heartland tonight. - w4m (Union Square) 2012-05-19, 2:21AM EDT 3024613333
m4w Second time I saw you this week on Friday. You sat right next to me, to my surprise, when I looked up from my iPad. I want to say you're Dominican. You're light skin, fairly tall (5'7 5'8?) with gorgeous lips, eyes and figure. I shot a few glances at you but didn't really know how to approach you on a morning commute. You had on a sports blazer and wore your hair up this time. If you're reading this, I would like to get to know you. Maybe we'll bump into each other again soon. Dowtown A train around 8:00 am, I got off on 59th - m4w - 27 (Inwood / Wash Hts) 27 2012-05-19, 2:07AM EDT 3024604609
w4w hi!! i saw you on and uptown A train between 1130pm and had on a blue and white baseball tee and a pink speck case on your iphone. i thought it was odd that you were staring at me but i realized that you are so sexy!! just wanted to let you know that! i hope you see this! blonde on uptown A train - w4w - 30 (Harlem / Morningside) 30 2012-05-19, 1:06AM EDT 3024562276
m4w You were walking by Cafeteria around 8-9pm Friday night. I was eating outside I smiled as you walked by you smiled back. You are beautiful I wanted to call you over! Respond with what I look like or what were you holding/carrying Lets see if this works Cafeteria - m4w - 30 (Midtown) 30 2012-05-19, 12:57AM EDT 3024555604
m4w Our eyes met a couple times. Hopefully you didn't think I was a creepy stalker. You unfortunately were with someone near the kitchen entrance---you had short brunette hair, slight tan and dress with large sequins--and gorgeous eyes. Just my luck I guess. Kanoyama Sushi Lady - m4w - 29 (East Village) 29 2012-05-19, 12:35AM EDT 3024536656
m4m me with friends-you with family. I believe you were drinking an "old fashioned," and having just deserts. made eyes numerous times, including when you first walked in. wish we could have chatted... next table over at Jack's - m4m (Union Square) 2012-05-19, 12:26AM EDT 3024528407
w4m it was the first floor- describe my hair? Hi u wearing the white in the line next to me, the guy i was with was a friend, and you seem interesting. u asked to if my suitcase was for sale :). let me know if u want to talk. re: After 6pm At Jacks - w4m - 30 (around Penn station) 30 2012-05-19, 12:20AM EDT 3020257473
m4w here are your astral disasters the mothership & the fatherland the sea priestess i don't want to be the one to tell you that higher beings command the lowest common abominator freebase chakra's in a tunnel of goats i am the green child whose constant shallowness leads to evil are you shivering yet? at the heart of it all where are you? in a cold cell the dreamer is still asleep who will fall? furthur back and faster down the anal staircase red skeletons panic at the tenderness of wolves for us they will slur blood from the air with the sickness of snakes a boy in a suitcase thumps love's secret domain, stolen and contaminated either his or your body a playground for the nazi elite in cruel hearts where even the darkness is something to see chaostrophy absolute elsewhere is suicide a solution? WORSHIP THE GLITCH WORSHIP THE GLITCH WORSHIP THE GLITCH corybantic ennui madriiax we have always been here man unkind caged birds decadent & symmetrical opium humming sun ascensions the halliwell hammers and anything that flies bee stings under an unquiet skull stealing the words circulating in this chasm silence is secrecy a white rainbow here to here on balance everything keeps dissolving The Immortal Coil - m4w 2012-05-19, 12:07AM EDT 3024510697
w4m Hey, you got off at 103 and we both walked to the same street...tell me your building number and I'll know if it is you.... I just saw you on my street - w4m (East Harlem) 2012-05-18, 11:46PM EDT 3024489848
m4w You asked me for directions and we ended up walking together for a few minutes. We talked about your job, your ex's curly hair, and your beautiful, beautiful face until it was time for you to turn on Worth Street. I wish that I had gotten your number and not let my eyes go so wide when you told me that you have a... anyway. You were wonderful and I would like to make out with you as soon as possible. I'm not actually 99. I walked you from outside City Hall Park to Worth St - m4w - 99 (Broadway) 99 2012-05-18, 10:45PM EDT 3024419868
m4m I don't know if anyone ever actually sees these, but I thought I'd give it a try. Saw you on an uptown 6 train about 10:00PM tonight (May 18). You were wearing a green striped shirt and you had sunglasses in your hand. You stood next to me and held onto one of the poles on the train. We made eye contact and spoke briefly. I got off the train and stopped to put my jacket on. Wish I had said more, but was tired from traveling. Let me make it up to you, if you're interested. Tell me either: 1) What I was wearing 2) What I was carrying besides my coat 3) Where I got off the train 4) What else you were wearing besides a green striped shirt. Give me an answer to any one of those questions so I know it's you. haha Uptown 6 Train Beautiful Guy in Green Striped Shirt - m4m - 25 (Upper East Side) 25 2012-05-18, 10:40PM EDT 3024414042
m4w Let me know if you would like to run once in a while in Central Park. I can run from 2 to 5 miles at variable paces. Hours flexible, evening a plus. Thank you! Central Park Runner - m4w - 50 50 2012-05-18, 10:37PM EDT 3008586727
m4m We were checking each other out in the weight room. Then you went to shoot some hoops alone. Saw you again heading for the showers as I was leaving. Would like to meet you. If you see this...drop me a line. YMCA McBurney Fri. 9:00 pm - m4m (West Village) 2012-05-18, 10:22PM EDT 3024391457
m4m Tell..where and how we met stitch - m4m (Midtown West) 2012-05-18, 10:05PM EDT 3024368325
w4m "The murdered do haunt thier murderers. I believe. I know that ghosts have wandered the earth . Be with me always-take any form--drive me mad! Only do not leave me in this abyss, where I cannot find you." That is what you want to say but lack the courage . You have the courage to pretend . But rather cute in a way. A rather small way.'ve proven me correct - w4m (after all) 2012-05-18, 9:56PM EDT 3024355790
m4m You were wearing a striped shirt and glasses. We were confused looking for the L/F/M trains. I was wearing a striped cardigan. I think you are really handsome and I would love to have coffe with you. Let me know what you think. Dark Shadows - m4m - 33 (3 train to 14 & 6) 33 2012-05-18, 9:51PM EDT 3024349827
m4m our lockers were next to each other this afternoon (friday) around 1. you're built, black, beautiful, pierced, inked and looking at me. just my type. tell me what i look like, maybe we could get together when we're not on a lunch break. 50th st equinox - m4m - 26 (Midtown) 26 2012-05-18, 9:38PM EDT 3024331033
m4w hi, you and your friend were doing photos on the uptown 2 or 3 train wednesday night. you both got on together at fulton street. i think you even snapped a few pics of me reading... you were very pretty, i'd love to take you out for a drink. Wednesday night photographer on 2/3 train - m4w - 36 (uptown train) 36 2012-05-18, 9:33PM EDT 3024323934
m4m Crunch 38th street friday afternoon. I was in the white t-shirt black nike shorts. You were in the red adidas sleeveless shirt. You're super cute and tall and I've never seen you before at Crunch. I looked over at you several times. Not sure if you saw me but I left and didn't say hi. If you saw me and interested, respond back with your color of shorts. Crunch 38th street - m4m - 27 (Midtown) 27 2012-05-18, 9:32PM EDT 3024323645
m4w I mean... we flirt a lot in the office, we gave great combos and there is chemistry. what do you think? maybe you should make a move? I should make a move already, right? - m4w (Chelsea) 2012-05-18, 9:01PM EDT 3024277551
NOT SPECIFIED so we all know women are dumb. so just to clear the air on the subject i'll start there. so women are dumb, and yet there is a natural instinct to outthink and kill everything the female should come across which is of a giving nature, a loyal nature, a providing nature, or a fake version of any of those 3. so in other words, they attach to any man they can leech on to. ok, i know, i'm stating the obvious- i can see the floods of responses already. but hear me out you great Americans of New York the City. women do this. women latch on, they do study you, they do learn how to outsmart you- and in the end, they invariably fuck you. ask ANYONE. everyone has been screwed over by at LEAST one specimen of the FEMALE species. our great Men of the United States allow ourselves to be conquered, and daily. we have our children in Irak, Iran, Uzbekistan, Tahiti.. but the war is here at home my brother Men of the United States. we need to band together. we need to fight these women. we need to not allow them to take us for all we have. left alone and lonely and laughed at. right, Men, you are right- we have to either avoid them or in the case where this is not an option, we must eliminate them. they are bottom feeders. they will destroy you. and if you want to survive this human race, you have to destroy them first. may God Bless the Men Of America. Thank you. Training a Woman - 46 (Battery Park) 46 2012-05-18, 8:47PM EDT 3024257296
m4m Saw you at Energy Kitchen tonight - you came in and ordered to go after I did. Around 8 pm You - brown hair, striped pants, light purple shirt, brown shoes. Good looking in area? Energy Kitchen on Nassau Street - m4m (Financial District) 2012-05-18, 8:44PM EDT 3024251963
m4m You looked incredible in your monotone look. I froze and didn't approach you, but I saw you look back when you got off the train and we made eye contact. Hit me up and let me know what color my hoodie was. Xx You- all beige / Me- green shorts - m4m - 24 (E train from 42nd) 24 2012-05-18, 8:32PM EDT 3024233826
w4m we both had significant others. That puts us in the same boat. He knows about my feelings for you, though I've promised to do my best to avoid this place. But I still love you. What do you want me to do? I seriously thought you were on your way here, or I would be on a plane now. Last time I checked - w4m 2012-05-18, 8:26PM EDT 3024224571
m4w please don't contact me. you're gay and i'm against gay marriage. lady gaga - m4w - 30 (Chinatown / Lit Italy) 30 2012-05-18, 8:08PM EDT 3024194786
NOT SPECIFIED What YOU talking about boy! I heard you haven't even contact her, while she tried and tried to call and message you. You could at least be HONEST with her, and tell her what You feel, instead of being a coward and hiding. Worst posting here or replying to my post. DON'T talk to me, Talk to her PERSONALLY, MAN UP! Boy! Whether you say the wrong things to a woman, if you know how to warm up to them, they can be forgiving. IF it's time for YOU to MOVE ON, maybe she deserves the SAME THING, don't hurt her even more by letting her hanging and not knowing. She deserve the CLOSER as well. What a scumbag You are, saying what you telling. what after your done with her. Good luck to the next woman you LIE, USE, and CHEAT. Ladies in the house, BEWARE of this INdian Boy who manipulates woman to be his friend, only to use her, then dumps her. BRAGGING time for him to MOVE ON. What an Asshole Scumbag, Psycho. Passive Agressive behavior! re: re: Indian Chris don't mistreat woman kind enough to loan U money 2012-05-18, 8:05PM EDT 3024190895
m4w funny and interesting conversation about the surroundings that day. would have liked to ask you to do something in the future, but i was a little conflicted with the day supposed to be about my mom on mother's day. The Ride NYC (Fazzino) 3/13 - m4w (Midtown West) 2012-05-18, 8:04PM EDT 3024188911
w4m There's a mermaid statue in Copenhagen. I've never been, but hopefully you'll remember my avatar and what she's named for. Please contact me. I promise we can find a way to make this work. Hans Christian Andersen - w4m 2012-05-18, 7:48PM EDT 3024162105
m4w We were in the middle car, you were reading a paper, our eyes met, you smiled and looked down. We looked at each other five or six more times beforeI thought of what to say, but you got off at chambers street. I was wearing a salmon colored long sleeve. Message me, let's get coffee! On the j-train, 9:15 - m4w - 28 (Financial District) 28 2012-05-18, 7:45PM EDT 3024156100
m4m You: pink tshirt, shorts, glasses, tall. Me: Shorter Filipino with friend. We exchanged eye contact and smiles at 59th and 9th. You followed us to Columbus Circle, but I had to go. Tell me what color shirt I was wearing. I'm here until Mon morning. Hope you see this. You followed us ... - m4m - 45 (59/9 to Columbus Circle) 45 2012-05-18, 7:31PM EDT 3024133065
m4w You were outside that awful marketing promo on Broadway, around Prince Street. The one with the stylist doing makeovers in the glass-walled truck. Anyway, you had the most awesome killer eyes ever. Maybe you do alot of recreational drugs or something, or take punches to the eye sockets, but I've never seen anything like you before. All those painted rent-a-faces put out by the marketing company instantly vanished when I saw you. I would have said something but you were on your phone, and I was coming back from eating at Veneiro's so I was afraid I'd puke all over you. Still managed to crash into four or so baboons not watching where I was going. Well I'm attaching an 'artist's impression'. If you know who this person is, show her this message and maybe reply. Hell, just let her know that she really stands out and not sell out and look like everybody else. Even shielded by my ray-bans, her gaze caused severe damage to my retinas.....I can only see her now! LOLOLOLOL..sigh.... To the woman with the sneaky psycho killer eyes - m4w - 33 (Chinatown / Lit Italy) 33 2012-05-18, 7:31PM EDT 3024132474
m4m You: Grey t-shirt and blue jeans white guy. Me: Black hoodie tall Asian guy with glasses. Really wanted to say hello while you were sitting by the water, but didn't... Hope you get this... South street seaport around 6pm - m4m - 25 (Financial District) 25 2012-05-18, 7:18PM EDT 3024109158
w4m Mother seeking lost son David Thompson, "Lug" who she hasn't seen in years. He is very likely working as a Doorman for a hotel in Manhattan. David is white, has brown hair and blue eyes and is extremely personable. His size is "king size". I heard he is ill. Anyone who has seen my lost lug please email Mom. And thank you. Mom Cher Seeking "Lug" Son - w4m - 60 (Greenwich Village) 60 2012-05-18, 7:06PM EDT 3024087755
w4m Around 8, last night at Pianos, you went out of your way to came up to me and told me you were leaving, and was very friendly. I'm fairly certain you were flirting and I was totally interested, but couldn't flirt back properly due to a certain situation. Anyway, you had delicious Australian accent and dressed sharply, you certainly had my attention. I was wearing a purple jacket, heels and shorts. Couldn't miss me. If you somehow find this, and are interested, respond. I'd love to hear from you. Thursday Night at Pianos - w4m (Lower East Side) 2012-05-18, 6:41PM EDT 3024041588
m4w What's the point in having a girlfriend if you only want to F**K her friends? You're a shady asshole. Re:You: My gf's busty roommate Me: DTF - m4w - w4m 2012-05-18, 6:38PM EDT 3024034985
m4w Sometimes you transfer to the A train I'm already on at west fourth street. You auburn hair, always stylishly dressed. We've shared some grins, but never spoke. Love to speak with you, but seems you ride the train elsewhere, or at another time. If you happen to see this, please contact me.. Auburn beauty of the A train - m4w (Greenwich Village) 2012-05-18, 6:31PM EDT 2990208129
m4m We were sitting together at a communal table at the Starbucks on Greenwich Street, both clad in sunglasses due to the bright sun. You were drinking a white frozen drink. There was some mutual staring going on, but admittedly it was more me at you. Starbucks - Greenwich Street - m4m - 25 (West Village) 25 2012-05-18, 6:24PM EDT 3024008554
m4w Tall, good looking, athletic 28yr old white male looking to have some casual fun this evening. I can host or travel. Fun, normal, educated and respectful... VGL looking, hung guy looking to play - m4w - 28 (Midtown) 28 2012-05-18, 5:55PM EDT 3023951199
m4w Desi guy in quest to find a unique Desi/indian girl, I'm not looking for a girlfriend or get emotionally attached or fall in love with you. Im just looking for a unique girl who is cool laid back and interested in hanging out be my hangout buddy go to movies together explore places shopping etc etc together, again not looking for a girlfriend, if your that unique Desi girl get back to me ASAP thnx Desi in quest to find a unique Desi girl - m4w 2012-05-18, 5:36PM EDT 3023912730
m4m On Monday, you were older guy wearing a White G-Star cap and reading a tablet on the 1 train uptown and either my eyes were deceiving me or you've got a major snake in your pants and it was working its way down your shorts along your legs. I was transfixed on that bulge, every time your leg moved and stretched your shorts fabric tight around that monster. I was sitting across from you in the suit. If you remember me, tell me what your button said and what else you were carrying with you on the train. Monday 5/14, White G-Star Cap Reading Tablet - m4m - 30 (Chelsea) 30 2012-05-18, 5:28PM EDT 3017868333
m4w I was sitting down & you were standing right in front of me listening to your ipod. We caught each others eye a few times. I got off at Columbus Circle. I wish I'd said something....................... Uptown 1 - m4w 2012-05-18, 5:25PM EDT 3017488112
m4w Hey we got on the same train on 34 st I kept looking at you when i had chances u mite have noticed lol You had on black and grey air maxs, white shirt I saw some tats, and reading a book we smiled before i got of on 59 and lex. Would like to hang out some time. :) pretty girl on uptown NR , HnM bag, grey sweats, white shirt - m4w - 30 (Midtown West) 30 2012-05-18, 5:12PM EDT 3023861409
m4w The trials and wrong doing, The trails and wrong doings, Will never end, For love that is, Never to cease to exist, In my heart youre kept, Again, And again. Hardships - m4w 2012-05-18, 5:10PM EDT 3023856815
m4w You were at Catch on Tuesday night. I should have come over and said hello while I was at the bar. Catch - m4w (TriBeCa) 2012-05-18, 5:08PM EDT 3023852537
m4w You're that far-out redhead with a beautiful easy smile, some cool vintage-looking glasses, bright red lipstick, a chartreuse blazer and looking like a million bucks/a hot mess in an excellent way. For serious, I was floored. I said something really inspired like UM DAMN GIRL YOU LOOK AMAZING and you said something back like OH THANK YOU SO DO YOU (which was nice) and then you got off on the second floor. I'm not going to chase a grown woman into her place of work during business hours (something undignified about that, but this Craigslist thing is, if anything, much lamer. Live and learn I guess. In my defense, I'm a first-timer at this.) Good God, Woman, get a drink with me! Milk Studios had a good thing going and I told you so - m4w - 29 (Chelsea) 29 2012-05-18, 5:04PM EDT 3023843611
m4w Today (Friday), around 2:15 I got on the uptown C at W 4th. We sat diagonally to each others right a bit of a ways away. I look at you multiple times and thought you were doing the same. You're tall, slim, tanned with blonde hair and you are very very pretty. I'm willing to bet that you model, you have that look. You were wearing an orange tank top and beige shorts I think and had a luggage bag. You got off at Columbus Circle. I wouldn't liked to have gotten off with you buy I was under a time crunch to be somewhere. I'm caucasian, tall, slim, light brown hair. If you see this I'm sure you'll remember me. And if you do see this, what was I wearing ? Pretty, tall, slim, tanned blonde in orange tank top - m4w - 28 (Uptown C) 28 2012-05-18, 5:03PM EDT 3023842215
m4w We rode the elevator with TV and you asked me if the facebook IPO was today. I'd love to continue the conversation about my bad investments or other topics. Elevator facebook IPO - m4w - 40 (Midtown West) 40 2012-05-18, 5:01PM EDT 3023837950
m4m This is a long shot, but I walked past you about 45 minutes ago on 39th Street between Lex and Third. You were smoking a cigarette and had on a black jacket. I'm normally oblivious when it happens but I could feel your eyes on me. It was sexy. Thank you. If you do see this, tell me what I was wearing so I know it's you. Cruising on 39th St. - m4m - 31 (Midtown East) 31 2012-05-18, 4:58PM EDT 3023831594
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