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Paul has an entire screen open with Vatican TV feeds and Twitter scrolls. Was a sea of cardinal red when I walked past 311516638522523648 peterwalker99
Two Pope coverage tips for this afternoon: @lizzy_davies in Rome and, heroically live blogging, @PaulTOwen - 311516461250269184 peterwalker99
@Greek_Phil Many thanks 311512018073055232 peterwalker99
@Greek_Phil Elvik's point - backed up by stats - is good driving is only part of the story. Higher average speeds = more deaths/injuries 311509120257773569 peterwalker99
@Debsalini Exactly. That's why many saw the proposed 80mph m'way limit as a bad thing. Would become the norm (+8/10mph 'leeway') 311508099934601216 peterwalker99
Drivers saying they're skilled & can speed safely "are not able to override or repeal the laws of physics" he says 311506728040685568 peterwalker99
For those who argue speed isn't dangerous there's an academic in Norway called Rune Elvik who has decades of data showing otherwise 311506317900648449 peterwalker99
Interesting @greenjennyjones piece arguing that initial speeding by Chris #Huhne should have been taken seriously 311505948097253376 peterwalker99
Odd BBC news story, based seemingly on second-hand hearsay. On front of BBC website, too 311489495826587648 peterwalker99
@lizzy_davies Just as long as you don't mistake the steam from the coffee machine for a puff of white smoke. Good luck amid the chaos 311445449548636160 peterwalker99
Ex-colleague @jsturke doing Q&A today on Spain, where he swapped reporting grind for taking pics of good food & drink 311444014119391232 peterwalker99
@Philippa_Perry My colleague in Rome @lizzy_davies is trying to do just that - admittedly, with very little information to go on 311410216346468352 peterwalker99
Here's my final @guardian story on today's full drama in the Huhne/Pryce sentencing 311233091387654147 peterwalker99
@Philippa_Perry It was a shock to me when I Iooked just now. Hope they don't expect such drama every day. 311197537757450240 peterwalker99
Usual twitter feed is still mainly news based, but generally less dramatic 311193398986035200 peterwalker99
Thanks to everyone who had comments (and corrections) on the live tweet feed. I won't be offended if anyone stops following me 311193215476838400 peterwalker99
My own story on the day's events is working its way through the system now #huhne 311193018722050048 peterwalker99
For those who've not seen it: Chris #Huhne tells @Guardian he's very sorry and takes full responsibility 311192895791181824 peterwalker99
Just occurred to me: tomorrow is exactly ten years since the speeding offence which started the whole #huhne and #pryce saga 311171128225828864 peterwalker99
To go back: judge said he wanted to jail Pryce for same length of time as Huhne, but she didn't get 10% off for plea 311161474276020224 peterwalker99
Huhne and Pryce sit in dock, impassive, as lawyers arrange details of costs hearing. No reaction at all yet from either 311161215734927362 peterwalker99
Neither look at each other, still 311160939678425089 peterwalker99
Both still look impassive. Both now sat down 311160801652264960 peterwalker99
She showed no remorse, judge says 311160729443127297 peterwalker99
Pryce jailed for 8 months 311160652381175809 peterwalker99
He was "somewhat but not greatly, in my view, more culpable", judge tells Pryce of Huhne. 311160363473321986 peterwalker99
Judge: while points swap was H's idea she went along with it, albeit with later regret. 311160161408520192 peterwalker99
Pryce stands for verdict 311159986950635520 peterwalker99
Huhne and Pryce impassive still 311159929069252608 peterwalker99
Huhne jailed for 8 months 311159808470425601 peterwalker99
But - height only reached due to his deception. 311159653448957952 peterwalker99
"You have fallen from a great height", judge says 311159499568324608 peterwalker99
Offence "was your idea" and thus slightly more culpable 311159408161857536 peterwalker99
Huhne stands for sentence. 311159320312152064 peterwalker99
Pryce looks down 311159275097571328 peterwalker99
Both face custodial sentences, he says. With deterrence effect. 311159184550936576 peterwalker99
Pryce and Huhne look impassive but resigned. 311159081371070465 peterwalker99
Only good element of whole saga is that both were eventually brought to justice, the judge says. 311158991864619008 peterwalker99
"Any element of tragedy is entirely your own fault," judge tells Huhne and Pryce jointly. 311158847479889921 peterwalker99
Pryce's not guilty plea showed a "controlling, manipulative and devious side to your character", judge says 311158589400154112 peterwalker99
Huhne's attempt to "lie an manipulate the court" will not add to sentence. Guilty plea will give 10% reduction, judge said 311158321694507008 peterwalker99
Huhne, judge said, "tried to lie yourself out of trouble" again and again 311157903102967808 peterwalker99
But, judge said, "momentum of story" saw Pryce unmasked. 311157746013708288 peterwalker99
Pryce "sought to manipulate and control the press so as to achieve your dual objective" of bringing down Huhne and not implicating herself 311157589587132416 peterwalker99
After marriage break up Pryce had "implacable" desire for revenge, despite consequences for wider family, judge says 311157288884916224 peterwalker99
And they did get away with it for 8 yrs, as Huhne rose to become MP and minister, with full support of Pryce - judge 311156911389167616 peterwalker99
This aided Huhne's reputation and saved Pryce lots of inconvenience. "No doubt you thought that you would get away with it." 311156707592118272 peterwalker99
The pair were "acting together" in deciding to pervert course of justice, judge says. 311156463873691648 peterwalker99
Judge: in 2003 H & P had long marriage, 5 kids and "stellar" careers. "But you also had a problem" - 6 month driving ban looming 311156162617815040 peterwalker99
Judge back now #huhne 311155756089085953 peterwalker99
A quick extra correction: prosecution QC is Edis. I'm typing ham-fistedly (and too fast) on an iPhone 311154758549401601 peterwalker99
It's tense, but not usual court tension of what could happen. Everyone more or less know what will happen. They just have to await it. 311153734476525568 peterwalker99
Virtual silence in the court. We're all awaiting the return of the judge, with the sentences. 311153408805588992 peterwalker99
Huhne and Pryce back in the dock, awaiting sentence. Still sat four feet apart. Still both staring straight ahead. 311152682792525825 peterwalker99
Mitigation over. Judge to retire. No sentence before 4.30pm, he says 311143922351104001 peterwalker99
Re costs, K-F says, there are real issues to be decided - "This is not Mr Huhne nitpicking" 311143341641330688 peterwalker99
He concludes mitigation by requesting the shortest jail term possible in the circumstances. 311143085763616768 peterwalker99
"No one has suffered more, so publicly... for an offence of points swapping", K-F adds 311142962706927618 peterwalker99
K-F: "Mr Huhne has suffered the direst consequences for this aberrant behaviour ten years ago" 311142717562449920 peterwalker99
Huhne does not want two family letters, which go into details of his and Pryce's marriage, read in court, K-F says 311141755426836480 peterwalker99
Even she, in letter, says he can appear "aloof, arrogant and ruthless". V different in private. She says he was kind and often deferred ... 311141544356900865 peterwalker99
More mitigation via letter, from friend who is godmother to his youngest child. 311141320276189186 peterwalker99
Friends of Huhne have felt "anger and frustration" at how he's been portrayed, Bob M-A wrote. 311140923562135552 peterwalker99
Final letter from ex-MP Bob Marshall-Andrews. 311140588445642752 peterwalker99
Another laudatory letter being read, this from Lord Maclennan. Offence "quite out of character", it says 311140434460164096 peterwalker99
Huhne "worked tirelessly for his constituent" and was "a real champion for the people", the letter says. 311139820464373761 peterwalker99
Court now being read a laudatory letter from a former constituent in Eastleigh. 311139450358992898 peterwalker99
Huhne looked, to me, even closer to tears at this point. 311139332486471682 peterwalker99
Huhne has just two things left, now: his new partner and "the hope of a reconciliation with his family and children", K-F says 311139223308738560 peterwalker99
But otherwise, he will "not descend into any sort if counter attack to his co-defendant", K-F says 311138965568778241 peterwalker99
He "refutes in the most generous terms" idea he pressured Pryce into abortion, K-F says 311138760580546560 peterwalker99
K-F: Huhne has maintained "dignified silence" in face of personal attacks during Pryce trials 311138534574657536 peterwalker99
It's hard to tell from across court, but to my eyes both Huhne and Pryce look close to tears. It's a long time to hold it together as pr ... 311138068444872704 peterwalker99
Was this for Huhne, judge says, "a noble taking of stock or a commercial taking of stock?" 311137577736491009 peterwalker99
Judge intercedes: could just as easily argue Huhne merely faced up to the inevitable reality after his application to strike out case failed 311137417543421953 peterwalker99
Instead he, in the end, took the honourable option and "fell on his sword" by pleading guilty 311137147891621888 peterwalker99
If Huhne was the awful man characterised by Pryce he would have gone for "bloodbath" trial, K-F says 311136924112941056 peterwalker99
Both Huhne and Pryce have remained impassive during each others' mitigation. Both still look sad and anxious, underlying this 311136597464723456 peterwalker99
But he should have immediately accepted guilt, K-F says, and Huhne is very sorry for not doing so 311136105816797185 peterwalker99
"In human terms there is a natural instinct against meekly handing your assailant what she has sought," K-F says of plea delay 311135899717091329 peterwalker99
K-F: In ten years since offence Huhne was a very diligent MP and a "good and effective minister" 311135553598939136 peterwalker99
"They were his points. It was his idea." But - did not force Pryce to do so. Judge agrees - Pryce didn't need much persuasion 311135125180149760 peterwalker99
John Kelsey-Fry QC for Huhne: Huhne accepts he only has himself to blame 311134897010008064 peterwalker99
She has, already, undergone significant punishment. If judge cannot spare her jail term should be "short as humanly possible" - Knowles 311134078856466433 peterwalker99
Judge should take into account "the very real distress, strain and stress she has suffered" in recent months, Knowles says 311133837797253120 peterwalker99
"This is something Miss Pryce would not have done but for the actions of her husband," Knowles argues. 311132934570663936 peterwalker99
Judge should accept some pressure from Huhne on Pryce, Knowles says, while "not going behind the jury's verdict". 311132642525458433 peterwalker99
Pryce "accepts that it was something she should never have done", court told. 311132161916944384 peterwalker99
She was also pressured, he argues, even if that was not deemed to be marital coercion under law. 311131908463525888 peterwalker99
Knowles argues Pryce's offence is "towards the lower end of culpability" - done for a family member with no reward for her 311131741911908352 peterwalker99
When she courted the media, Pryce's "judgement was clouded by her grief" at marriage break-up, Knowles says 311131172958773250 peterwalker99
Pryce has also endured "a truly tragic personal life" in recent years, with personal life recounted in media, Knowles said. 311130797253996544 peterwalker99
All this means the case has had huge impact on her. Knowles also cites her "distinguished" record as top civil servant & charity work 311130219207614464 peterwalker99
First of these is her age - 60 - and family life. Also, Knowles says, case has "undermined her (professional) position considerably" 311129895860318210 peterwalker99
Julian Knowles QC, for Pryce, appeals for suspended sentence for Pryce due to "specific and unique" circumstances 311129556813770752 peterwalker99
Huhne now leaning on chair at 45 degree angle towards Pryce. She's still staring rigidly ahead. 311129203556888578 peterwalker99
In summing up costs, Eadis says of Huhne: "The conduct of his defence could properly be described as scandalous." 311128840988659712 peterwalker99
I've not mentioned yet: behind Huhne and Pryce in glassed-in dock are three security guards, all sitting down also 311127989368786944 peterwalker99
Re Huhne's lawyers, Eadis says: "Every item in the CPS bill is the subject of some criticism." Costs decision cd thus be delayed, he says 311127583720886272 peterwalker99
While Pryce has not quibbled too much over costs, Eadis says, Huhne's team are presenting many arguments 311127214353690625 peterwalker99
March 2013
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