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equivalent key slang
Confused, lost 22598858d3650d80358918e7e653fcdb ?_?
Hypnotized, dazed 189d72ce12471bec2ea7799c16a569f0 @_@
Dragon Kill Points (<a href="MMORGP.asp">MMORGP</a>s) 95e6c78a31a79ffbeaac79a4b66e10ea DKP
Tired, exhausted fcef572d757f2b7782dcf016e6b3a977 E_E
Last Man Standing c1669824601a28e02a71a09e0ce008bc LMS
Grumpy old woamn 0f4b99924cb7e1d2e1d2c6010e320776 OLD BAG
Confused bdd2cbb7fde4dba058050902d1326354 O_O
Crying b906187c99b6091bfa0d54004a12f37c TT_TT
Crying 893749e00f7c93e053a6227ffcf27041 T_T
Dead dee59c2d084c2963ed7c22464c650d52 X_X
Happiness, satisfied 3040bebd5901f345a5e1486ae7da565e ^_^
Has money 912191d4171c03198fa884c99fb2d257 $_$
Looking left, shifty look 8bac6058a2ccc6d91b060073752aed9e &gt;_&gt;
Frustrated 0801952477fad3af182770a9fa7737da &gt;_&lt;
Sarcasm, look left a090d73c4f6a574253d4bb580a111807 &lt;_&lt;
Ass 1af9797b1967a60075702c7f1a9fbca6 (_!_)
Homer Simpson 34b1b14683351c86a9b06d9b35e33d3e (_8^(I)
In love, dazed 171d585fc80950047ab4f569f36835f8 *_*
Dead man 7371a913f7ed101d7d5990ffdef9158c +_+
Annoyed, tired 41519f5cda9f027a9b3e08ea677d907f -_-
Shocked 24d21b6471b4b21b9b0e217aff36015f 0_0
Looking down<br>Suspicious cde62e010c40ce7969b5aa25e08030fc 6_6
Rolling the eyes 79d2fed4b071dfa71245d2530da0cc81 9_9
Sex<br>Someone you wnat to have sex with 11c95fe33abfac62b7c97026855c393e SALAD
An idea that is spread among blogs 85505c46a442a9844c7061fabe61802e MEME
Display Picture af9e00f11ea4e0b4349fa972c3abf8d4 DP
See Ya 8e95c01856367fb7eeb62c1632563d17 CYA
Suffix indicating vagueness d8fff40d98333a9b5606707abf99b199 ISH
Sado Masochism 69f4fdc60d9f0c9c36a55683425ceb3b SM
Rapper from Atlanta 5e30cb0894acb1f95ca7d7c21871c4d5 TI
Want To Sell 7fb5322704fa9ec15c18f12aea54bbb8 WTS
Relaxing, chilling da8d3c3ad403f754ad697b857b87b64b COTCHING
As I Said before 4ebb68868a6b218fccc7be7914bd6039 AISB
As I Said Before 9f40b72a7b3df738826b6def987dced9 ‎AISB
Embarrassed e0a639204e9eef59288d1e68e1a47a25 :$
Tongue tied, speechless 7b1a1a591b38fc8f5925a6dbccea05c5 :&amp;
Mischievous smile da38f65ef4188a00e2054758e67ec68f :&gt;
Sad, frowning e6b49171d3d73614b0dfdcb2277e5540 :&lt;
Crying 84af46a5b4e822611a87ebdb6b333097 :'(
Crying with joy c9377d7dd543c223aeb78c93382ed44a :')
Unhappy, sad 68641de87648b99d839571045fd25581 :(
Pig 16980f6d47bc4bd325b6df36608ea5c9 :(:)
Monkey 61202d543617677369fc730c5cc983f2 :(|)
Happy a1c5c53d471cbe87b1bf971ace8542d0 :)
Kiss 55443585a9da4d0adac70ae9f1083bc3 :*
Sad 310fcf3116fd75b923d2ef3abb0a28b4 :-(
Smile 134fa629b1f355cfbe372c74ed686f21 :-)
Kiss 0df9d055266283d9fa7d2bd9c7c882b6 :-*
Sarcasm 8f29f5ea734a661015efbca3e2d1d6c8 :/
Surprised, shocked 5cf8ee4736b18ee4955261a28dba5cd3 :0
Cute/goofy face 56551c1da7de5ba379f1f87232e0a85c :3
Yum, licking 29858b7032d90c8672259ac0eaecba87 :9
Confused 461ec573ec67be89fe15bd1fae7225ac :?
Angry b32037b7de9e18bdd9d807d631b43577 :@
Buck teeth 094e8e27a9f99cdac61f63e7e734cfe9 :B
Very Sad d6d74afc10a110a5df3454347a80fe6d :C
Happy aa98d62f5a71ad25f0ebe0380af1c259 :D
Drooling b30d02559ea56aae40424b194145077c :F
Smirk 07c0a54d6caac63918bb39a495ecb0ac :J
Vampire teeth<br>Snake's tongue bfd0df0242487bfcdea9a786bdaeeed3 :K
Laughing 85e92ae68b569a6dfc87fbc59f280637 :L
Surprised cc44a1b06ee63b7df4635b8f0f18d9e9 :O
Clown nose smiley face e84bf6e6357f7f6b48223a261161be2e :O)
Sticking tongue out c434a4007b4560111863bd487a3e004c :P
Smoking bdd625476b84b8ca4c291dfd521ade98 :Q
Confused 47d81ca03d8e4f51c66a3297ad37906a :S
Side smile 5db0f08f69bb226c01ef83c5d2b493e3 :T
Zipped lips c65ba56a26f6c2b6376a5c1cad4ed98e :X
Sad<br>Vampire 30eba8fb0eb6d32863eff5488cc3cfb7 :[
Happy ed3ae744a31a67fd1b5ddd7cdbc51f28 :]
Happy with a moustache f086cf694412995f3ae144121232dcab :{)
Disgust, disapproval, not funny 3a0bf8d2996675e591643e1908b2b13f :|
Crying 76d96e144b2a0f34ffdaf9823217767d ;(
Wink 98da86c44e4f136ec38f575f4f1a39ae ;)
Wink 5dd8003ee29030eb198787cb44934185 ;-)
Wink 41f66a0fd0dcde6a791f6feedbcceacf ;D
Joking cb36b71fa35638346af5ccd6a3b94529 ;O
Winking and sticking tongue out cf692ebf36bfe8c4bb5ca0d13be2d1a2 ;P
Happy 8da4aeb934fe082eac7847cada2dbe37 =)
Tired 06015ea772ce2d29d9b40c59f1641e4c =.=
Not equal to 67dd4ee1dd5db0ec382f6f243229f839 =/=
Surprised, shocked 54d063ff0b82d329d97b347be67647bb =0
Cute/goofy face 2c6c1bcd7c6a50bdcc440d131d68f101 =3
:D 9ab0bbb671c93c8667f373b91e21c906 =D
Vampire c762355618f01cb67e8f6117d0f7e02d =F
Indifference 041be251f3cf9a30819126db3cb60fc8 =I
Sticking tongue out ed822af44958bf8d7a86a1377f27bd71 =P
Confused 6b9008038b6eba6271718ee657e6fe65 =S
Weezer (band) 86741aa584df8ee355dc44571b8d0c75 =W=
No Comment 71d9e16ae3c4a8e87a9c7bc9c3f134d4 =X
Sad 6ef7998e0ddb35bab350f49ded279aa2 =[
Happy edb707d7c2f96db0c6887f18fd043a61 =]
What? 4aa2e73d2879339a5b6427354bf149e3 ?
What? 87a67fe2ec56771f3970b72b0c073644 ??
Confused, lost b9c37aecb3dbdc8733ad92f0f0ec9412 ?_?
At 83fa8a4f887cf1632e617a0770816e54 @
Warning of parents nearby 70a198fe4f2e8150846947ec3e7db74f @@@
Hypnotized, dazed c2213be53af3e0442e3eab5c9cbcd238 @_@
A rose 17a233580b552ff79a79401935c4f0e3 @}---&gt;----
Always And Forever<br>Abercrombie &amp; Fitch 8904bed3fa95a3588cfe37f8087464ee A&amp;F
March 2014
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