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city nr_of_beers name country
Kristiansand 43 <a href=""> KICK Malt &amp; Mat </a> Norway
Oslo 50 <a href="">Akersberget</a> Norway
Oslo 221 <a href="">Amundsen Bryggeri &amp; Spiseri</a> Norway
Trondheim 88 <a href="">Antikvariatet musikkafé &amp; bokbar</a> Norway
Andenes 0 <a href="">Arresten pub (Breiflabben brygghus)</a> Norway
Oslo 17 <a href="">Aurora Café og Bar</a> Norway
Kristiansand 25 <a href="">Bakgården Både &amp;</a> Norway
Oslo 50 <a href="">Bar &amp; Cigar</a> Norway
Andenes 0 <a href="">bar bierget</a> Afghanistan
Oslo 17 <a href="">Bar Bierget (Rica Holberg Hotel)</a> Norway
Bergen 0 <a href="">Baran Café</a> Norway
Oslo 95 <a href="">Beer Palace</a> Norway
Bergen 0 <a href="">Bien Bar</a> Norway
Bergen 0 <a href="">Biskopen</a> Norway
Tromso 0 <a href="">Blå Rock Cafe</a> Norway
Paris 0 <a href="">Bootlegger</a> France
Paris 0 <a href="">Brewberry</a> France
London 0 <a href="">BrewDog Camden</a> United Kingdom
Tonsberg 0 <a href="">Bryggeriet Pub [Nedlagt]</a> Norway
Oslo 49 <a href="">Cafe Fiasco</a> Norway
Oslo 1 <a href="">Cafe Sara</a> Norway
Stavanger 435 <a href="">Cardinal</a> Norway
London 0 <a href="">Cask Pub and Kitchen</a> United Kingdom
Bergen 1 <a href="">Chagall</a> Norway
Oslo 29 <a href="">Colonel Mustard</a> Norway
London 0 <a href="">Craft Beer Co</a> United Kingdom
Oslo 19 <a href="">Crowbar &amp; Bryggeri</a> Norway
Trondheim 21 <a href="">Daglighallen (Studentersamfundet i Trondhjem)</a> Norway
Oslo 11 <a href="">Den Andre Caféen</a> Norway
Oslo 46 <a href="">Den Gamle Major`s pub</a> Norway
Trondheim 114 <a href="">Den Gode Nabo</a> Norway
Trondheim 0 <a href="">Diskoteket</a> Norway
Oslo 105 <a href="">Dr. Jekylls</a> Norway
London 0 <a href="">Drink of Fulham</a> United Kingdom
Oslo 0 <a href="">Eik</a> Norway
London 7 <a href="">Euston Tap</a> United Kingdom
Oslo 0 <a href="">Fenaknoken</a> Norway
Oslo 23 <a href="">Food Story Grünerløkka</a> Norway
Oslo 0 <a href="">Forsmak (Mathallen)</a> Norway
Flaam 4 <a href="">Furukroa</a> Norway
Oslo 33 <a href="">Gaasa</a> Norway
Bergen 4 <a href="">Garage</a> Norway
Oslo 110 <a href="">Grünerløkka Brygghus</a> Norway
Oslo 19 <a href="">Grünerløkka Brygghus i Mathallen</a> Norway
Oslo 215 <a href="">Håndverkerstuene</a> Norway
Nord-Trondelag 0 <a href="">Harøya (Qdulla Øl)</a> Norway
Bergen 69 <a href="">Henrik øl &amp; vinstove</a> Norway
Oslo 0 <a href="">Katedralen</a> Norway
London 8 <a href="">King William IV (Brodies)</a> United Kingdom
Tautra 0 <a href="">Klostergården</a> Norway
Bergen 1 <a href="">Konrads Corner</a> Norway
Bergen 63 <a href="">Kontoret</a> Norway
London 0 <a href="">Kris Wines</a> United Kingdom
Oslo 10 <a href="">Kristiania Bar &amp; Café</a> Norway
Benidorm 0 <a href="">La Amsteleria</a> Spain
Paris 0 <a href="">La Cave à Bulles</a> France
Bergen 1 <a href="">Landmark</a> Norway
Larvik 0 <a href="">Larvik Mikrobryggeri</a> Norway
Oslo 99 <a href="">Laundromat</a> Norway
Bergen 0 <a href="">Legal</a> Norway
Paris 0 <a href="">Les 3 Brasseurs Paris Saint-Denis</a> France
Oslo 0 <a href="">Lorry</a> Norway
Sandnes 0 <a href="">Melkebaren</a> Norway
Bergen 0 <a href="">Naboen Pub &amp; Restaurant</a> Norway
Oslo 177 <a href="">Olympen</a> Norway
Levanger 0 <a href="">Oskars</a> Norway
Oslo 4 <a href="">Oslo Mikrobryggeri</a> Norway
Paris 0 <a href="">O’Neil</a> France
Oslo 25 <a href="">Parkteatret</a> Norway
Kristiansand 16 <a href="">Patricks Pub &amp; Restaurant</a> Norway
Oslo 0 <a href="">People's</a> Norway
Bergen 0 <a href="">Pingvinen</a> Norway
Oslo 5 <a href="">Revolver</a> Norway
Oslo 104 <a href="">Schouskjelleren Mikrobryggeri</a> Norway
Skorovas 0 <a href="">Skjenkestova</a> Norway
Oslo 0 <a href="">Smelteverket</a> Norway
London 0 <a href="">Southampton Arms</a> United Kingdom
Oslo 0 <a href="">Store Stå</a> Norway
Jessheim 0 <a href="">Sundbytunet</a> Norway
Paris 0 <a href="">The Frog &amp; British Library</a> France
Paris 0 <a href="">The Frog &amp; Princess</a> France
Paris 0 <a href="">The Frog &amp; Rosbif</a> France
Paris 0 <a href="">The Frog at Bercy Village</a> France
Paris 0 <a href="">The Frog XVI</a> France
London 0 <a href="">The Greenwich Union</a> United Kingdom
London 1 <a href="">The Hope</a> United Kingdom
Oslo 25 <a href="">The Nighthawk Diner</a> Norway
London 7 <a href="">The Rake</a> United Kingdom
Oslo 41 <a href="">The Whisky Bar</a> Norway
Oslo 74 <a href="">Tilt</a> Norway
Oslo 3 <a href="">Tostrup Uteservering</a> Norway
Oslo 5 <a href="">Tranen</a> Norway
Oslo 12 <a href="">Trattoria Popolare</a> Norway
Trondheim 7 <a href="">Trondhjem Mikrobryggeri</a> Norway
Bergen 0 <a href="">Ujevnt</a> Norway
London 0 <a href="">Utobeer</a> United Kingdom
Tromso 0 <a href="">Vertshuset Skarven</a> Norway
London 7 <a href="">White Horse</a> United Kingdom
Flaam 5 <a href="">Ægir Brewpub</a> Norway
January 2014
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