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About this view

This view generates a Freemind mindmap file (save the XML with a .mm suffix then open it using Freemind).

By default, the mindmap will describe the learning outcomes associated with each course unit published on the Open University OpenLearn learning zone site.

By hacking the view URL, other mindmaps are possible:

eg add:
where UNITCODE=something like T180_5 or K100_2
and you will get a view over section headings and learning outcomes that appear in the corresponding course unit.

where UNITSET= something like T180 or K100 – ie the parent course code from which a specific unit was derived. This view will give a map showing headings and Learning Outcomes for all the units derived from a given UNITSET/course code.

where KEYWORD= something like: physics
This will identify all unit codes marked up with the keyword in the RSS version of the unit and generate a map showing headings and Learning Outcomes for all the units associated with the keyword.

See also: Generating Mind Maps from OU/OpenLearn Structured Authoring XML Documents

Note that there is Flash based Freemind viewer – Freemind flash browser – which should be able to display these mindmaps if you route them through a proxy on the same domain as the flash browser. If you try it, let me know ;-)

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